Other Words for Ornamental

Ornamental Noun Synonyms: decorative, beautifying, adorning, garnishing, embellishing

Other Words for Ornate

Ornate Verb Synonyms: elaborate, florid, overdone, laboured, rococo, baroque, gingerbread, arabesque, fancy, lavish, rich, flowery, busy, fussy, frilly, intricate, high-flown, euphuistic, Ossianic, bombastic, pompous, pretentious, affected, grandiose, fulsome, highfalutin

Other Words for Orthodox

Orthodox Adjective Synonyms: conformist, accepted, authoritative, authorized, recognized, received, official, standard, prevailing, prevalent, common, regular, popular, ordinary, doctrinal, established, traditional, traditionalist, accustomed, conventional, customary, conservative

Other Words for Oscillate

Oscillate Adjective Synonyms: fluctuate, vibrate, waver, see-saw, swing, sway, vacillate, equivocate, shilly-shally, hem and haw, tergiversate

Other Words for Ostensibly

Ostensibly Adjective Synonyms: outwardly, externally, superficially, patently, ostensively, demonstrably, apparently, evidently, seemingly, clearly, plainly, manifestly, conspicuously, obviously, patently, noticeably, prominently

Other Words for Ostentation

Ostentation Verb Synonyms: show, display, exhibition, exhibitionism, showing off, pretension, pretentiousness, flaunting, flashiness, flourish, flamboyance, parade, window-dressing

Other Words for Ostentatious

Ostentatious Adverb Synonyms: showy, boastful, braggart, vaunting, vain, vainglorious, flaunting, pretentious, flamboyant, theatrical, flash

Other Words for Ostracize

Ostracize Noun Synonyms: blackball, blacklist, banish, exile, boycott, isolate, segregate, exclude, excommunicate, snub, shun, avoid, send to Coventry, cut, cold-shoulder, give (someone) the cold shoulder

Other Words for Otherwise

Otherwise Verb Synonyms: differently, in another manner or way
Otherwise Adjective Synonyms: if not, else, under other circumstances, in another situation, on the other hand

Other Words for Out

Out Adjective Synonyms: outlying, distant, far-off, peripheral
Out Adverb Synonyms: outside, outdoors, in or into the open air

Other Words for Out Of Character

Out Of Character Noun Synonyms: untypical, atypical, uncharacteristic, abnormal, unexpected, unfitting

Other Words for Out Of Date

Out Of Date Noun Synonyms: old-fashioned, old, ancient, archaic, antiquated, dated, passe, outmoded, obsolete, obsolescent, old hat

Other Words for Out Of Focus

Out Of Focus Adjective Synonyms: unclear, indistinct, blurred, blurry, fuzzy, woolly

Other Words for Out Of Ones Mind

Out Of Ones Mind Noun Synonyms: insane, mad, crazy

Other Words for Out Of Order

Out Of Order Noun Synonyms: disordered, non-sequential, out of sequence, non-alphabetical, disorganized, unorganized, in disorder

Other Words for Out Of Practice

Out Of Practice Noun Synonyms: inexperienced, unpracticed, unaccustomed, rusty

Other Words for Out Of Sight

Out Of Sight Noun Synonyms: remote, distant, far-away, unseeable, imperceptible, invisible

Other Words for Out Of Sort

Out Of Sort Noun Synonyms: not oneself, not up to snuff, unwell, ailing, indisposed, (slightly) ill, low, off one's feed, under the weather

Other Words for Out Of Step

Out Of Step Noun Synonyms: out of keeping (with), out of or not in harmony or agreement (with), not harmonious (with), not agreeable (with), not according (with or to), discordant (with), not concordant (with), not attuned (to), out of tune (with), not consonant

Other Words for Out Of The Ordinary

Out Of The Ordinary Adjective Synonyms: extraordinary, unusual, uncommon, strange, unfamiliar, different, unexpected, unconventional, curious, eccentric, peculiar, rare, exceptional, original, singular, unique, odd, bizarre, weird, offbeat, outlandish, striking, quaint

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