Other Words for Poor

Poor Noun Synonyms: needy, destitute, indigent, in want, in need, penniless, poverty-stricken, impoverished, badly off, necessitous, poor as a church-mouse, straitened, pinched, in reduced circumstances, impecunious, financially embarrassed, down and out, out of pocket
Poor Verb Synonyms: low, bad, skimpy, meager, scant, scanty, inadequate, deficient, insufficient, sparse
Poor Adjective Synonyms: barren, unproductive, unfruitful, fruitless, infertile, sterile, depleted, exhausted, impoverished

Other Words for Poorly

Poorly Adjective Synonyms: badly, inadequately, unsatisfactorily, incompetently, inexpertly, improperly, crudely, unprofessionally, amateurishly

Other Words for Pop

Pop Adverb Synonyms: burst, explode, bang, go off
Pop Verb Synonyms: bulge, protrude, stick out, bug out

Other Words for Pop In

Pop In Adjective Synonyms: visit, stop, call, appear, drop in, nip in

Other Words for Populace

Populace Noun Synonyms: people, masses, commonalty, (general) public, commoners, multitude, hoi polloi, crowd, throng, rabble, peasantry, proletariat, common folk, rank and file, working class, bourgeoisie, mob, great unwashed, riff-raff, rabble, canaille

Other Words for Popular

Popular Noun Synonyms: favourite, favoured, in favor, accepted, well-received, approved, (well-)liked, fashionable, in fashion, stylish, in vogue, celebrated, renowned, acclaimed, famous, in demand, sought-after, all the rage, trendy, in, hot
Popular Adjective Synonyms: lay, non-professional, amateur, understandable, accessible, popularized, simplified

Other Words for Popularity

Popularity Adjective Synonyms: favor, acceptance, approval, esteem, regard, repute, reputation, vogue, trend, stylishness, renown, acclaim, fame, celebrity, lionization, (hero-) worship, trendiness

Other Words for Popularly

Popularly Adjective Synonyms: commonly, generally, ordinarily,ually, universally, widely, regularly, customarily, prevalently, habitually

Other Words for Populate

Populate Noun Synonyms: colonize, settle, people, occupy, inhabit, dwell in, reside in, live in

Other Words for Population

Population Adverb Synonyms: people, populace, inhabitants, residents, natives, denizens, citizenry, citizens, folk

Other Words for Populous

Populous Verb Synonyms: crowded, (heavily) populated, peopled, teeming, thronged, crawling, swarming, jammed, jam-packed, packed

Other Words for Pore

Pore Adjective Synonyms: opening, orifice, hole, aperture, vent, perforation, spiracle, stoma

Other Words for Pore Over

Pore Over Noun Synonyms: study, examine, scrutinize, peruse, read, go over, con

Other Words for Pornographic

Pornographic Verb Synonyms: obscene, lewd, offensive, indecent, prurient, smutty,, blue, dirty, salacious, licentious, nasty, X-rated, porno, raunchy

Other Words for Pornography

Pornography Noun Synonyms: obscenity, smut, filth, dirt, erotica, porn

Other Words for Porous

Porous Adjective Synonyms: spongy, spongelike, permeable, pervious, penetrable

Other Words for Port

Port Noun Synonyms: harbor, haven, seaport, mooring, anchorage, refuge

Other Words for Portable

Portable Adjective Synonyms: transportable, manageable, carriable, handy, light, lightweight, compact, pocket, pocket-sized, little, small, carry-on, vest-pocket, shirt-pocket

Other Words for Portentous

Portentous Adjective Synonyms: extraordinary, amazing, astonishing, astounding, prodigious, awesome, awe-inspiring, remarkable, marvelous, phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic, mind-boggling, wondrous, miraculous
Portentous Noun Synonyms: ominous, threatening, momentous, sinister, fateful, alarming, menacing, foreboding, ill-omened, inauspicious, unfavorable, ill-starred, ill-fated, star-crossed, lowering or louring, gloomy, unpromising, unpropitious

Other Words for Porter

Porter Adjective Synonyms: bearer, (baggage) carrier or attendant, airports skycap, railways redcap
Porter Noun Synonyms: door-keeper, watchman, doorman, gatekeeper, concierge, tiler

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