Other Words for Narration

Narration Noun Synonyms
telling, relating, unfolding, recounting, chronicling, recording, describing, report, recital, recitation, rehearsal, relation, chronicle, description, portrayal, detailing, revelation, story, tale, narrative
His narration was accompanied by nervous gestures. Her narration disagrees with her husband's in certain essential respects.

Narration Verb Synonyms
reading, voice-over
The narration did not seem to be coordinated with the pictures on the screen.

More Words for Narration

Rehearsal / Relation / Tale / Story / Report

Narrative Narration

Entertainment / Literature / Narrative Narration: Narration is the act of telling a sequence of events, often in chronological order. Alternatively, the term refers to any story, whether in prose or verse, involving events, characters, and what the c MORE

Narration (Voice-Over)

Technology / Television (TV) / Narration (Voice-Over): When a character's or omniscient narrator's voice is heard over an image. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Flashback: A method of narration in which present action is temporarily interrupted so that the reader can witness past events--usually in the form of a character's memories, dreams, narration, or even authorial MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Setting: The general locale, historical time, and social circumstances in which the action of a fictional or dramatic work occurs, the setting of an episode or scene within a work is the particular physical lo MORE


Health / Yoga / Purana : Eighteen ancient books consisting of legends and mythological narrations dealing with creation, recreation and the genealogies of sages and rulers. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Chronicle: A history or a record of events. It refers to any systematic account or narration of events that makes minimal attempt to interpret, question, or analyze that history. Because of this, chronicles ofte MORE