Other Words for Portico

Portico Noun Synonyms: porch, veranda or verandah, gallery, colonnade, galilee

Other Words for Portion

Portion Noun Synonyms: segment, part, section, division, subdivision, parcel, piece, hunk, chunk, lump, wedge, slice, sliver, fraction, fragment, bit, morsel, scrap

Other Words for Portion Out

Portion Out Noun Synonyms: apportion, share out, allocate, ration, allot, partition, assign, consign, dole out, deal (out), parcel out, distribute, administer, dispense, disperse, divide, split up, carve up, cut up, break up, section, divvy up

Other Words for Portrait

Portrait Noun Synonyms: picture, likeness, image,sketch, rendering, vignette, representation, description, profile, thumbnail sketch, portrayal, picturization, depiction, account, story, characterization, study, record, file, dossier

Other Words for Portray

Portray Verb Synonyms: represent, picture, show, depict, paint, render, characterize, describe, delineate

Other Words for Pose

Pose Noun Synonyms: sit, model, position, place, arrange, set (up), put
Pose Verb Synonyms: set, put, ask, submit, broach, posit, advance, present, predicate, postulate

Other Words for Pose As

Pose As Verb Synonyms: portray, act or play (the part or role of), take the part or role of, represent, impersonate, be disguised as, masquerade as, pretend or profess to be, pass (oneself off) as, pass for, imitate, mimic, attitudinize, posture, put on airs

Other Words for Poseur

Poseur Noun Synonyms: posturer, exhibitionist, pretender, impostor, masquerader, attitudinizer, fake, faker, dissembler, fraud, show-off, phony

Other Words for Posh

Posh Noun Synonyms: (de) luxe, luxurious, elegant, sumptuous, lavish, opulent, rich, royal, regal, luxury, grand, fashionable, swank(y), classy, ritzy, snazzy

Other Words for Posit

Posit Noun Synonyms: postulate, hypothesize, propound, put or set forth, put forward, advance, propose, pose, offer, submit, predicate

Other Words for Position

Position Noun Synonyms: viewpoint, point of view, outlook, attitude, angle, slant, stance, stand, opinion, inclination, leaning, bent, sentiment, feeling, way of thinking
Position Verb Synonyms: site, placement, situation, whereabouts, placing, emplacement, location
Position Adjective Synonyms: posture, attitude, stance, pose, disposition, arrangement, disposal

Other Words for Positive

Positive Verb Synonyms: sure, certain, definite, unequivocal, categorical, absolute, unqualified, unambiguous, unmistakable or unmistakeable, clear-cut, clear, explicit, express, decisive, indisputable, indubitable, unquestionable, unquestioned, incontestable, uncontested
Positive Adjective Synonyms: sure, certain, confident, convinced, satisfied

Other Words for Positively

Positively Adjective Synonyms: definitely, absolutely, unquestionably, certainly, (most) assuredly, undeniably, undoubtedly, surely, to be sure, emphatically, unmistakably or unmistakeably, unqualifiedly, categorically, indisputably, beyond or without (a shadow of) a doubt, indubitably

Other Words for Possess

Possess Adjective Synonyms: be possessed or in possession of, have, own, enjoy, be blessed or endowed with
Possess Adverb Synonyms: have, be born or gifted or endowed with, contain, embody, embrace, include
Possess Verb Synonyms: dominate, control, govern, consume, take control of, preoccupy, obsess, charm, captivate, enchant, cast a spell over, bewitch, enthral

Other Words for Possessed

Possessed Verb Synonyms: obsessed, driven, controlled, dominated, ridden, bedevilled, consumed, haunted, pressed, maddened, crazed, demented, frenzied, eaten up

Other Words for Possessed Oneself

Possessed Oneself Verb Synonyms: acquire, achieve, get, come by, gain, come into, win, obtain, procure, secure, take, seize, take or gain possession of

Other Words for Possessed With

Possessed With Verb Synonyms: have, be held or influenced or dominated by, be imbued or inspired or permeated or affected with

Other Words for Possession

Possession Verb Synonyms: ownership, title, proprietorship, control, hold, tenure, keeping, care, custody, guardianship, protection
Possession Adjective Synonyms: holding, territory, province, dominion, colony, protectorate

Other Words for Possessive

Possessive Noun Synonyms: greedy, unyielding, selfish, ungiving, ungenerous, stingy, niggardly, materialistic, covetous, acquisitive

Other Words for Possibilities

Possibilities Adjective Synonyms: opportunity, potentiality, potential, capacity, promise

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