Other Words for Peculiarity

Peculiarity Adjective Synonyms: idiosyncrasy, oddity, eccentricity, abnormality, irregularity, quirk, kink, crotchet, caprice
Peculiarity Noun Synonyms: feature, characteristic, property, quality, trait, attribute, earmark, hallmark, mark, particularity, singularity, speciality, specialty

Other Words for Pedantic

Pedantic Noun Synonyms: didactic, doctrinaire, donnish, pedagogic, pedantical, preachy, professorial, bookish, ostentatious, pretentious, sententious, pompous, vain, stuffy, stilted, stiff, dry

Other Words for Peddle

Peddle Adjective Synonyms: sell, hawk, market, vend, huckster, push, flog

Other Words for Peddler

Peddler Adjective Synonyms: hawker, (door-to-door) salesman or saleswoman or salesperson, vendor, huckster, seller, colporteur, peddler, drummer, chapman, cheapjack

Other Words for Pedestal

Pedestal Adjective Synonyms: foundation, base, platform, stand, substructure, mounting, pier, foot, mounting, support, plinth, socle, dado

Other Words for Pedestrian

Pedestrian Noun Synonyms: walker, stroller, ambler, rambler, footslogger, itinerant, peripatetic

Other Words for Pedigree

Pedigree Adjective Synonyms: (line of) descent, ancestry, genealogy, blood, bloodline, line, extraction, lineage, stock, heritage, family, derivation, birth, parentage, strain, roots

Other Words for Peek

Peek Noun Synonyms: peer, peep, glimpse, look, squint (at), squinny (at), keek, take or have a gander (at), take a dekko (at)

Other Words for Peel

Peel Noun Synonyms: strip, undress, disrobe, do a striptease
Peel Verb Synonyms: skin, rind, coating, peeling

Other Words for Peel Off

Peel Off Verb Synonyms: skin, strip (off), pare, flay, flake off, descale, decorticate, shuck, hull, bark, scale, desquamate

Other Words for Peep

Peep Noun Synonyms: chirp, tweet, cheep, squeak, twitter, pipe, chirrup, chirr or chirre or churr
Peep Verb Synonyms: chirp, tweet, cheep, squeak, twitter, pipe, chirrup

Other Words for Peer

Peer Noun Synonyms: noble, nobleman or noblewoman, lord or lady, aristocrat, duke or duchess, marquess or marchioness, earl or countess, viscount or viscountess, baron or baroness

Other Words for Peerless

Peerless Verb Synonyms: without equal, unequalled, matchless, unmatched, unrivalled, unique, incomparable, beyond compare, unparalleled, nonpareil, inimitable, unexcelled, unsurpassed, superior, superb, excellent, supreme, superlative, finest, best, ne plus ultra, sovereign

Other Words for Peevish

Peevish Verb Synonyms: irritable, testy, touchy, fretful, ill-humoured, waspish, petulant, crabbed, churlish, querulous, short-tempered, ill-natured, tetchy, cross, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, fault-finding, captious, carping, cavilling, crusty, curmudgeonly, crotchety, cantank

Other Words for Peg

Peg Adjective Synonyms: pin, dowel, rod, stick, bolt, thole or thole-pin, clothes-peg, hook
Peg Verb Synonyms: fasten, secure, make fast, fix, attach, pin

Other Words for Peg Away

Peg Away Verb Synonyms: work (away) (at), persevere (at), apply oneself (to), persist (in or at), go to or at (it), keep at (it), stick to or with or at (it), stay with or at (it), carry on (with or at), plug away (at), beaver away (at), hammer

Other Words for Pell-Mel

Pell-Mel Verb Synonyms: helter-skelter, slapdash, rashly, feverishly, incautiously, confusedly, chaotically, wildly, impulsively, recklessly, slap-bang, impetuously, hastily, hurriedly, precipitately, spontaneously
Pell-Mel Adverb Synonyms: confusion, disorder, chaos, tumult, pandemonium, turmoil, mele, furore or furor, commotion, bedlam, brouhaha, hubbub, excitement

Other Words for Pelt

Pelt Adjective Synonyms: bombard, shower, bomb, pepper, strafe, batter, shell, assail, assault, attack, pummel or pommel, belabour, pound, lay about, clobber, wallop, paste, work over
Pelt Verb Synonyms: stroke, blow, whack, hit, smack, slap, thwack, bang, thump, wallop, belt

Other Words for Pelt Along

Pelt Along Verb Synonyms: hurry, rush, run, dash, shoot, scoot, scurry

Other Words for Pelt Down

Pelt Down Noun Synonyms: beat, dash, pound, hit, come down, teem, pour, rain cats and dogs, bucket down, rain pitchforks

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