Other Words for Perfectionist

Perfectionist Noun Synonyms: purist, pedant, precisian, precisionist, stickler, fusspot, fuss-budget

Other Words for Perfectly

Perfectly Adverb Synonyms: exactly, precisely, flawlessly, faultlessly, accurately, literally, line for line, word for word, verbatim, letter for letter, to the letter, literatim
Perfectly Adjective Synonyms: superbly, superlatively, flawlessly, faultlessly, impeccably, inimitably, incomparably, sublimely, exquisitely, marvelously, admirably, wonderfully
Perfectly Noun Synonyms: completely, purely, entirely, absolutely, utterly, totally, wholly, consummately, thoroughly, quite, definitely, positively, unambiguously, unequivocally, unmistakably or unmistakeably, explicitly, truly, very, extremely, extraordinarily, remarkably

Other Words for Perfidious

Perfidious Adverb Synonyms: treacherous, deceitful, traitorous, treasonous, treasonable, disloyal, faithless, false, unfaithful, untrue, insidious, hypocritical, two-faced, Janus-faced, corrupt, dishonest

Other Words for Perfidy

Perfidy Adverb Synonyms: perfidiousness, treachery, deceit, traitorousness, treason, disloyalty, faithlessness, falseness, falsity, unfaithfulness, infidelity, insidiousness, hypocrisy, betrayal

Other Words for Perforate

Perforate Adjective Synonyms: riddle, puncture, pierce, honeycomb, drill, bore, punch, enter, penetrate, pass into

Other Words for Perform

Perform Verb Synonyms: do, act, behave, operate, function, run, work, go, respond
Perform Noun Synonyms: execute, complete, bring off or about, accomplish, effect, carry out, discharge, dispatch, conduct, carry on, do, fulfill, pull off, knock off, polish off, put up or shut up

Other Words for Performance

Performance Noun Synonyms: playing, acting, interpretation, presentation, portrayal
Performance Verb Synonyms: execution, completion, bringing off or about, accomplishment, effectuation, carrying out, discharge, dispatch, conduct, carrying-on, doing, fulfilment

Other Words for Performer

Performer Noun Synonyms: actor or actress, artiste, Thespian, trouper, player

Other Words for Perfume

Perfume Noun Synonyms: essence, extract, parfum, eau-de-Cologne, toilet water, scent, fragrance, aroma, odor, smell, bouquet, nose

Other Words for Perfunctory

Perfunctory Noun Synonyms: routine, mechanical, automatic, robot-like, unthinking, businesslike, unspontaneous, formal, dismissive, inattentive, uninvolved, apathetic, indifferent, unconcerned, removed, distant, d‚gag‚, offhand, heedless, uninterested, hasty, hurried, superficial
Perfunctory Verb Synonyms: careless, slipshod, slovenly, negligent, sketchy, spotty

Other Words for Perhaps

Perhaps Adjective Synonyms: maybe, possibly, it is possible that, conceivably, as the case may be, it may be, literary perchance, peradventure, mayhap

Other Words for Peril

Peril Adjective Synonyms: danger, threat, risk, jeopardy, exposure, vulnerability, susceptibility, uncertainty, insecurity

Other Words for Perilous

Perilous Adverb Synonyms: dangerous, risky, hazardous, vulnerable, susceptible, uncertain, insecure, unsafe, unsure

Other Words for Perimeter

Perimeter Noun Synonyms: boundary, border, borderline, margin, periphery, limit(s), bounds, ambit, circumference, edge, verge, fringe(s), literary bourn or bourne

Other Words for Period

Period Noun Synonyms: interval, time, term, span, duration, spell, space, stretch, while, patch

Other Words for Periodic

Periodic Noun Synonyms: periodical, intermittent, regular, recurrent, repetitive, iterative, cyclic(al), repeated, episodic, sporadic, occasional

Other Words for Periodical

Periodical Noun Synonyms: magazine, journal, paper, publication, newsletter, organ, serial, weekly, fortnightly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, yearbook, almanac, hebdomadal or hebdomadary

Other Words for Peripheral

Peripheral Adjective Synonyms: incidental, unimportant, minor, secondary, inessential or unessential, non-essential, unnecessary, superficial, tangential, irrelevant, beside the point
Peripheral Noun Synonyms: circumferential, external, perimetric, outside, outer

Other Words for Periphery

Periphery Adjective Synonyms: perimeter, circumference, border, edge, rim, brim, ambit, boundary, bound, margin

Other Words for Perish

Perish Noun Synonyms: die, expire, lose (one's) life, be killed, be lost, meet (one's) death, be destroyed

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