Other Words for Pensive

Pensive Verb Synonyms: thoughtful, meditative, musing, in a brown study, cogitative, contemplative, reflective, preoccupied, ruminative, wistful, day-dreaming, in a trance, in a reverie, brooding, sober, serious, grave

Other Words for Pent-Up

Pent-Up Noun Synonyms: restrained, constrained, repressed, stifled, bottled-up, corked-up, held in, checked, held back, curbed, inhibited, restricted

Other Words for Penurious

Penurious Adjective Synonyms: stingy, mean, penny-pinching, miserly, tight, tight-fisted, close-fisted, cheese-paring, niggardly, cheap, ungenerous, parsimonious, skinflinty, thrifty, begrudging, grudging, Scrooge-like, near, mingy, chintzy

Other Words for People

People Adjective Synonyms: persons, individuals, men and women, ladies and gentlemen, males and females, living souls, mortals, bodies
People Noun Plural Synonyms: race, community, clan, tribe, folk, nation, population, society

Other Words for Pep

Pep Noun Singular Synonyms: vigor, vim (and vigor), spirit, animation, vivacity, energy, verve, zest, fire, sprightliness, life, effervescence, sparkle, ebullience, dash, enthusiasm, brio, zip, zing

Other Words for Pep Up

Pep Up Verb Synonyms: stimulate, invigorate, animate, enliven, vitalize, vivify, energize, exhilarate, quicken, arouse, breathe (some) life into, inspire, activate, actuate, fire, cheer up, buck up, spark, work or fire up, wind up

Other Words for Pepper

Pepper Noun Synonyms: sprinkle, scatter, dot, speckle, fleck, spot, spray, bespeckle, speckle, spatter, stipple, mottle

Other Words for Perceive

Perceive Verb Synonyms: see, make out, discern, catch sight of, glimpse, spot, espy, apprehend, take in, notice, note, discover, descry, observe, mark, remark, identify, distinguish, detect

Other Words for Perceive Of

Perceive Of Verb Synonyms: regard, view, look on, consider, contemplate, judge, deem, believe, think

Other Words for Percentage

Percentage Verb Synonyms: share, part, portion, proportion, interest, piece, cut

Other Words for Perceptible

Perceptible Verb Synonyms: discernible, detectable, observable, perceivable, noticeable, distinguishable, recognizable, apparent, evident, notable, obvious, patent, manifest, palpable, plain, clear, prominent, unmistakable or unmistakeable

Other Words for Perception

Perception Noun Synonyms: appreciation, grasp, apprehension, understanding, comprehension, knowledge, perspective, view
Perception Adjective Synonyms: intuition, insight, instinct, feel, feeling, sense, impression, awareness, idea, notion, consciousness, realization

Other Words for Perceptive

Perceptive Noun Synonyms: astute, alert, attentive, quick, alive, quick-witted, intelligent, acute, sharp, sensitive, sensible, percipient, discerning, observant, perspicacious, on the qui vive, on the ball

Other Words for Perch

Perch Noun Synonyms: roost, rest, seat, spot, location, position, place, site, vantage point, perspective
Perch Adjective Synonyms: roost, rest, sit, nest, place, put, set, situate, locate, position, site

Other Words for Percolate

Percolate Noun Synonyms: seep, steep, transfuse, leach, drip, drain, strain, filter, pervade, infuse, ooze, transude, filtrate, trickle, permeate, suffuse, penetrate

Other Words for Perdition

Perdition Verb Synonyms: damnation, hell, hell-fire, doom, ruin, condemnation, destruction, ruination, downfall

Other Words for Peremptory

Peremptory Adjective Synonyms: imperious, authoritative, tyrannical, despotic, dictatorial, autocratic, emphatic, positive, firm, insistent, bossy
Peremptory Verb Synonyms: commanding, imperative, compelling, obligatory, mandatory, irrefutable, incontrovertible, decretal
Peremptory Noun Synonyms: decisive, final, preclusive, arbitrary, categorical, unequivocal, dogmatic, unconditional, unreserved, flat, out-and-out, outright, unqualified, unmitigated

Other Words for Perennial

Perennial Adjective Synonyms: durable, lasting, continuing, enduring, constant, stable, lifelong, persistent, incessant, uninterrupted, continual, continuous, chronic

Other Words for Perfect

Perfect Adjective Synonyms: complete, absolute, finished, (fully) realized, fulfilled, consummate, pure, entire, whole, perfected, best, ideal

Other Words for Perfection

Perfection Verb Synonyms: purity, flawlessness, faultlessness, sublimity, superiority, excellence, pre-eminence, transcendence
Perfection Noun Synonyms: ideal, paragon, model, archetype, pattern, mould, standard, idealization, essence, quintessence, acme, pinnacle, summit

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