Other Words for Oar

Oar Adjective Synonyms
oarsman, oarswoman, bencher, sculler, rower, paddler
With Hanson out because of his back, we'll need a new oar for tomorrow's race.

Oar Verb Synonyms
paddle, scull
The ancient galleys sometimes had six men on each oar.

Bristol Board

Life Style / Painting / Bristol Board: A stiff durable ply-produced cardboard suitable for pen and ink work or water-colour and gouache. MORE

Canvas Board

Life Style / Painting / Canvas Board: A heavy cardboard with a cotton or linen canvas glued to one side, with the edges folded over to the back. The face is primed in the same manner as an Academy board. MORE

Coquille Board

Life Style / Painting / Coquille Board: An illustration board intended for the commercial artist. The working face has a shallow dotted, stippled or textured embossing. When this is drawn upon with crayon or pencil a type of half-tone is pr MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Boarding: This is when a player checks another player into the boards in a very vicious manner and the player being hit, has no way to protect themselves. This is an illegal hit. MORE

Academy Board

Life Style / Painting / Academy Board: An economic board for oil-painting. It is made from several sheets of paper sized together. The face is then primed with a ground of white lead, chalk and oil. The back was often painted grey. It had MORE

Shipboard Account

Life Style / Travel / Shipboard Account: A day-by-day, itemized account of a passenger's onboard purchase activity. Alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, gift shop purchases, and internet charges, are all examples of items that are typicall MORE