Other Words for Ok

Ok Adjective Synonyms
approval, sanction, ratification, authorization, endorsement, agreement, support, permission, consent
You need an OK from the security guard to enter the restricted area.

O.K.!, Okay!, Fine!, Yes!, Definitely!, Agreed!, Very well!, All right!
'Would you have dinner with me?' 'OK!' 'I think you ought to leave.' 'OK!'.

well, healthy, sound, in good condition, in fine fettle, fine, all right
Now that he's on the proper medication, Sam is OK. The mechanic assured me that my car would be OK.

approve, sanction, ratify, authorize, endorse, support, agree to, allow, consent to, agree to, give the go-ahead or green light to, give the thumbs up or the nod to, rubber-stamp
A department head must OK your expense account before you can be reimbursed.

Ok Interjectionection Synonyms
adequate, mediocre, fair, middling, passable, tolerable, so so, pretty good, not bad, not great
The film was OK, I suppose.

Ok Noun Synonyms
satisfactory, acceptable, correct, suitable, all right, fine, good, in order
Is it OK if I go the cinema tonight? That dress is OK to wear to the dance.

Ok Verb Synonyms
all right, satisfactorily, well (enough), adequately
She can get along OK without me.

More Words for Ok

Ok / Sound / Fair / Well / Allow / Good / Fine / Support


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