Other Words for Police

Police Noun Synonyms: constabulary, policemen, policewomen, police officers, boys in blue, the (long arm of the) law, the cops, the gendarmes, the coppers, the fuzz, the (Old) Bill, the heat

Other Words for Police Officer

Police Officer Verb Synonyms: officer, policeman, policewoman, constable, police constable, PC, WPC, peace officer, patrolman, patrolwoman, cop, gendarme, bobby, copper, fuzz, flatfoot, rozzer, Old Bill, derogatory pig

Other Words for Policy

Policy Verb Synonyms: approach, procedure, (game) plan, design, scheme, programme, method, system, management, conduct, behavior, strategy, tactic(s), principle(s), protocol, regulation, rule, custom, way, practice, ways and means, action

Other Words for Polish

Polish Noun Synonyms: shine, brighten, burnish, buff, furbish, wax, clean, smooth, rub, gloss
Polish Verb Synonyms: gloss, shine, lustre, sheen, glaze, smoothness, brilliance, sparkle, gleam, glow, brightness, radiance

Other Words for Polish Off

Polish Off Verb Synonyms: conclude, end, terminate, finish

Other Words for Polish Up

Polish Up Verb Synonyms: study, review, learn, con, bone up (on), swot up (on)
Polish Up Noun Synonyms: refine, improve, perfect, finish, cultivate, ameliorate, enhance, correct, emend

Other Words for Polished

Polished Noun Synonyms: accomplished, adept, proficient, expert, fine, outstanding, skilful, gifted, masterful, masterly, virtuoso, excellent, superior, superb, superlative, flawless, faultless, perfect, impeccable

Other Words for Polite

Polite Adjective Synonyms: civil, respectful, well-mannered, mannerly, courteous, deferential, diplomatic, tactful, formal, proper, cordial

Other Words for Politic

Politic Adjective Synonyms: ingenious, shrewd, crafty, canny, cunning, designing, scheming, clever, wily, foxy, tricky, artful, Macchiavellian, evasive, shifty, cagey

Other Words for Political

Political Adjective Synonyms: governmental, civic, civil, public, state, national, federal, administrative, bureaucratic

Other Words for Politician

Politician Adjective Synonyms: legislator, lawmaker, statesman, stateswoman, minister, Member of Parliament, MP, public or civil servant, administrator, official, bureaucrat, office-bearer, senator, congressman, congresswoman, representative, assembly-man, assembly-woman

Other Words for Politics

Politics Adjective Synonyms: public affairs, political science, civics, civil affairs, government, statecraft, diplomacy, statesmanship
Politics Noun Synonyms: manoeuvring, manipulation, wirepulling, machination

Other Words for Poll

Poll Noun Synonyms: voting, vote, returns, tally, figures

Other Words for Pollute

Pollute Verb Synonyms: contaminate, adulterate, befoul, foul, soil, spoil, taint, stain, dirty, sully, blight, poison

Other Words for Pollution

Pollution Verb Synonyms: contamination, adulteration, corruption, polluting, fouling, befouling, soiling, spoiling, tainting, staining, dirtying, sullying, blighting, poisoning, vitiation

Other Words for Pomp

Pomp Verb Synonyms: glory, grandeur, magnificence, splendour, show, extravaganza, pageantry, ceremony, spectacle, brilliance, ceremoniousness

Other Words for Pompous

Pompous Noun Synonyms: vain, vainglorious, proud, arrogant, pretentious, ostentatious, showy, grandiose, haughty, overbearing, conceited, egotistical, self-important, boastful, braggart, inflated, snobbish, magisterial, imperious, pontifical, affected, exhibitionist

Other Words for Ponder

Ponder Noun Synonyms: consider, muse (over or on), brood (over or upon or on), mull over, deliberate (over), meditate (upon or on), think (over or on or about), weigh, ruminate (over), chew over, cogitate, excogitate, reflect (on or over), contemplate

Other Words for Ponderous

Ponderous Verb Synonyms: dull, tedious, laboured, laborious, tiresome, turgid, boring, dreary, pedestrian, stilted, windy, inflated, long-winded, wordy, verbose, prolix, elephantine, pompous, grandiloquent, overdone
Ponderous Adjective Synonyms: weighty, unwieldy, heavy, massive, huge, big, large, awkward, clumsy, cumbersome or cumbrous

Other Words for Pool

Pool Noun Synonyms: syndicate, trust, group, consortium, cartel, combine
Pool Adjective Synonyms: pond, lake, tarn, mere, lagoon, swimming-pool, leisure pool, wading pool, paddling pool, wading pool, natatorium

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