Other Words for Player

Player Noun Synonyms: contestant, participant, competitor, contender, athlete, sportswoman, sportsman, jock

Other Words for Playful

Playful Noun Synonyms: (high-)spirited, cheerful, frisky, frolicsome, kittenish, sprightly, fun-loving, sportive, coltish, mischievous, puckish, impish, elfish, devilish

Other Words for Playmate

Playmate Adjective Synonyms: playfellow, friend, comrade, pal, chum, buddy

Other Words for Plaything

Plaything Adjective Synonyms: toy, game, knick-knack, pastime
Plaything Noun Synonyms: tool, cat's-paw, dupe, pigeon, pawn, fall guy

Other Words for Playwright

Playwright Noun Synonyms: dramatist, dramaturge or dramaturgist, scriptwriter, screenwriter, scenarist

Other Words for Plea

Plea Noun Synonyms: request, entreaty, appeal, petition, supplication, suit, cry, solicitation

Other Words for Plead

Plead Verb Synonyms: assert, say, aver, allege, argue, maintain, offer, put forward, declare, affirm, avow, swear

Other Words for Plead For

Plead For Noun Synonyms: request, appeal (for), cry (for), ask (for), seek, beg (for), pray (for), supplicate (for)

Other Words for Plead With

Plead With Noun Synonyms: request (of), entreat, appeal to, petition, ask, apply to, implore, beseech, beg, importune, solicit, demand

Other Words for Pleasant

Pleasant Adjective Synonyms: fair, sunny, clear, bright, cloudless, balmy, nice, fine
Pleasant Verb Synonyms: pleasing, pleasurable, nice, enjoyable, satisfying, good, lovely, attractive, inviting, enjoyable, gratifying, delightful, charming, agreeable, suitable, fitting, appropriate, harmonious, euphonious, melodic, mellifluous, delicious, delectable, palatable,

Other Words for Please

Please Adjective Synonyms: delight, gratify, satisfy, suit, humour, content, cheer, gladden, amuse, divert, interest, entertain

Other Words for Pleased

Pleased Verb Synonyms: happy, delighted, glad, gratified, satisfied, contented, thrilled, tickled pink, pleased as Punch, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven, on top of the world, walking on air, over the moon, chuffed

Other Words for Pleasure

Pleasure Verb Synonyms: enjoyment, happiness, delight, joy, satisfaction, fulfilment, contentment, gratification, comfort, recreation, amusement, entertainment, diversion
Pleasure Adjective Synonyms: choice, option, desire, wish, preference, fancy, inclination, discretion

Other Words for Plebeian

Plebeian Noun Synonyms: proletarian, working-class, blue-collar, low-class, lower-class, lowly, low-born, common, mean, humble, inferior, peasant-like, non-U

Other Words for Plebiscite

Plebiscite Adjective Synonyms: popular vote or ballot, referendum, poll

Other Words for Pledge

Pledge Noun Synonyms: promise, oath, vow, word (of honor), covenant, assurance, guaranty, guarantee, warrant, warranty
Pledge Verb Synonyms: toast, drink (to), drink (someone's) health

Other Words for Plentiful

Plentiful Verb Synonyms: ample, abundant, profuse, copious, lavish, plenteous, bountiful, generous, bounteous

Other Words for Plenty

Plenty Adjective Synonyms: abundance, more than enough, great deal, mass(es), quantity or quantities, multitude(s), number(s), load(s), mess, scores, lot(s), mountain(s), heap(s), stack(s), pile(s), load(s), ton(s), ocean(s), oodles, slew(s)

Other Words for Pliable

Pliable Noun Synonyms: flexible, pliant, elastic, plastic, fictile, malleable, workable, bendable, bendy, ductile, flexuous, supple, lithe, limber

Other Words for Plight

Plight Adjective Synonyms: condition, state, circumstances, situation, case, difficulty, predicament, quandary, dilemma, catch-22, straits, trouble, extremity, hole, jam, pickle, spot, scrape, fix, bind, hot water, mess, fine kettle of fish, fine state of affairs

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