Other Words for Painfully

Painfully Adjective Synonyms: agonizingly, distressingly, disagreeably, unpleasantly, unfortunately, sadly, woefully, lamentably, ruefully, unhappily

Other Words for Painkiller

Painkiller Adjective Synonyms: anodyne, analgesic, anaesthetic, sedative, palliative

Other Words for Painless

Painless Adverb Synonyms: trouble-free, easy, simple, comfortable, effortless, easy as 1, 2, 3 or as ABC, easy as pie, a piece of cake, pushover, child's play, cinch, no sweat

Other Words for Pains

Pains Noun Synonyms: effort, trouble, exertion, toil, labour

Other Words for Paint

Paint Adjective Synonyms: coating, coat, surface, enamel
Paint Noun Synonyms: color, tint, dye, colouring, pigment, stain
Paint Verb Synonyms: color, tint, dye, stain, decorate

Other Words for Paint The Town Red

Paint The Town Red Verb Synonyms: make merry, carouse, revel, go on a spree, go out on the town, whoop it up, live it up, (go on a) pub-crawl, step out, make whoopee, go on a bender or drunk or binge, booze it up

Other Words for Pair

Pair Verb Synonyms: couple, twosome, two of a kind, set of two, matched set, duo, dyad, twins, double, doublet, brace, span, yoke, team, tandem

Other Words for Pal

Pal Noun Synonyms: friend, consort, comrade, alter ego, crony, companion, amigo, playmate, classmate, chum, sidekick, mate, buddy

Other Words for Pal Around With

Pal Around With Verb Synonyms: associate (with), be or become friendly or friends (with), be or get or become on friendly or intimate terms (with), go (around or about) with, fraternize (with), consort (with), spend time together or with

Other Words for Palace

Palace Noun Synonyms: mansion, castle, stately or palatial home or residence, manor (house), (country) estate, chƒteau, palazzo, villa

Other Words for Palatial

Palatial Verb Synonyms: luxurious, de luxe, magnificent, splendid, stately, sumptuous, opulent, majestic, magnificent, grand, elegant, palatine, posh, ritzy, swanky, classy

Other Words for Palaver

Palaver Adjective Synonyms: chatter, babble, jabber, (empty or small) talk, blather or blether, gossip, prating, prattle, prattling, palavering, natter, nattering, clishmaclaver, jawing, hot air, witter, wittering
Palaver Noun Synonyms: nuisance, procedure, red tape, to-do, rigmarole or rigamarole, song and dance, bother, nonsense, business, carry-on, performance

Other Words for Pale

Pale Adjective Synonyms: feeble, weak, flimsy, meager, enfeebled, ineffective, ineffectual, puny, insignificant, paltry, lame, poor, inadequate, half-hearted, tame, spiritless, whey-faced, empty, sterile, lifeless, uninspired, anaemic, half-baked
Pale Verb Synonyms: colourless, white, wan, sallow, waxen, livid, ashen, ashy, pallid, bloodless, whitish, pasty, whey-faced, washed out, anaemic, blanched, drained, ghostly, ghastly, peaky or peakish, peaked, cadaverous

Other Words for Pall

Pall Noun Synonyms: shroud, covering, mantle, cloth, veil

Other Words for Pall On

Pall On Noun Synonyms: bore, tire, weary, jade, irk, irritate, sicken

Other Words for Paltry

Paltry Verb Synonyms: trifling, trivial, petty, small, insignificant, worthless, pitiful, pathetic, pitiable, puny, sorry, wretched, miserable, inconsequential, inconsiderable, unimportant, meager, mean, beggarly, base, low, contemptible, piddling, twopenny

Other Words for Pamper

Pamper Verb Synonyms: baby, coddle, cosset, (over)indulge, spoil, mollycoddle, cater to, pet, cocker, Irish cosher

Other Words for Pamphlet

Pamphlet Adjective Synonyms: booklet, brochure, tract, essay, folder, leaflet, circular, handbill, bill, notice, bulletin, advertisement, hand-out, ad, advert, flyer, throw-away

Other Words for Pan

Pan Noun Synonyms: face, visage, mien, facade, kisser, mug, puss
Pan Verb Synonyms: saucepan, frying-pan, skillet, pot, casserole, spider

Other Words for Pan Out

Pan Out Verb Synonyms: succeed, thrive, prosper, flourish, fare well, make it, work out, turn out, result, come out, end (up), conclude, culminate, eventuate

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