Other Words for Poetry

Poetry Adjective Synonyms: verse, versification, metrical composition, metrics, rhyme, poesy

Other Words for Poignant

Poignant Adjective Synonyms: keen, acute, intense, incisive, sharp, stinging, pointed, piercing, penetrating, barbed, cutting, caustic, acid, acerbic, bitter, biting, mordant, sarcastic, sardonic, severe
Poignant Noun Synonyms: distressing, upsetting, agonizing, grievous, painful, woeful, melancholy, blue, sad, sorrowful, tragic, disastrous, heart-rending, heart-breaking, excruciating, bitter, pathetic, pitiable, piteous, pitiful, miserable, moving, touching

Other Words for Point

Point Adjective Synonyms: dot, mark, speck, (full) stop, period, decimal point
Point Noun Synonyms: spot, place, stage, position, site, station, location, locale

Other Words for Point Of View

Point Of View Noun Synonyms: viewpoint, perspective, approach, position, angle, slant, orientation, outlook, stance, standpoint, vantage point
Point Of View Adjective Synonyms: opinion, view, belief, (way of) thinking, principle, doctrine

Other Words for Point Out

Point Out Verb Synonyms: designate, call or direct attention to, show, exhibit, indicate, identify

Other Words for Point To

Point To Noun Synonyms: indicate, call or direct attention to

Other Words for Point Up

Point Up Verb Synonyms: emphasize, stress, accentuate, underline, underscore, accent, spotlight

Other Words for Point-Blank

Point-Blank Verb Synonyms: direct, straight, blunt, flat, straightforward, abrupt, categorical, explicit, uncompromising, unmitigated, unalloyed, downright, outright, to the point, straight from the shoulder, (open and) above-board, unreserved
Point-Blank Adjective Synonyms: directly, straight (away), right away, bluntly, flat, flatly, abruptly, categorically, unqualifiedly, explicitly, uncompromisingly, unmitigatedly, outright, unreservedly, plainly, frankly, openly, candidly

Other Words for Pointed

Pointed Adverb Synonyms: needle-shaped, sharp, acute, barbed, peaked, spiked, spiky, acuminate, cuspidate, aciform, acicular, aciculiform, aculeous, apiculate, spiculate, serrate(d), acuminate, mucroniform, mucronulate, mucronate(d), muricate, hebetate

Other Words for Pointer

Pointer Adjective Synonyms: indicator, rod, stick, index, sign, arrow, fist

Other Words for Pointless

Pointless Noun Synonyms: purposeless, aimless, worthless, ineffective, meaningless, ineffectual, futile, unproductive, fruitless, bootless,eless, vain, senseless, absurd, silly, stupid, inane, asinine, fatuous, preposterous, nonsensical, ridiculous, empty, hollow

Other Words for Poise

Poise Noun Synonyms: balance, equilibrium, equipoise, equiponderance, parity, par

Other Words for Poised

Poised Verb Synonyms: ready, standing by, waiting, prepared
Poised Noun Synonyms: composed, controlled, self-possessed, unflappable, (self-)confident, (self-)assured, dignified, cool-headed, imperturbable, unruffled, cool, staid, reserved, sedate, calm, serene, tranquil, together
Poised Adjective Synonyms: teetering, hovering, tottering, wavering, suspended, trembling, wobbling, balanced

Other Words for Poison

Poison Noun Synonyms: defile, adulterate, infect, taint, pollute, contaminate, debase, pervert, vitiate, subvert, warp, envenom
Poison Adjective Synonyms: toxin, venom, bane, miasma, mephitis

Other Words for Poisonous

Poisonous Noun Synonyms: lethal, deadly, fatal, mortal, toxic, septic, virulent, noxious or rare nocuous, venomous, malignant, pernicious, miasmic, mephitic
Poisonous Verb Synonyms: malicious, malevolent, malignant, corruptive, vicious, baleful, evil, foul, diabolic(al), defamatory, libellous, slanderous, dangerous, deleterious,

Other Words for Poke

Poke Verb Synonyms: pry, nose (about or around), stick one's nose into, intrude, dig, probe, investigate, meddle, interfere, butt in, tamper, snoop
Poke Adjective Synonyms: jab, stick, prod, dig, goad, stab, thrust, push, elbow, nudge, jog, jostle, butt, shove

Other Words for Poke Fun At

Poke Fun At Verb Synonyms: tease, ridicule, mock, make fun of, jeer (at), chaff, taunt, twit, make sport of, needle, kid, rib, send up, take the mickey out of

Other Words for Polar

Polar Noun Synonyms: Arctic, Antarctic, frigid, icy, glacial, freezing, frozen, numbing, Siberian, hibernal, hyperborean, brumal, wintry

Other Words for Pole

Pole Adjective Synonyms: rod, stick, staff, spar, shaft, mast, standard, upright, flag-pole, flagstaff, jackstaff, beanpole, hop-pole

Other Words for Poles Apart

Poles Apart Noun Synonyms: (very or completely) different, worlds apart, at opposite extremes, at opposite ends of the earth, at odds, irreconcilable

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