Other Words for Oblique

Oblique Adjective Synonyms: slanting, slanted, sloping, aslant, inclined, diagonal, inclining, angled, angling, canted, canting, banked, banking, cambered, crooked, askew, divergent, diverging, tilted, atilt, tilting

Other Words for Obliterate

Obliterate Adjective Synonyms: erase, expunge, rub out, efface, eradicate, wipe out, delete, dele, strike off or out, strike from, rule out, eliminate, write off

Other Words for Oblivion

Oblivion Verb Synonyms: blankness, blackness, darkness, obscurity, nothingness, nihility, anonymity, extinction, non-existence, void, limbo

Other Words for Oblivious

Oblivious Noun Synonyms: unaware, unconscious, unmindful, disregardful, insensible, insensitive, distant, unconcerned, detached, removed, unfeeling, abstracted, absent-minded, forgetful, Lethean

Other Words for Obnoxious

Obnoxious Noun Synonyms: revolting, repulsive, repugnant, disgusting, offensive, objectionable, fulsome, noisome, vile, repellent, nauseous, nauseating, sickening, foul, noxious, mephitic, unsavoury, execrable, abominable, abhorrent, loathsome, detestable, hateful, odious, scurvy

Other Words for Obscene

Obscene Adjective Synonyms: inelegant, improper, rude, impure, unchaste, shameless, shameful, indecent, immodest, off color, indecorous, indelicate, risqué, vulgar, immoral, degenerate, amoral, dissolute, broad, suggestive, erotic, sensual, ribald, debauched, wanton, loose, libertin

Other Words for Obscure

Obscure Adjective Synonyms: dark, unlit, gloomy, sombre, dismal, murky, dusky, black, Cimmerian, tenebrous, dim, faint, blurred, veiled, shadowy, subfusc, subfuscous, umbral, shady, hazy, foggy, befogged, clouded, nebulous, overcast, cloudy

Other Words for Obscurity

Obscurity Verb Synonyms: dimness, darkness, gloom, murk, murkiness, duskiness, dusk, blackness, faintness, blurriness, shade, shadow, haze, fog, cloudiness, nebulousness

Other Words for Obsequious

Obsequious Noun Synonyms: low, cringing, toadying, toadyish, sycophantic(al), sycophantish, unctuous, truckling, groveling, crawling, fawning, deferential, ingratiating, menial, flattering, servile, slavish, subservient, submissive, abject, mealy-mouthed, slimy, boot-licking

Other Words for Observable

Observable Noun Synonyms: perceptible, perceivable, noticeable, discernible, recognizable, detectable, visible, apparent, distinct, evident, manifest, plain, obvious, clear, explicit, transparent, patent, tangible, unmistakable or unmistakeable

Other Words for Observance

Observance Adjective Synonyms: observation, observing, obedience, obeying, compliance, complying, conformity, conforming, adherence, adhering, keeping, accordance, regard, recognition, recognizing, respect, respecting, heed, heeding, attention
Observance Noun Synonyms: observation, examination, inspection, scrutiny, looking, watching

Other Words for Observant

Observant Noun Synonyms: watchful, alert, attentive, vigilant, on the lookout, on the qui vive, on guard, wide awake, regardful, mindful, aware, keen, keen-eyed, sharp-eyed, eagle-eyed, perceptive, sharp, shrewd

Other Words for Observation

Observation Adjective Synonyms: comment, remark, note, reflection, opinion, sentiment, point of view, impression, feeling, commentary, criticism, utterance, word, announcement, pronouncement, proclamation, declaration
Observation Noun Synonyms: watching, examination, scrutiny, inspection, viewing, survey, surveillance, notice, discovery, attention, awareness

Other Words for Observe

Observe Noun Synonyms: obey, abide by, comply with, be heedful of, attend to, conform to, regard, keep, follow, adhere to, respect, pay attention to
Observe Verb Synonyms: see, mark, notice, look, perceive

Other Words for Observe On

Observe On Verb Synonyms: comment (on or upon), remark (on or upon), mention, say, note, refer (to), make reference to, animadvert on or upon or to, state, declare

Other Words for Observer

Observer Verb Synonyms: witness, eyewitness, spectator, viewer, onlooker, beholder, watcher, looker-on, non-participant

Other Words for Obsess

Obsess Verb Synonyms: haunt, harass, plague, bedevil, torment, take over, preoccupy, dominate, control, grip, possess, hold

Other Words for Obsession

Obsession Noun Synonyms: fixed idea, id‚e fixe, fixation, conviction, preoccupation, prepossession, passion, mania, phobia, hang-up, thing

Other Words for Obsessive

Obsessive Verb Synonyms: haunting, harassing, tormenting, dominating, controlling, possessing, all-encompassing, passionate, unshakeable or unshakable

Other Words for Obsolescent

Obsolescent Noun Synonyms: fading, waning, on the wane, declining, dying, on the way out, on the decline, going or passing out of use or fashion or style

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