Other Words for Ogre

Ogre Verb Synonyms: ogress, monster, giant, fiend, demon, troll, man-eater, bogey, bogeyman, bugbear, spectre, Minotaur, Cyclops, Gorgon, Caliban, brute, sadist, villain, cad, scoundrel

Other Words for Oil

Oil Noun Synonyms: lubricant, grease, lubricator, unguent

Other Words for Oily

Oily Verb Synonyms: glib, smooth, unctuous, servile, obsequious, sycophantic, ingratiating, flattering, hypocritical, suave, urbane, sophisticated, smarmy
Oily Noun Synonyms: greasy, oleaginous, fat, fatty, adipose, pinguid, sebaceous, soapy, saponaceous, buttery, butyraceous, lardaceous, slippery, slimy, slithery, smooth, unctuous

Other Words for Ointment

Ointment Adjective Synonyms: unguent, balm, salve, emollient, embrocation, demulcent, pomade, pomatum, petrolatum, lotion, cream

Other Words for Ok

Ok Interjectionection Synonyms: adequate, mediocre, fair, middling, passable, tolerable, so so, pretty good, not bad, not great
Ok Adjective Synonyms: O.K.!, Okay!, Fine!, Yes!, Definitely!, Agreed!, Very well!, All right!
Ok Noun Synonyms: satisfactory, acceptable, correct, suitable, all right, fine, good, in order
Ok Verb Synonyms: all right, satisfactorily, well (enough), adequately

Other Words for Old

Old Adjective Synonyms: time-worn, decayed, dilapidated, ramshackle, disintegrated, crumbling, shabby, worn out, dusty, broken-down, tumbledown, disused, unused, cast off, cast aside
Old Adverb Synonyms: ancient, antiquated, antediluvian, fossil, prehistoric, Noachian, obsolete, antique, outdated, out of date, old-time, dated, archaic, stale, out-moded, passe, Ogygian
Old Noun Synonyms: elderly, ageing, aged, advanced in years or age, long-lived, past one's prime, grey, full of years, getting on (in years), hoary, superannuated, over the hill, past it

Other Words for Old Boy

Old Boy Noun Synonyms: schoolmate, friend, chum, pal, old bean, old egg, old crumpet, dear boy, crony

Other Words for Old Maid

Old Maid Noun Synonyms: spinster, bachelor girl

Other Words for Old-Fashioned

Old-Fashioned Adjective Synonyms: antiquated, antique, passe, out-moded, out-dated, unfashionable, stale, out-dated, dated, out of date, tired, old-time, obsolete, obsolescent, dead, superseded, replaced, disused, out, old-fangled, old hat

Other Words for Omen

Omen Adjective Synonyms: portent, augury, sign, token, foretoken, indication, harbinger, forewarning, premonition, foreshadowing, writing on the wall, prognostic, presage

Other Words for Ominous

Ominous Noun Synonyms: minatory, warning, admonitory, cautionary
Ominous Adjective Synonyms: foreboding, threatening, fateful, dark, black, gloomy, lowering or louring, menacing, sinister, unpropitious, unfavorable, ill-omened, ill-starred, unpromising, star-crossed, inauspicious

Other Words for Omission

Omission Adjective Synonyms: non-inclusion, omitting, leaving out or off, excluding, eliminating, dropping, skipping, exclusion, exception, deletion, elimination, excision

Other Words for Omit

Omit Noun Synonyms: leave out, exclude, skip, except, pass over, delete, erase, cancel, eradicate, edit out, strike (out), dele, cut (out), cross out, obliterate

Other Words for On Average

On Average Noun Synonyms: in the main, generally, normally,ually, ordinarily, typically, customarily, as a rule, for the most part

Other Words for On Behalf Of

On Behalf Of Noun Synonyms: for, as a representative of, in place of, instead of, in the name of, on the part of, in the interest of, for the benefit or advantage of

Other Words for On Board

On Board Noun Synonyms: aboard, on

Other Words for On Call

On Call Noun Synonyms: ready, on duty, standing by, on stand-by, awaiting orders

Other Words for On Demand

On Demand Noun Synonyms: on call, on request, on presentation, when requested or required, at once, immediately, without delay

Other Words for On Edge

On Edge Noun Synonyms: on tenterhooks, nervous, touchy, sensitive, prickly, itchy, tense, irascible, crabbed, irritable, peevish, apprehensive, with one's heart in one's mouth, edgy, anxious, ill at ease, restive, restless, fidgety, uptight, like a cat on a hot

Other Words for On End

On End Noun Synonyms: upright, erect, standing

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