Other Words for Ordeal

Ordeal Noun Synonyms: trial, test, tribulation(s), hardship, affliction, trouble(s), suffering, distress, anguish, nightmare, misery, grief, misfortune, adversity, tragedy, disaster

Other Words for Order

Order Noun Synonyms: organization, uniformity, regularity, system, pattern, symmetry, harmony, tidiness, orderliness, neatness
Order Verb Synonyms: organization, arrangement, grouping, disposition, form, structure, categorization, systematization or systemization, classification, codification, disposal, layout, array, sequence, set-up

Other Words for Orderly

Orderly Verb Synonyms: in (good) order, (well-)organized, neat, shipshape, tidy, arranged, methodical, systematic, systematized or systemized, harmonious, symmetrical, regular, uniform
Orderly Adjective Synonyms: assistant, adjutant, attendant, messenger, menial, servant, nurse's aide, military batman, candystriper, gofer

Other Words for Ordinarily

Ordinarily Adjective Synonyms: usually, normally, as a rule, commonly, generally, in general, customarily, routinely, typically, habitually, by and large, for the most part

Other Words for Ordinary

Ordinary Adverb Synonyms: common, conventional, modest, plain, simple, prosaic, homespun, commonplace, run-of-the-mill, everyday, average, unpretentious, workaday, mediocre, fair, passable, so so, undistinguished, unexceptional, unremarkable, uninspired, pedestrian, bourgeois
Ordinary Adjective Synonyms: standard, norm, average, status quo, convention, expected
Ordinary Noun Synonyms: usual, normal, expected, common, general, customary, routine, typical, habitual, accustomed, traditional, regular, everyday, familiar, set, humdrum

Other Words for Organ

Organ Noun Synonyms: device, instrument, implement, tool, member, part, element, unit, component, structure, process

Other Words for Organic

Organic Adjective Synonyms: organized, systematic, coherent, coordinated, integrated, structured, methodical, orderly, consistent
Organic Noun Synonyms: living, natural, biological, biotic, animate, breathing

Other Words for Organism

Organism Adjective Synonyms: living thing, structure, body, being, creature

Other Words for Organization

Organization Adjective Synonyms: organizing, structuring, assembling, assembly, putting together, coordination, systematizing, systematization, classifying, classification, categorizing, categorization, codifying, codification
Organization Noun Synonyms: structure, pattern, configuration, design, plan, scheme, order, system, organism, composition, arrangement, constitution, make-up, grouping, framework, format, form, shape

Other Words for Organize

Organize Noun Synonyms: structure, coordinate, systematize, systemize, order, arrange, sort (out), classify, categorize, codify, catalogue, group, tabulate, pigeon-hole, standardize

Other Words for Orgy

Orgy Verb Synonyms: bacchanalia, bacchanal, Saturnalia, Dionysia, debauch, carousal, carouse, spree, revel, party, binge, bender, drunk, bust, jag, toot, tear

Other Words for Orient

Orient Noun Synonyms: east

Other Words for Orientation

Orientation Verb Synonyms: introduction, training, initiation, briefing, familiarization, assimilation, acclimatization, preparation, instruction
Orientation Adjective Synonyms: placement, bearings, attitude, alignment, lie, placing, situation, layout, location, position, positioning, arrangement, set-up

Other Words for Origin

Origin Noun Synonyms: source, derivation, rise, fountain-head, foundation, basis, base, well-spring, fount, provenance, provenience

Other Words for Original

Original Adjective Synonyms: master, actual, primary, authentic, true, genuine, real, basic, prototypic(al), archetypal, source
Original Noun Synonyms: initial, first, earliest, primary, beginning, starting, basic

Other Words for Originality

Originality Noun Synonyms: creativeness, creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity, innovativeness, innovation, novelty, newness, unorthodoxy, unconventionality, cleverness, daring, resourcefulness, independence, individuality, uniqueness, nonconformity

Other Words for Originally

Originally Noun Synonyms: in or at or from the beginning, (at ) first, from the first, initially, to begin with, at or from the outset, at or from the start, in the first place or instance, from the word go, from day one

Other Words for Originate

Originate Noun Synonyms: create, bring about, engender, give birth to, beget, conceive, initiate, inaugurate, start, begin, introduce, launch, found, set up, institute, establish, invent, coin, devise, pioneer, design, contrive, concoct, mastermind, compose, organize, formulate

Other Words for Origins

Origins Noun Synonyms: parentage, ancestry, extraction, descent, lineage, pedigree, genealogy, stock, heritage

Other Words for Ornament

Ornament Adverb Synonyms: enhancement, embellishment, adornment, decoration, ornamentation, gingerbread, trimming, garnish, garnishment, frill, embroidery, beautification, accessory, frippery, knick-knack, furbelow, bauble, gewgaw, tchotchke
Ornament Verb Synonyms: decorate, embellish, enhance, adorn, trim, garnish, embroider, elaborate, beautify, accessorize, deck (out), dress up

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