Other Words for Perjury

Perjury Noun Synonyms: lying, mendacity, mendaciousness, forswearing, prevarication, bearing false witness

Other Words for Perk Up

Perk Up Verb Synonyms: cheer up, become jaunty, brighten, liven up, invigorate, smarten up, quicken, (re)vitalize, pep up, revive, inspirit, buck up

Other Words for Perky

Perky Noun Synonyms: lively, cheery, cheerful, jaunty, bouncy, bright, invigorated, vigorous, vitalized, peppy, spirited, sprightly, frisky, animated, vivacious, effervescent, bubbly, buoyant, gay, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, full of pep

Other Words for Permanence

Permanence Verb Synonyms: permanency, stability, durability, fixedness, changelessness, lasting quality, longevity, endurance, persistence, dependability, reliability, survival

Other Words for Permanent

Permanent Adjective Synonyms: everlasting, eternal, unending, endless, perpetual, unceasing, constant, undying, imperishable, indestructible, stable, abiding, long-lasting, lasting, enduring, perennial, long-lived, durable
Permanent Noun Synonyms: unchanging, invariable, changeless, fixed, unchangeable, immutable, unalterable, stable, persistent

Other Words for Permanently

Permanently Adjective Synonyms: forever, for good, once and for all, forevermore, always, eternally, everlastingly, perpetually, constantly, incessantly, non-stop, continuously, endlessly, ceaselessly, unendingly, interminably

Other Words for Permeate

Permeate Noun Synonyms: imbue, diffuse, penetrate, pervade, infiltrate, enter, spread through(out), saturate, seep through(out), percolate through, soak through

Other Words for Permissible

Permissible Adjective Synonyms: allowable, admissible, acceptable, allowed, permitted, tolerable, legal, licit, lawful, legitimate, authorized, proper, (all) right, pardonable, excusable, venial, OK, okay, kosher, legit

Other Words for Permission

Permission Verb Synonyms: consent, assent, leave, acquiescence, sufferance, tolerance, laxity, leniency or lenience, leave, license, sanction, acceptance, authorization, approval, approbation, countenance, allowance, liberty, indulgence, sufferance, franchise, enfranchisement

Other Words for Permissive

Permissive Adjective Synonyms: assenting, consenting, indulgent, lenient, latitudinarian, acquiescent, lax, easygoing, liberal, tolerant, non-constraining, non-restrictive, libertarian

Other Words for Permit

Permit Adjective Synonyms: license, authority, authorization, franchise, warrant, pass, passport, visa

Other Words for Permit To

Permit To Noun Synonyms: allow, agree (to), consent (to), give permission or leave (to), authorize, sanction, license, tolerate, countenance, suffer, brook, admit, grant, enable, empower, franchise, enfranchise, let

Other Words for Perpendicular

Perpendicular Verb Synonyms: erect, upright, vertical, plumb, straight (up and down)

Other Words for Perpendicular To

Perpendicular To Noun Synonyms: at right angles (to), at 90 degrees (to)

Other Words for Perpetrate

Perpetrate Adjective Synonyms: commit, execute, perform, carry out or through, effect, effectuate, accomplish, do, be responsible for, practise, pull (off)

Other Words for Perpetual

Perpetual Verb Synonyms: constant, uninterrupted, continuous, unfailing, incessant, persistent, unremitting, unending, non-stop, endless, recurrent, continual, repetitive
Perpetual Adjective Synonyms: eternal, infinite, everlasting, never-ending, unending, perennial, ageless, timeless, long-lived, permanent, unceasing, lasting, enduring, unvarying, unchanging, immutable, invariable, undeviating, sempiternal

Other Words for Perpetuate

Perpetuate Adjective Synonyms: continue, maintain, extend, keep (on or up), keep going, preserve, memorialize, immortalize, eternalize

Other Words for Perpetuity

Perpetuity Adjective Synonyms: permanence, constancy, timelessness, eternity

Other Words for Perplex

Perplex Verb Synonyms: confuse, bewilder, puzzle, mystify, distract, baffle, befuddle, confound, muddle, disconcert, stump, nonplus, stymie, stupefy, stun, daze, dumbfound or dumfound, flabbergast, bamboozle, hornswoggle, discombobulate, throw for

Other Words for Perplexing

Perplexing Noun Synonyms: confusing, bewildering, puzzling, mystifying, baffling, confounding, disconcerting, stupefying, flabbergasting, enigmatic, paradoxical, incomprehensible, unfathomable, impenetrable, recondite, arcane, labyrinthine, complex, complicated, Byzantine, intrica

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