Other Words for Philosophical

Philosophical Adjective Synonyms: detached, unconcerned, unemotional, unimpassioned, composed, thoughtful, reflective, meditative, cogitative, contemplative, judicious, sober, level-headed, realistic, practical, pragmatic(al), down-to-earth, cool, calm, serene, placid, stoical, patient
Philosophical Noun Synonyms: philosophic, abstract, esoteric, learned, scholarly, erudite, theoretical, rational, logical, impractical

Other Words for Philosophy

Philosophy Noun Synonyms: stoicism, sang-froid, control, self-control, restraint, coolness, composure, calmness, serenity, placidity, cool-headedness, equanimity, thoughtfulness, imperturbability, self-possession, aplomb, dispassion, patience, resignation
Philosophy Adjective Synonyms: metaphysics, epistemology, logic, natural or moral or metaphysical philosophy, rationalism, thinking, aesthetics

Other Words for Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic Noun Synonyms: phlegmatical, stoic(al), unemotional, unenthusiastic, unanimated, sluggish, apathetic, uninvolved, lethargic, unfeeling, uncaring, cold, unresponsive, stolid, unmoved, insensitive, unaffected, insensible, indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested, listless

Other Words for Phobia

Phobia Adjective Synonyms: fear, horror, terror, dread, hatred, detestation, abhorrence, loathing, execration, aversion, revulsion, repugnance, dislike, distaste, antipathy, disquiet, nervousness, qualm, distrust, suspicion, apprehension, worry

Other Words for Phony

Phony Noun Synonyms: fake, fraud, imitation, counterfeit, forgery, hoax, sham, also phony
Phony Adjective Synonyms: unreal, fake, synthetic, artificial, factitious, false, fraudulent, imitation, bogus, spurious, counterfeit, mock, ersatz, paste, trumped up, sham, pretended, insincere, hypocritical, dissimulating, deceitful, dishonest, also phony, pseudo

Other Words for Photograph

Photograph Noun Synonyms: snapshot, print, picture, slide, transparency, negative, positive, photo, snap, shot, pic

Other Words for Photographer

Photographer Noun Synonyms: lensman, lenswoman, cameraman, camerawoman, cinematographer, paparazzo (pl., paparazzi), photographist

Other Words for Photographic

Photographic Noun Synonyms: cinematic, filmic, pictorial
Photographic Verb Synonyms: vivid, natural, realistic, graphic, accurate, exact, precise, faithful, detailed, lifelike, true to life

Other Words for Phrase

Phrase Adjective Synonyms: clause, noun phrase, verb phrase, prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, adjectival phrase
Phrase Noun Synonyms: express, term, word, put, frame, formulate, couch, put into words, put or set forth, verbalize, articulate, voice, utter, say, write, describe, delineate

Other Words for Physical

Physical Noun Synonyms: bodily, corporeal, corporal, fleshly, incarnate, carnal, mortal, earthly, natural, somatic, material, tangible, palpable, real, actual, true, concrete, manifest, solid

Other Words for Physician

Physician Verb Synonyms: doctor, medical doctor, M.D., doctor of medicine, medical practitioner, general practitioner, G.P., medical man or woman, specialist, diplomate, navy surgeon, doc, medico, medic, man, sawbones, bones

Other Words for Physique

Physique Adjective Synonyms: build, figure, body, frame, shape, bodily structure, form, chassis, bod, built

Other Words for Pick

Pick Verb Synonyms: provoke, foment, incite, start, initiate, work or stir up
Pick Noun Synonyms: pluck, gather, collect, harvest, bring or take in, garner

Other Words for Pick At

Pick At Verb Synonyms: criticize, carp at, find fault with, cavil (at or about), quibble (at or about), pick on, nag (at), niggle (at), harass, pester, annoy, irritate, bother

Other Words for Pick Off

Pick Off Verb Synonyms: shoot (down), kill

Other Words for Pick On

Pick On Verb Synonyms: bully, ride, intimidate, abuse, browbeat, badger, harry, hector, harass, tease, taunt, needle, torment

Other Words for Pick Out

Pick Out Noun Synonyms: select, choose, cull, sort out, hand-pick, single out, opt for, fix or decide upon or on, elect, settle upon or on, screen (out), sift (out)
Pick Out Verb Synonyms: discern, distinguish, tell apart, make out, recognize, separate, discriminate

Other Words for Pick Up

Pick Up Verb Synonyms: raise (up), lift (up), heft, hoist, take up

Other Words for Picket

Picket Noun Synonyms: stake, pale, post, peg, stanchion, upright, vertical, palisade, paling

Other Words for Picnic

Picnic Verb Synonyms: garden party, fête champˆtre, meal alfresco, barbecue, clam-bake, cookout

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