Other Words for Onwards

Onwards Noun Synonyms: onward, forwards or forward, ahead, in front, on, forth

Other Words for Ooze

Ooze Adjective Synonyms: slime, muck, mud, mire, silt, sludge, sediment, slush, goo, gunk, guck, glop, goop
Ooze Adverb Synonyms: exude, weep, seep, secrete, bleed, leak, drain, trickle, emit, discharge

Other Words for Opacity

Opacity Verb Synonyms: obscurity, density, impenetrability, unintelligibility, indefiniteness, vagueness, reconditeness, abstruseness, ambiguity, equivocation, mystification
Opacity Noun Synonyms: opaqueness, darkness, murkiness, dimness, obscurity, impermeability, impenetrability

Other Words for Opalescent

Opalescent Noun Synonyms: opaline, iridescent, nacreous, pearly, lustrous

Other Words for Opaque

Opaque Adjective Synonyms: unclear, vague, indefinite, obscure, unfathomable, unplumbable, baffling, mystifying, ambiguous, equivocal, impenetrable, cryptic, enigmatic, puzzling, perplexing, mysterious, elusive, abstruse, arcane, recondite
Opaque Noun Synonyms: dark, murky, dim, turbid, muddy, cloudy, obscure, obscured, obfuscated, black, impermeable, impenetrable, clouded, non-transparent, untransparent, non-translucent, hazy, blurred, blurry, smoky

Other Words for Open

Open Verb Synonyms: unblock, clear, unobstruct, unclog, unstop
Open Adjective Synonyms: ajar, gaping, agape, unfastened, unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unlatched, unclosed

Other Words for Opening

Opening Noun Synonyms: job, position, opportunity, vacancy
Opening Verb Synonyms: break, breach, rent, rift, cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, cranny, chink, pit, gap, split, slit, slot, aperture, hole, orifice, separation

Other Words for Openly

Openly Noun Synonyms: brazenly, brashly, flagrantly, unabashedly, unashamedly, unreservedly, boldly, audaciously, flauntingly

Other Words for Operable

Operable Adverb Synonyms: workable, practicable, serviceable,able, functional, fit, operational, in working order or condition

Other Words for Operate

Operate Adjective Synonyms: manage, run, direct, conduct, control, carry on, ply, manipulate, handle, drive
Operate Adverb Synonyms: go, run, perform, work, function, serve, act

Other Words for Operation

Operation Verb Synonyms: function, functioning, working, running, performance, action, motion, movement
Operation Noun Synonyms: undertaking, enterprise, venture, project, affair, deal, procedure, proceeding, (day-to-day) business, transaction

Other Words for Operative

Operative Noun Synonyms: worker, hand, employee, craftsman, craftswoman, artisan, mechanic, machinist

Other Words for Operator

Operator Noun Synonyms: (bus or taxi or train) driver, worker, operative, manipulator, practitioner

Other Words for Opinion

Opinion Noun Synonyms: belief, judgment, thought, sentiment, (point of) view, viewpoint, conviction, way of thinking, perception, idea, impression, notion, conception, theory, id‚e re‡u, mind

Other Words for Opinionated

Opinionated Noun Synonyms: stubborn, pigheaded, obstinate, doctrinaire, inflexible, dogmatic, single-minded, cocksure, obdurate, dictatorial, dogged, mulish, bull-headed, overbearing

Other Words for Opponent

Opponent Adjective Synonyms: antagonist, adversary, disputant, contestant, competitor, contender, rival, foe, enemy, the opposition

Other Words for Opportune

Opportune Adjective Synonyms: favorable, advantageous, auspicious, good, felicitous, happy, propitious, beneficial, helpful, fortunate, lucky, profitable
Opportune Noun Synonyms: timely, well-timed, seasonable, apt, appropriate, germane, pertinent, convenient, fitting, suitable, becoming

Other Words for Opportunistic

Opportunistic Adjective Synonyms: expedient, selfish, taking advantage, exploitive or exploitative, unprincipled, Machiavellian, opportunist

Other Words for Opportunity

Opportunity Adjective Synonyms: chance, occasion, opening, possibility, moment, time, break

Other Words for Oppose

Oppose Verb Synonyms: match, offset, counterbalance, contrast, pit or set against, play off (against), set off
Oppose Noun Synonyms: check, bar, obstruct, block, hinder, impede, stop, slow, curb, restrain, inhibit, interfere with, restrict, prevent, obviate, preclude, thwart, foil, frustrate
Oppose Adjective Synonyms: resist, counter, object (to), defy, take a stand against, withstand, resist, combat, contest, attack, counter-attack, fight, grapple with, contend with or against

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