Other Words for Plod

Plod Noun Synonyms: labour, work, drudge, toil, moil, slave (away), grind (away or along), grub (on or along), plug (along or away), peg away (at) or along
Plod Adjective Synonyms: trudge (along), tramp, slog, drag, tread, lumber, labour, stomp, galumph

Other Words for Plot

Plot Verb Synonyms: scheme, plan, intrigue, machination, cabal, conspiracy
Plot Noun Synonyms: scheme, plan, intrigue, machinate, cabal, collude, conspire, hatch, devise, design, arrange, organize, concoct, dream up, conceive, cook up

Other Words for Plough

Plough Noun Synonyms: drive, plunge, push, bulldoze, lunge, dive, shove, hurtle, crash
Plough Verb Synonyms: till, cultivate, furrow, harrow, delve

Other Words for Pluck

Pluck Verb Synonyms: courage, spirit, bravery, grit, boldness, intrepidity, backbone, mettle, determination, gameness, resolve, resolution, steadfastness, hardiness, sturdiness, stout-heartedness, stoutness, fortitude, nerve, guts, spunk, sand, bottle
Pluck Noun Synonyms: snatch, grab, yank, jerk, tear (away)

Other Words for Plug

Plug Verb Synonyms: stopper, stopple, bung, cork
Plug Noun Synonyms: publicity, mention, promotion, recommendation, puff, blurb, PR, advertisement, advert, hype

Other Words for Plug Up

Plug Up Noun Synonyms: stop (up), close (up or off), seal (off or up), cork, stopper, bung, block, jam, stuff, clog, obstruct, dam (up)

Other Words for Plum

Plum Verb Synonyms: find, catch, coup, prize, treasure, bonus, cream

Other Words for Plumb

Plumb Verb Synonyms: weight, (plumb-)bob, plummet, lead, sinker
Plumb Noun Synonyms: vertical, perpendicular, straight up and down
Plumb Adjective Synonyms: exactly, precisely, dead, right, accurately, slap, bang, spot
Plumb Adverb Synonyms: sound, fathom, measure, probe, explore, measure, gauge, delve, penetrate

Other Words for Plump

Plump Adverb Synonyms: chubby, stout, fleshy, ample, full-bodied, portly, tubby, rotund, squat, chunky, buxom, corpulent, roly-poly, fat, obese, overweight, steatopygous, podgy or pudgy, busty, beamy, hippy, beefy, well-upholstered
Plump Noun Synonyms: direct, unequivocal, unmistakable or unmistakeable, unambiguous, definite, definitive, blunt, simple, plain, forthright, downright, straight, matter-of-fact
Plump Adjective Synonyms: drop, plummet, fall, plunge, dive, sink, collapse, flop
Plump Verb Synonyms: puff up or out

Other Words for Plump For

Plump For Verb Synonyms: support, choose, select, back, side with, campaign for

Other Words for Plunder

Plunder Adjective Synonyms: prey on or upon, pirate, capture, seize
Plunder Adverb Synonyms: pillage, loot, rob, ravage, ransack, rifle, despoil, spoil, vandalize, sack, strip, maraud, devastate, desolate, lay waste
Plunder Verb Synonyms: pillage, looting, robbery, depredation, rapine, despoliation, spoliation, vandalization, sack, vandalism, vandalizing, sacking

Other Words for Plunge

Plunge Verb Synonyms: dive, nosedive, fall, pitch, plummet, drop, descent, submersion, immersion
Plunge Noun Synonyms: descend, drop, plummet, dive, pitch, nosedive, fall (headlong)

Other Words for Plus

Plus Preposition Synonyms: addition, bonus, extra, gain, benefit, asset, advantage, profit, return
Plus Noun Synonyms: and, added to, increased by, with the addition of, with an increment of, (coupled) with, together with

Other Words for Plush

Plush Adjective Synonyms: luxurious, posh, costly, (de) luxe, palatial, lavish, rich, opulent, sumptuous, regal, elegant, ritzy, classy, swank(y)

Other Words for Ply

Ply Noun Synonyms: layer, leaf, thickness, fold

Other Words for Po-Faced

Po-Faced Adjective Synonyms: stern-visaged, austere, dour, disapproving, frowning, grave, saturnine, solemn, sombre, humourless, grim, forbidding, severe, strait-laced, uncompromising, puritanical, prim, prudish, gruff, bluff, curmudgeonly

Other Words for Pocket

Pocket Adjective Synonyms: pouch, sack, bag, receptacle, reticule, satchel
Pocket Noun Synonyms: cavity, pit, hollow, crater

Other Words for Poem

Poem Noun Synonyms: verse, lyric, rhyme or archaic rime, song, ode, rhapsody, jingle, ditty

Other Words for Poet

Poet Verb Synonyms: poetess, versifier, metrist, lyricist or lyrist, versemaker, sonneteer, elegist, bard, minstrel, rhymester or rimester or rhymer or rimer, poetaster

Other Words for Poetic

Poetic Noun Synonyms: poetical, lyric(al), metrical, musical, melodic, idyllic, elegiac, georgic, rhapsodic, epic, dithyrambic

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