Other Words for Persuasion

Persuasion Verb Synonyms: inducement, inducing, influence, influencing, exhortation, exhorting, persuading

Other Words for Persuasive

Persuasive Noun Synonyms: convincing, telling, influential, effective, productive, impressive, efficacious, cogent, weighty, compelling, forceful, valid, winning, authoritative, dynamic

Other Words for Pert

Pert Adjective Synonyms: lively, jaunty, ebullient, vivacious, enthusiastic, bouncy, sprightly, brisk, cheerful, jolly, bright, perky, animated, nimble
Pert Noun Synonyms: forward, brash, brazen, cheeky, insolent, impertinent, flippant, saucy, bold, presumptuous, impudent, disrespectful, audacious, rude, impolite, uncivil, ill-mannered, unmannerly, malapert, fresh, flip, out of line, brassy, big-mouthed, wise

Other Words for Pertain To

Pertain To Adjective Synonyms: concern, refer to, regard, have reference or relation (to), apply (to), relate (to), include, cover, affect, appertain (to), be appropriate (to), be fitting (for), befit, bear on, have bearing (on)

Other Words for Pertinent

Pertinent Adjective Synonyms: pertaining, appropriate, fitting, suitable, apt, relevant, germane, apropos, apposite

Other Words for Perturb

Perturb Verb Synonyms: upset, disturb, fluster, ruffle, unsettle, disconcert, make uneasy, discomfit, vex, worry, agitate, shake up, alarm, disquiet, confuse, discompose, unnerve, addle, disorganize

Other Words for Perusal

Perusal Adjective Synonyms: reading, scrutiny, check, examination, study, inspection, scanning, review

Other Words for Peruse

Peruse Verb Synonyms: read, study, scan, scrutinize, examine, inspect, review, browse, run one's eye over

Other Words for Pervasive

Pervasive Noun Synonyms: penetrating, pervading, omnipresent, general, inescapable, prevalent, universal, widespread, ubiquitous, permeating, permeative

Other Words for Perverse

Perverse Adjective Synonyms: cantankerous, testy, curmudgeonly, churlish, crusty, bad-tempered, petulant, captious, cross, cross-grained, peevish, waspish, snappish, bilious, splenetic, fractious, ill-tempered, quarrelsome, irascible, sullen, contentious, touchy, obstreperous, crabby
Perverse Verb Synonyms: wrong, wrong-headed, awry, contrary, wayward, incorrect, irregular, unfair, improper, contradictory

Other Words for Perversion

Perversion Adjective Synonyms: deviation, irregularity, misdirection, corruption, subversion, distortion, twisting, falsification, misrepresentation, diversion, sidetracking

Other Words for Pervert

Pervert Noun Synonyms: deflect, divert, sidetrack, turn aside or away, subvert, misdirect, distort, twist, abuse, falsify, misapply, misconstrue, misrepresent, corrupt
Pervert Verb Synonyms: deviant, degenerate, debauchee, deviate, weirdo

Other Words for Perverted

Perverted Verb Synonyms: deviant, deviate, abnormal, amoral, unmoral, immoral, bad, depraved, unnatural, warped, twisted, profligate, dissolute, delinquent, degenerate, evil, wicked, malign, malicious, malefic, malevolent, evil-minded, sinful, iniquitous, base, foul, corrupt

Other Words for Pessimistic

Pessimistic Verb Synonyms: gloomy, negative, despairing, hopeless, inauspicious, depressed, despondent, dejected, melancholy, downhearted, heavy-hearted, defeatist, glum, sad, blue, unhappy, cheerless, joyless, cynical, bleak, forlorn

Other Words for Pest

Pest Adjective Synonyms: nuisance, annoyance, nag, irritant, bother, gadfly, bane, trial, heckler, vexation, curse, thorn in one's flesh, pain (in the neck), (Yiddish) nudge or noodge or nudzh, nudnik, pain in the arse or ass

Other Words for Pester

Pester Noun Synonyms: annoy, nag, irritate, irk, bother, get at or to, badger, plague, vex, fret, hector, harass, harry, heckle, nettle, chafe, peeve, pique, provoke, exasperate, bedevil, get or grate on (someone's) nerves, get under (someone's) skin, get in (someone's) hair

Other Words for Pestilence

Pestilence Verb Synonyms: scourge, blight, curse, cancer, canker, bane, affliction
Pestilence Noun Synonyms: plague, epidemic, pandemic, Black Death, pest

Other Words for Pet

Pet Adjective Synonyms: humour, pamper, favor, baby, coddle, cosset, mollycoddle, cocker, spoil, indulge, dote on
Pet Verb Synonyms: (bad or ill) temper, pique, sulk, (bad) mood, fume, paddy or paddywhack or paddywack
Pet Noun Synonyms: darling, favourite, idol, apple of (one's) eye, blue-eyed boy, fair-haired boy

Other Words for Peter Out

Peter Out Verb Synonyms: diminish, evaporate, wane, come to nothing or naught or also nought, die out, disappear, fail, fade (out or away), dwindle (into nothing), run out, give out, flag, melt away

Other Words for Petite

Petite Noun Synonyms: delicate, dainty, mignon(ne), diminutive, small, little, slight, tiny, small-boned, dinky

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