Other Words for Possibility

Possibility Adjective Synonyms: chance, odds, prospect, conceivability, feasibility, plausibility, likelihood, admissibility

Other Words for Possible

Possible Noun Synonyms: feasible, plausible, imaginable, conceivable, thinkable, credible, tenable, reasonable, admissible

Other Words for Possibly

Possibly Adjective Synonyms: maybe, perhaps, God willing, Deo volente, if possible, literary perchance, mayhap, peradventure

Other Words for Post

Post Adverb Synonyms: pole, stake, upright, column, pillar, pale, picket, shaft, standard, newel, pier, pylon, pile, piling, strut, shore, stanchion, leg, prop, stay, support, brace
Post Verb Synonyms: place, put, station, assign, appoint, position, situate, set, locate
Post Noun Synonyms: assignment, appointment, position, situation, job, place, duty, role, function, employment, work, task, chore

Other Words for Post-Haste

Post-Haste Noun Synonyms: quickly, at once, without delay, immediately, directly, straightaway, right away, promptly, speedily, swiftly, instantly, before one can say 'Jack Robinson', before you can say 'knife', rapidly, at full tilt, in a wink, in a trice, in the twinkling of an

Other Words for Post-Mortem

Post-Mortem Noun Synonyms: autopsy, necropsy
Post-Mortem Adverb Synonyms: review, analysis, Monday-morning quarterbacking

Other Words for Poster

Poster Verb Synonyms: placard, notice, bill, advertisement, announcement, broadside, broadsheet, circular, flier

Other Words for Posterior

Posterior Verb Synonyms: hind, rear, back, after, hinder, rearward, aft
Posterior Noun Synonyms: later, after, latter, ensuing, following, succeeding, subsequent
Posterior Adjective Synonyms: buttocks, bottom, rump, seat, behind, rear, backside, tail, hinie, bum, arse, ass, butt, Yiddish tokus or tochis or tuchis

Other Words for Posterity

Posterity Adjective Synonyms: descendants, successors, heirs, children, offspring, issue, progeny

Other Words for Postpone

Postpone Noun Synonyms: delay, adjourn, defer, keep in abeyance, put off or aside, lay aside, suspend, shelve, put or keep on ice, temporize, dally, put on the back burner, table

Other Words for Postponement

Postponement Noun Synonyms: delay, adjournment, abeyance, suspension, stay, deferment, deferral, moratorium

Other Words for Posture

Posture Noun Synonyms: position, condition, situation, state, disposition, arrangement, organization, layout, array, format
Posture Verb Synonyms: pose, position, attitude, stance, appearance, carriage

Other Words for Pot

Pot Verb Synonyms: pot-belly, paunch, gut, corporation, beer belly, spare tire, bay window
Pot Noun Synonyms: pan, saucepan, cauldron, cook-pot, stewpot, kettle

Other Words for Pot-Pori

Pot-Pori Noun Synonyms: mixture, medley, miscellany, assortment, olla podrida, smorgasbord or sm”rg†sbord, gallimaufry, salmagundi, patchwork, collection, hotchpotch or and hodgepodge, m‚lange or melange, motley, pastiche or pasticcio, mishmash, jumble, mess

Other Words for Potent

Potent Noun Synonyms: powerful, strong, mighty, vigorous, forceful, formidable, authoritative, influential, puissant

Other Words for Potential

Potential Adjective Synonyms: possible, likely, implicit, implied, imminent, developing, budding, embryonic, dormant, hidden, concealed, covert, latent, quiescent, passive, future, unrealized, undeveloped

Other Words for Potion

Potion Adjective Synonyms: draught, brew, beverage, drink, philtre, potation, elixir, tonic, cup, dose, concoction, decoction

Other Words for Potter

Potter Noun Synonyms: dabble (in or with), toy with, trifle with, fribble, fool (with or about or around), fritter (away), mess (about or around or with), tinker (with), meddle (with), monkey (about or around or with), fidget (with), putter (around or with)

Other Words for Pottery

Pottery Noun Synonyms: earthenware, ceramics, terracotta, crockery, stoneware, porcelain, china, delftware

Other Words for Pouch

Pouch Verb Synonyms: pocket, sack, bag, purse, reticule, poke

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