Other Words for Oval

Oval Adverb Synonyms: egg-shaped, ovoid, ovate, oviform, obovoid, obovate, elliptical, ellipsoid(al)

Other Words for Ovation

Ovation Verb Synonyms: applause, acclamation, acclaim, plaudits, cheers, cheering, clapping, laudation, praise, kudos, (big) hand

Other Words for Over

Over Noun Synonyms: more than, greater than, upwards or upward of, in excess of, (over and) above, (over and) beyond, exceeding
Over Adjective Synonyms: above, on, upon, on top of, atop (of)
Over Adverb Synonyms: (once) again, once more, one more time
Over Preposition Synonyms: across, to or from or on the other side of, beyond

Other Words for Overall

Overall Adverb Synonyms: total, complete, comprehensive, all-inclusive, inclusive, whole, entire, all-embracing, blanket

Other Words for Overawe

Overawe Adverb Synonyms: overwhelm, intimidate, cow, daunt, awe, bully, hector, browbeat, dominate, domineer, frighten, scare, terrify, disconcert, discomfit, upset, abash

Other Words for Overbearing

Overbearing Adjective Synonyms: repressive, domineering, bullying, imperious, officious, high and mighty, high-handed, overweening, magisterial, lordly, authoritarian, wilful, despotic, dogmatic, autocratic, tyrannical, dictatorial, peremptory, arbitrary, assertive, arrogant, cavalier

Other Words for Overcast

Overcast Verb Synonyms: cloudy, clouded, sunless, moonless, starless, murky, grey, louring or lowering, dull, dark, darkened, dreary, sombre, gloomy, dismal, threatening, menacing

Other Words for Overcome

Overcome Adjective Synonyms: beat, defeat, conquer, overpower, subdue, worst, best, triumph over, win (out) (over), prevail (over), overthrow, overwhelm, vanquish, get the better or best of, whip, drub, rout, break, subjugate, suppress, crush, master, lick

Other Words for Overconfident

Overconfident Adjective Synonyms: heedless, foolhardy, thoughtless, short-sighted, hasty
Overconfident Verb Synonyms: brash, arrogant, cocksure, cocky, brazen, hubristic, swaggering, audacious, overbearing, vainglorious, pushy

Other Words for Overcritical

Overcritical Adjective Synonyms: supercritical, hypercritical, captious, carping, niggling, cavilling, querulous, fault-finding, finicky, fussy, hair-splitting, difficult, fastidious, harsh, severe, demanding, exacting, small, small-minded, picayune, picky, nit-pic

Other Words for Overcrowded

Overcrowded Verb Synonyms: jammed, packed, congested, populous, over-populous, jam-packed, overpopulated, swarming, crawling, choked, packed to the gunwales

Other Words for Overdo

Overdo Adjective Synonyms: carry to excess, overindulge, be intemperate, go or carry to extremes, overact, exaggerate, carry or go too far, overreach, not know when to stop, paint the lily, gild refined gold, out-Herod Herod, go overboard, do to death, lay it on thick

Other Words for Overdue

Overdue Verb Synonyms: late, tardy, behindhand, behind, unpunctual, belated, past due

Other Words for Overeat

Overeat Verb Synonyms: gorge, binge, gormandize, stuff oneself, overindulge, guzzle, feast, wolf down, overfeed, do the gavage, pack away, pig, pig out

Other Words for Overgrown

Overgrown Adjective Synonyms: covered, overrun, overspread, luxuriant, weedy, abundant

Other Words for Overhang

Overhang Verb Synonyms: jut (out), beetle, bulge (out), project (out), protrude, stick out, loom (out), extend (out), hang (out) over
Overhang Adjective Synonyms: impend, threaten, menace, imperil, loom

Other Words for Overhaul

Overhaul Noun Synonyms: renovate, refurbish, recondition, rebuild, restore, repair, service, adjust, patch (up), mend, fix (up)
Overhaul Verb Synonyms: overtake, pass, gain on or upon, draw ahead of, catch up with, get ahead of, outstrip, outdistance, leave behind, lap

Other Words for Overhead

Overhead Verb Synonyms: (up) above, (up) in the air or sky, high up, on high, aloft, skyward
Overhead Noun Synonyms: elevated, raised, upper
Overhead Adverb Synonyms: (basic or fixed) costs, operating cost(s), expense(s), outlay, disbursement(s), running cost(s), expenditure(s), maintenance, cost(s) of doing business

Other Words for Overjoyed

Overjoyed Adjective Synonyms: delighted, ecstatic, elated, happy, rapturous, euphoric, jubilant, thrilled, cock-a-hoop, transported, tickled pink, in seventh heaven, on cloud nine, over the moon

Other Words for Overlap

Overlap Noun Synonyms: lap (over), overlie, overlay, shingle, imbricate, strobilate
Overlap Verb Synonyms: lap, flap, overlay, fly (front) or flies, imbrication
Overlap Adjective Synonyms: coincide, correspond, intersect

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