Other Words for Overload

Overload Noun Synonyms: surcharge, overcharge, overburden, dead weight, oppression, handicap, tax, load, encumbrance, impediment, hindrance
Overload Verb Synonyms: weigh down, burden, overburden, load (up), overtax, saddle with, tax, strain, impede, handicap, oppress, encumber, cumber, overcharge

Other Words for Overlook

Overlook Verb Synonyms: miss, slip up on, omit, neglect, slight, disregard, fail to notice, ignore, pass over, leave out, forget, pass up
Overlook Noun Synonyms: blink at, wink at, let go (by), let pass, let ride, turn a blind eye to, shut (one's) eyes to, pretend not to notice, take no notice of, ignore, disregard, forgive, pardon, excuse, permit, allow, forget about, write off, condone, make allowances (for)

Other Words for Overly

Overly Adjective Synonyms: excessively, too, exceedingly, immoderately, disproportionately, unduly, inordinately, extraordinarily, very, damned

Other Words for Overpower

Overpower Adverb Synonyms: overcome, overwhelm, dumbfound or dumfound, daze, stagger, amaze, stun, stupefy, nonplus, strike, floor
Overpower Adjective Synonyms: overcome, overwhelm, beat, vanquish, conquer, defeat, crush, put down, worst, best, prevail, master, quell, subdue, subjugate

Other Words for Overpowering

Overpowering Verb Synonyms: overwhelming, irresistible, powerful, telling, compelling, unendurable, unbearable, oppressive

Other Words for Overrate

Overrate Verb Synonyms: overvalue, make too much of, exaggerate the worth or value of, attach too much importance to, overprize, assess too highly

Other Words for Overreact

Overreact Adjective Synonyms: exaggerate, make much ado about nothing, make too much of (something), make a mountain out of a molehill, lose all or one's sense of proportion, blow (up) out of (all) proportion

Other Words for Overriding

Overriding Verb Synonyms: dominant, dominating, predominant, predominating, compelling, prevailing, primary, prime, most important, overruling, overwhelming, paramount, preponderant, principal, cardinal, main, chief

Other Words for Overrun

Overrun Verb Synonyms: invade, defeat, attack, ravage, destroy, overwhelm, conquer, harry, vandalize, plunder, maraud, scourge, despoil, sack, strip, pillage, storm, blitz

Other Words for Overseas

Overseas Adjective Synonyms: abroad

Other Words for Oversee

Oversee Verb Synonyms: direct, manage, watch (over), keep an eye on, administer, superintend, run, supervise, operate, manipulate, handle, control

Other Words for Overseer

Overseer Adverb Synonyms: superintendent, supervisor, manager, foreman, forewoman, superior, boss, chief, super, gaffer, straw boss, (head or chief) honcho

Other Words for Overshadow

Overshadow Noun Synonyms: spoil, blight, ruin, mar, take (all) the pleasure from, put a damper on, take the edge off, impair, take the enjoyment out of
Overshadow Verb Synonyms: dominate, outshine, eclipse, dwarf, diminish, minimize, put in or throw into or leave the shade, steal the limelight from, tower over or above, excel

Other Words for Oversight

Oversight Verb Synonyms: omission, inadvertence, neglect, laxity, laxness, fault, failure, dereliction, error, mistake, blunder, carelessness, heedlessness

Other Words for Overstate

Overstate Noun Synonyms: exaggerate, magnify, hyperbolize, embroider, overstress, color, make (too) much of, overdraw, overemphasize, stretch, enlarge, inflate, blow up

Other Words for Overstep

Overstep Noun Synonyms: exceed, transcend, surpass, go beyond

Other Words for Overt

Overt Verb Synonyms: apparent, evident, plain, clear, obvious, manifest, clear-cut, unconcealed, patent, open, visible, observable, public

Other Words for Overtake

Overtake Verb Synonyms: catch (up with or to), reach, draw level or even with, overhaul, gain on or upon, move by or past, pass, leave behind, outstrip, outdistance
Overtake Adjective Synonyms: come upon, seize, catch (unprepared), befall, strike, hit, overwhelm

Other Words for Overthrow

Overthrow Verb Synonyms: defeat, beat, rout, conquer, overpower, master, bring down, depose, oust, overwhelm, unseat, unhorse, topple, overturn, dethrone, thrash, worst, best

Other Words for Overtone

Overtone Verb Synonyms: undertone, connotation, hint, suggestion, innuendo, insinuation, intimation, indication, implication

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