Other Words for Obsolete

Obsolete Adjective Synonyms: out of date, out of fashion, out-dated, passe, out, dead, outmoded, old, antiquated, antediluvian, ancient, superannuated, dated, archaic, old-fashioned, d‚mod‚, unused, disused, discarded, superseded, extinct, old hat

Other Words for Obstacle

Obstacle Adjective Synonyms: impediment, hindrance, obstruction, hurdle, hitch, catch, snag, stumbling-block, barrier, bar, check

Other Words for Obstinacy

Obstinacy Adjective Synonyms: obstinateness, stubbornness, doggedness, tenacity, persistence or persistency, mulishness, pigheadedness, wilfulness, contrariness, perverseness, perversity, cantankerousness, recalcitrance, uncooperativeness, rebelliousness, contumacy, contumaciousness

Other Words for Obstinate

Obstinate Noun Synonyms: stubborn, dogged, tenacious, persistent, mulish, perverse, headstrong, pigheaded, single-minded, wilful, strong-willed, self-willed, contrary, recalcitrant, uncooperative, rebellious, contumacious, refractory, intransigent, pertinacious, obdurate, fixed

Other Words for Obstreperous

Obstreperous Noun Synonyms: vociferous, clamorous, noisy, loud, raucous, riotous, uproarious, tumultuous, boisterous, rowdy, rumbustious, tempestuous, unruly, disorderly, unmanageable, uncontrollable, uncontrolled, unrestrained, irrepressible, out of control, undisciplined, roistero

Other Words for Obstruct

Obstruct Adjective Synonyms: block, bar, check, prevent, stop (up), arrest, halt, clog, make impassable, bring to a standstill
Obstruct Verb Synonyms: preclude, prevent, debar, block, prohibit, forbid, stop, stand in the way of

Other Words for Obstruction

Obstruction Verb Synonyms: obstacle, barrier, bar, check, stumbling-block, hindrance, impediment, hurdle, hitch, snag, catch, bottleneck, limitation, constraint, restriction

Other Words for Obtain

Obtain Noun Synonyms: get, procure, acquire, come by, come into (the) possession of, secure, get hold of or one's hands on, grasp, capture, take possession of, seize, buy, purchase
Obtain Verb Synonyms: prevail, be in force, be in vogue, exist, subsist, have (a) place, be prevalent, be established, be customary, apply, be relevant, relate

Other Words for Obtrude

Obtrude Verb Synonyms: thrust (oneself) forward or forth, intrude, impose (oneself), force (oneself)

Other Words for Obtrusive

Obtrusive Verb Synonyms: interfering, intrusive, meddling, officious, meddlesome, importunate, forward, presumptuous, forceful, pushy

Other Words for Obtuse

Obtuse Verb Synonyms: rounded, unpointed, blunt
Obtuse Adjective Synonyms: dull, insensitive, unfeeling, imperceptive, thick-skinned, stolid, thick, dense, doltish, cloddish, thickheaded, dull-witted, dim-witted, slow-witted, (mentally) retarded, boneheaded, lumpish, loutish, oafish, simple, simple-minded

Other Words for Obvious

Obvious Adjective Synonyms: clear, plain, apparent, patent, perceptible, evident, self-evident, clear-cut, manifest, palpable, (much) in evidence, conspicuous, open, visible, overt, ostensible, pronounced, prominent, glaring, undeniable, unconcealed, unhidden, unsubtle, distinct

Other Words for Obviously

Obviously Adjective Synonyms: clearly, plainly, apparently, patently, evidently, simply, certainly, of course, undeniable, unmistakably or unmistakeably, indubitably, doubtless(ly)

Other Words for Occasion

Occasion Adjective Synonyms: time, moment, circumstance, incident, occurrence, opportunity, chance, opening, advantage
Occasion Noun Synonyms: event, function, happening, affair, observance, commemoration, ceremony, celebration, gala, party,
Occasion Adverb Synonyms: reason, cause, call, justification, ground(s), warrant, provocation, prompting, impulse, stimulus, incitement, inducement

Other Words for Occasional

Occasional Verb Synonyms: additional, extra, spare, supplementary, incidental, auxiliary, accessory
Occasional Adjective Synonyms: special, particular, ceremonial, ritual
Occasional Noun Synonyms: intermittent, irregular, periodic, random, sporadic, infrequent, casual, incidental

Other Words for Occasionally

Occasionally Adjective Synonyms: sometimes, on occasion, (every) now and then, from time to time, at times, (every) now and again, once in a while, every so often, periodically, intermittently, sporadically, irregularly, off and on

Other Words for Occult

Occult Adjective Synonyms: secret, dark, concealed, private, privy, hidden, obscure, veiled, obscured, shrouded, vague, abstruse, shadowy, mystical, mysterious, cabbalistic, esoteric, recondite, arcane
Occult Adverb Synonyms: magical, mystical, alchemic(al), unexplained, unexplainable, inexplicable, puzzling, baffling, perplexing, mystifying, mysterious, incomprehensible, inscrutable, indecipherable, impenetrable, unfathomable, transcendental, supernatural, preternatural

Other Words for Occupant

Occupant Adjective Synonyms: resident, inhabitant, occupier, tenant, lessee, leaseholder, renter, owner, householder, indweller, dweller, denizen, lodger, roomer, boarder, addressee, incumbent

Other Words for Occupation

Occupation Noun Synonyms: job, position, post, situation, appointment, employment, vocation, line (of work), career, field, calling, trade, m‚tier, craft, skill, profession, business, work

Other Words for Occupy

Occupy Verb Synonyms: engage, busy, absorb, monopolize, hold, take up or over, catch, grab, seize, grip, divert, amuse, entertain, distract, beguile, preoccupy, hold (someone's) attention, interest, engross, involve
Occupy Noun Synonyms: capture, seize, take possession of, conquer, invade, take over, overrun, garrison, dominate, hold

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