Other Words for Off The Record

Off The Record Noun Synonyms: confidential(ly), private(ly), not for publication, secret(ly), in confidence, unofficial(ly), sub rosa

Other Words for Offbeat

Offbeat Adjective Synonyms: strange, eccentric, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, queer, unconventional, unorthodox, Bohemian, idiosyncratic, unusual, unexpected, , outlandish, deviant, novel, innovative, kinky, way-out, far-out, off-the-wall, freaky, weirdo

Other Words for Offence

Offence Adjective Synonyms: violation, breach, crime, felony, misdemeanour, infraction, transgression, trespass, wrong, wrongdoing, sin, peccadillo, misdeed, fault, infringement, malefaction, dereliction, lapse, slip, error

Other Words for Offend

Offend Noun Synonyms: hurt (someone's) feelings, affront, insult, slight, snub, give offence, hurt, pain, displease, disgruntle, chagrin, humiliate, embarrass, pique, fret, gall, vex, annoy, irritate, nettle, needle, rankle, provoke, ruffle, outrage, rile, anger , miff

Other Words for Offender

Offender Verb Synonyms: criminal, malefactor, lawbreaker, outlaw, wrongdoer, culprit, miscreant, transgressor, sinner, evil-doer, crook

Other Words for Offensive

Offensive Verb Synonyms: antagonistic, hostile, contentious, quarrelsome, attacking, aggressive, threatening, provocative, combative, martial, belligerent, warlike, bellicose
Offensive Adjective Synonyms: disgusting, unsavoury, unpalatable, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, noxious, obnoxious, repugnant, repulsive, repellent, revolting, abominable, foul, loathsome, vile, sickening, fetid or foetid, rank, malodorous, mephitic, putrid, putrescent, putrefying
Offensive Noun Synonyms: insulting, rude, disrespectful, uncivil, insolent, discourteous, impolite, unmannerly, impertinent, impudent, objectionable, displeasing

Other Words for Offer

Offer Verb Synonyms: proffer, provide, submit, put forward or forth, advance, tender, extend, make, suggest
Offer Noun Synonyms: proffer, propose, tender, bid

Other Words for Offering

Offering Noun Synonyms: sacrifice, oblation, contribution, donation, gift, present

Other Words for Offhand

Offhand Noun Synonyms: offhanded, casual, informal, nonchalant, cool, distant, aloof, easygoing, blase, unceremonious, relaxed, easy, smooth, unconcerned, insouciant, light-hearted, uninterested, superficial, cursory, cavalier, careless
Offhand Adjective Synonyms: extempore, impromptu, unpremeditated, unstudied, extemporaneous, informal, off the cuff, ad lib

Other Words for Office

Office Adverb Synonyms: business, organization, department, firm, house, establishment, company, corporation
Office Noun Synonyms: workplace, offices, room, area

Other Words for Officer

Officer Noun Synonyms: (public) official, dignitary, office-holder, public servant, office-bearer, (political) appointee, (government) agent, bureaucrat, functionary, commissioner, administrator, manager, director, apparatchik

Other Words for Offices

Offices Noun Synonyms: indulgence, intermediation, auspices, support, advocacy, aegis, help, aid, intercession, mediation, patronage, favor, backing, backup

Other Words for Official

Official Noun Synonyms: authorized, legitimate, lawful, legal, authentic, bona fide, proper, true, accredited, valid, documented, licensed, sanctioned, endorsed, certified, verified, recognized, accepted

Other Words for Officiate

Officiate Adjective Synonyms: preside, direct, manage, chair, conduct, oversee, head (up), run, lead, supervise, superintend, umpire, referee, judge, adjudicate, moderate, mediate

Other Words for Officious

Officious Adjective Synonyms: dictatorial, intrusive, intruding, meddlesome, meddling, obtrusive, forward, bold, interfering, aggressive, insistent, persistent, demanding, importunate

Other Words for Offset

Offset Verb Synonyms: compensate, counterbalance, countervail, counterpoise, counteract, balance (out), equalize, even (out or up), square, cancel (out), neutralize, nullify, make up (for), atone (for), redress, recompense, repay, make amends or restitution, make good
Offset Adjective Synonyms: compensation, counterbalance, counteraction, check, equalizer, neutralizer

Other Words for Offshoot

Offshoot Verb Synonyms: branch, spur, shoot, limb, bough, twig, stem, appendage, sucker, sprout, sprig, tendril, scion
Offshoot Noun Synonyms: descendant, relation, relative, kin, kindred, offspring, scion, heir

Other Words for Offspring

Offspring Noun Synonyms: (Often used as plural) child, progeny, issue, seed, youngster, brood, young, successor, heir

Other Words for Often

Often Noun Synonyms: frequently, regularly, much, many times,ually, habitually, commonly, ordinarily, again and again, over and over again, time after time, repeatedly, time and (time) again, in many cases or instances, on numerous occasions, day in (and) day out

Other Words for Ogle

Ogle Verb Synonyms: leer, stare, gape, goggle, oeillade, once-over, glad eye
Ogle Noun Synonyms: leer, eye, make eyes at, give (someone) the glad eye, give (someone) the once-over, make sheep's eyes at
Ogle Adverb Synonyms: gape, gaze, goggle, gawk, stare, gawp or gaup

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