Other Words for Piles

Piles Noun Synonyms: abundance, over-abundance, superabundance, plenty, great deal, quantity, ocean(s), lot(s), stack(s), plethora, oodles, ton(s), bag(s), heap(s), bundle(s)

Other Words for Pilfer

Pilfer Noun Synonyms: steal, rob, plunder, thieve, filch, embezzle, misappropriate, purloin, take, walk off with, palm, appropriate, pinch, snatch, grab, lift, borrow, nick, snaffle, boost, hook, snitch, swipe, rip off

Other Words for Pilgrim

Pilgrim Noun Synonyms: hajji or hadji or haji, Medieval history palmer, crusader

Other Words for Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Verb Synonyms: hajj or hadj, holy expedition, crusade, expedition, journey, trek, voyage, tour, trip, excursion

Other Words for Pill

Pill Noun Synonyms: tablet, capsule, bolus, pellet, pilule, medicine, medication, medicament, drug, pharmaceutical, remedy, cure, cough drop, pastille, lozenge, troche

Other Words for Pillage

Pillage Verb Synonyms: plunder, loot, booty, spoils
Pillage Noun Synonyms: plunder, raid, ravage, sack, despoil, rob, loot, ransack, rifle, maraud, depredate, devastate, vandalize, ruin, demolish, raze, level, strip

Other Words for Pillar

Pillar Noun Synonyms: column, pilaster, pile, piling, pier, upright, post, shaft, prop, atlas, caryatid

Other Words for Pilot

Pilot Noun Synonyms: aviator, aviatrix, flier, airman, airwoman, aeronaut, captain

Other Words for Pimp

Pimp Noun Synonyms: procurer, panderer or pander, White slaver, whoremonger, hustler
Pimp Verb Synonyms: procure, pander, solicit, hustle

Other Words for Pimple

Pimple Noun Synonyms: pustule, papula, boil, swelling, eruption, blackhead or technical comedo, excrescence, spot, plouk or plook, whitehead, hickey

Other Words for Pin

Pin Verb Synonyms: peg, dowel, bolt, thole, thole-pin, spike, rivet, drawing-pin, push-pin
Pin Noun Synonyms: brooch, clip, stickpin, tie-pin, scarf-pin, tie tack

Other Words for Pin Down

Pin Down Noun Synonyms: force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, press, pressurize, pressure

Other Words for Pin On

Pin On Verb Synonyms: blame, hold responsible or accountable, point the finger at, accuse, lay at (someone's) door

Other Words for Pincers

Pincers Verb Synonyms: pliers, nippers, tweezers

Other Words for Pinch

Pinch Noun Plural Synonyms: squeeze, cramp, confine, crush, hurt
Pinch Verb Synonyms: squeeze, nip, tweak, press, compress, grip, grasp
Pinch Noun Synonyms: predicament, emergency, crisis, difficulty, dilemma, (ticklish or delicate) situation, complication, pickle, jam, scrape, crunch

Other Words for Pinch Pennies

Pinch Pennies Verb Synonyms: scrimp, save, skimp, economize

Other Words for Pink

Pink Noun Synonyms: rosy, rose, rose-coloured, pinkish, flesh-color(ed), salmon(-color(ed))

Other Words for Pinnacle

Pinnacle Adjective Synonyms: top, peak, apex, acme, summit, zenith, maximum, climax, crowning point, consummation, utmost, extreme, perfection, tip, cap, crest, crown

Other Words for Pioneer

Pioneer Noun Synonyms: create, originate, invent, initiate, take the first step, introduce, institute, actuate, trigger, set off, inaugurate, start, begin, launch, establish, found, set up, develop, lay the groundwork or foundation, set or put in motion, take the lead
Pioneer Verb Synonyms: pathfinder, frontiersman, frontierswoman, trail-blazer, explorer, colonist, (early) settler, ground-breaker, forerunner, precursor, predecessor, innovator, leader, trend-setter, pacemaker, pace-setter

Other Words for Pious

Pious Noun Synonyms: devout, religious, reverent, reverential, worshipful, dutiful, God-fearing, godly, faithful, holy, dedicated, devoted, spiritual, moral, good, virtuous, right-minded, saintly, holy, angelic, seraphic, Christ-like, godlike
Pious Verb Synonyms: hypocritical, sanctimonious, pietistic, self-righteous, Pharisaic, mealy-mouthed, pretended, fraudulent, goody-goody, unctuous, oily, smarmy

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