Other Words for Petition

Petition Adjective Synonyms: request, ask, apply to, apply for, solicit, sue, call upon, entreat, supplicate, plead, appeal (to), appeal (for), beseech, implore, importune, obsecrate
Petition Verb Synonyms: request, application, solicitation, suit, entreaty, supplication, plea, appeal

Other Words for Petrified

Petrified Noun Synonyms: horrified, horror-stricken, terrified, terror-stricken, panic-stricken, frightened, afraid, paralysed, numbed, benumbed, frozen
Petrified Adjective Synonyms: ossified, fossilized
Petrified Verb Synonyms: shocked, speechless, dumbfounded or dumfounded, dumbstruck, stunned, thunderstruck, astonished, astounded, confounded, stupefied, appalled, aghast, flabbergasted

Other Words for Petrify

Petrify Adjective Synonyms: frighten, scare, horrify, terrify, paralyse, numb, benumb
Petrify Verb Synonyms: ossify, fossilize, turn to stone

Other Words for Petty

Petty Verb Synonyms: insignificant, trivial, paltry, minor, inferior, niggling, trifling, negligible, puny, inessential, non-essential, inconsequential, unimportant, slight, nugatory, of no account, dinky, piddling, measly, no great shakes, no big deal, small-time

Other Words for Petulant

Petulant Adjective Synonyms: peevish, pettish, impatient, ill-humoured, testy, waspish, irascible, choleric, cross, captious, ill-tempered, bad-tempered, splenetic, moody, sour, bilious, crabby, crabbed, irritable, huffish, huffy, perverse, snappish, crotchety, cantankerous, curmudge

Other Words for Phantom

Phantom Adjective Synonyms: apparition, spectre, ghost, spirit, phantasm, shade, wraith, revenant, vision, eidolon, phantasma, spook

Other Words for Pharisaic

Pharisaic Noun Synonyms: Pharisaical, hypocritical, insincere, self-righteous, pretentious, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, pietistic(al), formalistic, canting, unctuous, oily, slimy, Tartuffian, Pecksniffian, goody-goody , smarmy

Other Words for Pharisee

Pharisee Noun Synonyms: hypocrite, pretender, dissembler, humbug, fraud, whited sepulchre, pietist, formalist, canter, Tartuffe, Pecksniff, phony

Other Words for Pharmacist

Pharmacist Adjective Synonyms: pharmacologist, Rather or formal apothecary, (pharmaceutical) chemist, druggist, posologist, pill pusher, pill roller

Other Words for Pharmacy

Pharmacy Noun Synonyms: dispensary, Rather formal or apothecary, chemist's (shop), drugstore, druggist's

Other Words for Phase

Phase Noun Synonyms: stage, period, development, step

Other Words for Phase In

Phase In Noun Synonyms: (gradually) introduce, work in, inject, insert, insinuate, include, incorporate

Other Words for Phase Out

Phase Out Noun Synonyms: ease out or off, taper off, wind up, put a stop to, (gradually) eliminate, remove, withdraw, discontinue, end

Other Words for Phenomenal

Phenomenal Verb Synonyms: outstanding, remarkable, exceptional, extraordinary, unusual, freakish, rare, uncommon, singular, unorthodox, unprecedented, unheard-of, unparalleled, unbelievable, incredible, marvelous, wonderful, amazing, astonishing, astounding, staggering, stunning

Other Words for Phenomenon

Phenomenon Verb Synonyms: event, happening, occurrence, incident, occasion, experience, fact
Phenomenon Adjective Synonyms: wonder, curiosity, spectacle, sight, sensation, marvel, rarity, exception, miracle, stunner

Other Words for Philanderer

Philanderer Noun Synonyms: flirt, gallant, roue, rake, Casanova, Lothario, Don Juan, Romeo, lover, playboy, gay dog, lady-killer, womanizer, wolf, stud

Other Words for Philanthropic

Philanthropic Noun Synonyms: charitable, eleemosynary, generous, magnanimous, munificent, benevolent, open-handed, ungrudging, unstinting, beneficent, humanitarian, altruistic, humane

Other Words for Philanthropist

Philanthropist Noun Synonyms: contributor, donor, benefactor or benefactress, patron or patroness, sponsor, Maecenas, Good Samaritan, humanitarian, altruist

Other Words for Philanthropy

Philanthropy Adjective Synonyms: generosity, benevolence, charity, patronage, magnanimity, charitableness, public-spiritedness, big-heartedness, thoughtfulness, alms-giving, kind-heartedness, beneficence, benignity, liberality, open-handedness
Philanthropy Noun Synonyms: donation, contribution, largesse, aid, grant, assistance, help

Other Words for Philistine

Philistine Noun Synonyms: boor, barbarian, yahoo, lowbrow, Boeotian, vulgarian, ignoramus, bourgeois, Babbitt

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