Other Words for Noble

Noble Adjective Synonyms
splendid, magnificent, imposing, impressive, stately, exquisite, sublime, grand, striking, stunning, superb, admirable, elegant, rich, sumptuous, luxurious
The Taj Mahal is probably one of the noblest works of man.

upright, righteous, honourable, honest, virtuous, incorruptible, chivalrous, staunch, steadfast, true, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, true, principled, moral, good, decent, self-sacrificing, magnanimous, generous
The qualities that make a noble friend make a formidable enemy.

Noble Noun Synonyms
high-born, high-class, upper-class, aristocratic, titled, high-ranking, lordly, patrician, blue-blood(ed)
She came from a nobleian family.

nobleman, noblewoman, aristocrat, patrician, lord, lady, peer, gentleman, gentlewoman, blue blood
The nobles united and forced King John to sign the Magna Carta.

dignified, eminent, distinguished, august, grand, lofty, elevated, illustrious, prestigious, pre-eminent, noted, honoured, esteemed, celebrated, renowned, acclaimed, respected, venerated
The noble Knights of the Round Table have become legend throughout the world.

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