Other Words for Obey

Obey Adjective Synonyms
comply (with), agree (to), consent (to), submit (to), abide (by), observe, respect, adhere to, follow, conform (to or with), acquiesce (to or in), mind, accept, heed, defer to, yield (to), knuckle under (to), give way (to), surrender (to), succumb (to)
Unfortunately, Ogilvy has obeyed his baser instincts in making the punishment fit the crime. Everything must obey the laws of nature. Harold obeys Millie's slightest whim.

Obey Noun Synonyms
discharge, execute, effect, carry out, fulfill, meet, satisfy, do, perform, serve, act
We obeyed the colonel's orders to the letter. It is your function to command, mine to obey.

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