Other Words for Opposed To

Opposed To Verb Synonyms: against, in opposition (to), opposing, in conflict (with), antipathetic, conflicting, contrary (to), at variance (with), antithetical (to), hostile (to), inimical (to), opposite (to), contrasting

Other Words for Opposing

Opposing Verb Synonyms: opposite, conflicting, contrary, antithetical, antagonistic, antipathetic, hostile, inimical, contrasting, rival, contradictory, incompatible, irreconcilable, dissident, discrepant

Other Words for Opposite

Opposite Adjective Synonyms: facing, vis-a-vis, en face

Other Words for Opposition

Opposition Adjective Synonyms: hostility, antagonism, unfriendliness, resistance, counteraction, disapproval, objection, conflict, defiance, contrast, antipathy, adversity, flak
Opposition Noun Synonyms: competition, opponent, adversary, competitor, antagonist, enemy, foe, rival, other side

Other Words for Oppress

Oppress Noun Synonyms: burden, afflict, trouble, weigh down, overload, encumber, wear (down), press, weary, overburden, overwhelm, pressurize, pressure

Other Words for Oppression

Oppression Verb Synonyms: repression, suppression, subjugation, subjection, tyranny, despotism, enslavement, persecution, maltreatment, abuse, torment, torture, hardship, injury, pain, anguish, injustice

Other Words for Oppressive

Oppressive Noun Synonyms: suffocating, stifling, stuffy, close, airless, unventilated, uncomfortable
Oppressive Verb Synonyms: burdensome, overpowering, overwhelming, onerous, heavy, cumbersome, exhausting, racking, unbearable, intolerable, agonizing, unendurable, harsh, brutal, severe, tyrannical, repressive, dispiriting, depressing, disheartening, discouraging, grievous

Other Words for Oppressor

Oppressor Adjective Synonyms: bully, tyrant, taskmaster, taskmistress, despot, autocrat, persecutor, slave-driver, dictator, overlord, iron hand, scourge, tormentor, torturer, intimidator

Other Words for Optimistic

Optimistic Adjective Synonyms: sanguine, positive, cheerful, buoyant, bright, hopeful, expectant, confident, bullish, idealistic, Pollyannaish

Other Words for Optimum

Optimum Noun Synonyms: best, finest, most favorable, ideal, perfection, model, paragon, exemplar
Optimum Adjective Synonyms: best, finest, most favorable, ideal, perfect, choicest, optimal, first-rate, first-class, sterling, prime, capital, excellent, exceptional, superlative, extraordinary, unique, peerless, unequalled, unexcelled, unsurpassed

Other Words for Option

Option Noun Synonyms: choice, selection, alternative, recourse, opportunity, way out
Option Adjective Synonyms: choice, privilege, election, opportunity, chance

Other Words for Optional

Optional Noun Synonyms: voluntary, discretionary or discretional, elective, facultative, free, spontaneous, uncoerced, unforced, non-compulsory, uncompulsory, non-mandatory, unmandatory, non-requisite, unrequisite

Other Words for Opulent

Opulent Noun Synonyms: wealthy, affluent, rich, prosperous, well-to-do, well off, comfortable, flush, well-heeled, loaded, rolling in it, made of money, in clover, on Easy Street, on velvet, in velvet, in the chips
Opulent Adjective Synonyms: luxurious, lavish, sumptuous

Other Words for Opus

Opus Adjective Synonyms: work, composition, production, oeuvre, creation, magnum opus

Other Words for Oracle

Oracle Adjective Synonyms: prophet, sibyl, seer, soothsayer, augur, fortune-teller, diviner, prognosticator, reader (and adviser or advisor), Cassandra, Nostradamus, authority, guru, mastermind, mentor, wizard
Oracle Noun Synonyms: prophecy, augury, prediction, divination, advice, prognostication, answer, message, divine utterance

Other Words for Oral

Oral Noun Synonyms: spoken, said, verbal, uttered, voiced, vocal, vocalized, enunciated, pronounced, articulated, word-of-mouth, viva voce

Other Words for Oration

Oration Noun Synonyms: speech, declaration, address, lecture, recitation, discourse, monologue, declamation, valedictory, eulogy, homily, panegyric, spiel

Other Words for Oratory

Oratory Adjective Synonyms: public speaking, speech-making, eloquence, rhetoric, way with words, command of the language, fluency, glibness, grandiloquence, magniloquence, declamation, elocution, diction, enunciation, articulation, address, gift of the gab

Other Words for Orb

Orb Noun Synonyms: sphere, ball, globe

Other Words for Orbit

Orbit Noun Synonyms: circuit, course, path, track, revolution, circle, round, cycle

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