Other Words for Panache

Panache Verb Synonyms: flourish, dash, chic, sophistication, savoir faire, savoir vivre, flamboyance, verve, style, cultivation, (good) taste, flair, smartness, boldness, self-assurance, swagger, vigor, liveliness, spirit, brio, gusto, zest, animation, enthusiasm, energy

Other Words for Pandemonium

Pandemonium Verb Synonyms: bedlam, chaos, turmoil, disorder, tumult, frenzy, uproar, furore or furor, confusion

Other Words for Pander

Pander Noun Synonyms: procure, pimp, solicit
Pander Verb Synonyms: panderer, pimp, procurer, solicitor, whoremonger, White slaver, flesh-pedlar or also flesh-peddler or flesh-pedler, ponce, mack

Other Words for Pander To

Pander To Noun Synonyms: satisfy, gratify, humour, indulge, fulfill, bow to, yield to, truckle to, cater to

Other Words for Pane

Pane Verb Synonyms: panel, sheet, glass, window-pane, light, quarrel, bull's-eye

Other Words for Pang

Pang Noun Synonyms: pain, stab, ache, pinch, twinge, stitch, spasm

Other Words for Panic

Panic Noun Synonyms: terror, alarm, fear, fright, dread, horror, dismay, consternation, hysteria, anxiety, apprehension, apprehensiveness, nervousness

Other Words for Panic-Stricken

Panic-Stricken Verb Synonyms: panic-struck, terrified, alarmed, horrified, aghast, terror-stricken or terror-struck, panicky, frenzied, in a frenzy, hysterical, besides oneself with fear or terror, fearful, afraid, scared (stiff), petrified, horror-struck or horror-stricken, frightene

Other Words for Panoramic

Panoramic Verb Synonyms: sweeping, commanding, extensive, comprehensive, wide, overall, scenic, far-reaching, all-embracing, far-ranging, all-encompassing, inclusive, bird's-eye, general

Other Words for Pant

Pant Adjective Synonyms: gasp, huff (and puff), blow, heave, breathe hard, wheeze

Other Words for Pant For

Pant For Adjective Synonyms: crave, hanker after, hunger or thirst for or after, yearn for, ache for, want, desire, covet, wish for, long or pine or sigh for, have one's heart set on, die for, be dying for, have a yen for

Other Words for Pants

Pants Verb Synonyms: (men's) drawers, small-clothes, smalls, drawers, underpants, boxer shorts, trunks, undershorts, Y-fronts, briefs, smalls, (women's) knickers, camiknickers, panties, drawers, bloomers, pantalettes, tights, pantihose, undies

Other Words for Paper

Paper Noun Plural Synonyms: newspaper, tabloid, daily, weekly, journal, gazette, publication, periodical, newsletter, organ, rag, sheet
Paper Noun Synonyms: stationery, letterhead, writing-paper, letter-paper, notepaper, foolscap, scrap or also scratch paper, wrapping paper, gift-wrapping, gift-wrap, wallpaper

Other Words for Papers

Papers Noun Plural Synonyms: document(s), instrument, legal papers, form, certificate, deed, ownership papers, credential(s), identification

Other Words for Par

Par Verb Synonyms: level, rank, standing, scale, standard
Par Noun Synonyms: standard, normal, average, expected

Other Words for Parable

Parable Noun Synonyms: allegory, fable, lesson, morality tale

Other Words for Parade

Parade Noun Synonyms: procession, march, train, file, promenade, cortÅ ge, column, entourage

Other Words for Paradise

Paradise Noun Synonyms: bliss, happiness, rapture, heaven, delight, blessedness, ecstasy, seventh heaven, joy, dreamland, nirvana
Paradise Verb Synonyms: heaven, City of God, Zion, Elysium, Elysian Fields, happy hunting-grounds, Abraham's bosom, heavenly kingdom, Promised Land, Celestial City, New Jerusalem, Avalon, Valhalla, Hesperides, Isles or Islands of the Blessed, seventh heaven

Other Words for Paradox

Paradox Noun Synonyms: contradiction, self-contradiction, incongruity, inconsistency, absurdity, ambiguity, enigma, puzzle, mystery, quandary, problem, dilemma

Other Words for Paradoxical

Paradoxical Noun Synonyms: contradictory, self-contradictory, conflicting, oxymoronic, impossible, improbable, incongruous, illogical, inconsistent, absurd, ambiguous, confusing, equivocal, enigmatic, puzzling, baffling, incomprehensible, bewildering, perplexing, mysterious

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