Other Words for Order

Order Noun Synonyms
condition, state (of affairs)
Please leave everything in the order in which you found it.

purchase order, request, requisition, commitment, commission, instruction
We received a large order for office furniture.

command, direction, directive, instruction, commandment, dictate, mandate, edict, behest, request, demand, ukase, decree, fiat, proclamation, pronouncement, pronunciamento, rule, regulation, law, ordinance, statute, requirement
The police have issued an order to surrender all hand guns.

brotherhood, fraternity, sisterhood, sorority, fellowship, sodality, association, organization, society, guild, sect, company, community, lodge, body, knighthood
One of her ancestors was a Knight of the Teutonic Order.

direct, command, instruct, charge, tell, bid, require, enjoin, demand, ordain, force, make
The sergeant ordered the men to run around the drill field with full packs. The council ordered that garden rubbish should be packed in special bags.

category, class, caste, level, kind, sort, rank, group, scale, importance, hierarchy, position, status, degree, pecking order
Gregory's musical talents are of a very high order.

calm, peace, peacefulness, tranquillity, quiet, serenity, law and order, discipline, lawfulness
After a brief commotion, order was restored.

procedure, proceeding(s), discipline, conduct
The order of the meeting was breached by some rowdies.

organization, uniformity, regularity, system, pattern, symmetry, harmony, tidiness, orderliness, neatness
Some believe that there is an order of things in the universe, others that the universe tends to chaos.

requisition, ask for, send (away) for, call for, apply for, reserve, engage, commission, contract for, purchase, buy
Have you ordered breakfast for tomorrow? Let's order a take-away from the Chinese restaurant.

Order Verb Synonyms
organize, systematize, arrange, classify, categorize, codify, lay out, sort (out), straighten (out or up)
The bottles were ordered in neat rows along the wall.

organization, arrangement, grouping, disposition, form, structure, categorization, systematization or systemization, classification, codification, disposal, layout, array, sequence, set-up
The order of the library is of crucial importance if we are to find anything.

More Words for Order

Law / Peace / Position / Society / Demand / Force / Group / Arrange / Calm / Sort / Kind / Lodge / Reserve / Tell / Make / Class / Form / Quiet / Level

Do Not Reduce Order (DNR Order)

Business / Finance / Do Not Reduce Order (DNR Order): A restriction that an investor places on a good til' cancelled order to prevent an order increase in the case of a stock dividend or stock split. MORE

Mendicant Orders

Entertainment / Literature / Mendicant Orders: Orders of wandering monks who lived by begging. In the Middle Ages, the clergy was divided into secular clergy and regular clergy. The secular (i.e., 'worldly') clergy dealt with secular concerns such MORE

Any-Part-Of Order

Business / Finance / Any-Part-Of Order: In context of general equities, order to buy or sell a quantity of stock in pieces if necessary. Antithesis of an all-or-none order (AON). MORE

Presale Order

Business / Finance / Presale Order: An order to purchase part of a new municipal bond issue that is accepted by an underwriting syndicate before an official public offering. MORE

Order Room

Business / Finance / Order Room: The brokerage firm department receives and processes all orders to buy and sell securities. MORE

Order Of The Garter

Entertainment / Literature / Order Of The Garter: An elite order of knights first founded around 1347-1348 by King Edward III. The Knights of the Garter traditionally wore as their emblem a lady's garter around one leg. According to one legend, this MORE