Other Words for Perplexity

Perplexity Verb Synonyms: confusion, bewilderment, bafflement, distress, doubt, difficulty
Perplexity Adjective Synonyms: intricacy, complexity, complicatedness, arcaneness, reconditeness, impenetrability, impenetrableness, involvement, unfathomability, obscurity, difficulty
Perplexity Noun Synonyms: puzzle, enigma, mystery, dilemma, problem, paradox, catch-22, quandary, predicament, bind

Other Words for Perquisite

Perquisite Noun Synonyms: consideration, emolument, bonus, (fringe) benefit, extra, bonus, dividend, gratuity, tip, douceur, baksheesh, token (of appreciation), lagniappe or lagnappe, perk

Other Words for Persecute

Persecute Noun Synonyms: oppress, suppress, subjugate, maltreat, ill-treat, abuse, outrage, molest, victimize, tyrannize, afflict, punish, martyr, torment, torture

Other Words for Persecution

Persecution Verb Synonyms: oppression, suppression, subjugation, maltreatment, ill-treatment, abuse, outrage, molestation, victimization, tyranny, affliction, punishment, torment, torture

Other Words for Perseverance

Perseverance Noun Synonyms: persistence, steadfastness, determination, resolution, resolve, decisiveness, decision, firmness, purposefulness, pertinacity, staying power, stamina, sedulousness, assiduity, grit, pluck, tirelessness, indefatigableness, indefatigability, patience, endur

Other Words for Persevere

Persevere Noun Synonyms: persist, resolve, decide, endure, continue, carry on or through, keep at or on or up, be steadfast or staunch or constant, keep going, stand fast or firm, see through, be or remain determined or resolved or resolute or s

Other Words for Persist

Persist Noun Synonyms: persevere, be persistent, insist (on), stand firm or fast, be steadfast or staunch, strive, toil, labour, work (hard) (at)
Persist Verb Synonyms: remain, continue, endure, carry on, keep up or on, last, linger, stay

Other Words for Persistence

Persistence Verb Synonyms: perseverance, resolve, determination, resolution, steadfastness, tenacity, constancy, assiduity, stamina, tirelessness, indefatigability, indefatigableness, tirelessness, pluck, grit, patience, diligence, pertinacity, doggedness, stubbornness, obstinacy

Other Words for Persistent

Persistent Noun Synonyms: continuing, constant, continuous, continual, unending, interminable, unremitting, unrelenting, perpetual, incessant, unceasing, non-stop
Persistent Verb Synonyms: persisting, persevering, tenacious, steadfast, firm, fast, fixed, staunch, resolute, resolved, determined, unfaltering, unswerving, undeviating, unflagging, tireless, untiring, indefatigable, dogged, unwavering, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, inflexible

Other Words for Person

Person Adjective Synonyms: individual, human (being), being, man or woman or child, (living) soul, mortal

Other Words for Persona

Persona Noun Synonyms: face, front, facade, mask, guise, exterior, role, part, character, identity, self

Other Words for Personage

Personage Noun Synonyms: celebrity, luminary, VIP, name, notable, somebody, personality, star, superstar, magnate, mogul, big-shot, big wheel, hotshot, hot stuff, big noise, headliner

Other Words for Personal

Personal Adjective Synonyms: intimate, close, dear, bosom, familiar, special
Personal Noun Synonyms: individual, physical, bodily, actual, live, in person, in the flesh

Other Words for Personality

Personality Adjective Synonyms: character, nature, temperament, disposition, make-up, persona, identity, psyche

Other Words for Personalized

Personalized Noun Synonyms: monogrammed, initialled, individualized, signed

Other Words for Personally

Personally Noun Synonyms: in person, alone, by oneself, on one's own, myself or yourself or himself or herself or ourselves or yourselves or themselves, in the flesh
Personally Adjective Synonyms: in one's own view or opinion, for one's part, for oneself, as far as one is concerned, from one's own viewpoint, from where one stands, as one sees it or things, as for oneself
Personally Adverb Synonyms: as an individual, as a person, privately, in private

Other Words for Personify

Personify Adverb Synonyms: embody, typify, exemplify, epitomize, be the embodiment of, manifest, represent, stand for, symbolize, impersonate, personate

Other Words for Perspective

Perspective Verb Synonyms: (point of) view, viewpoint, standpoint, prospect, vantage point, position, angle, where one is coming from

Other Words for Perspiration

Perspiration Noun Synonyms: sweat, dampness, wetness, sweating, sudor, diaphoresis

Other Words for Persuade

Persuade Noun Synonyms: urge, induce, prevail upon, influence, exhort, importune, dispose, incline, prompt, sway, press

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