Other Words for Pounce

Pounce Noun Synonyms: spring, leap, swoop, jump

Other Words for Pounce On

Pounce On Noun Synonyms: spring (on or upon), leap (at or on), swoop down (on or upon), fall upon, jump (at or on), strike, take by surprise or unawares, attack, ambush, mug

Other Words for Pound

Pound Noun Synonyms: crush, powder, pulverize, bray, comminute, triturate, mash, pulp
Pound Verb Synonyms: beat, batter, pelt, hammer, pummel, thump, belabour, thrash, bludgeon, cudgel, maul, strike, lambaste, paste, clobber, work over, give (someone) the works or a pasting

Other Words for Pound Into

Pound Into Verb Synonyms: instil, din into, drill into, drub into, hammer into, beat into

Other Words for Pound Out

Pound Out Verb Synonyms: rid, expel, clear, cleanse, empty, purge, beat out, hammer out

Other Words for Pour

Pour Verb Synonyms: rain, teem, come down in buckets or by the bucketful, bucket down, rain cats and dogs, rain pitchforks
Pour Noun Synonyms: flow, run, gush, rush, flood, stream, course, spout, discharge, spurt, spew out, cascade

Other Words for Pout

Pout Verb Synonyms: mope, brood, sulk, make a moue, pull a long face, frown, lour or lower, knit one's brows

Other Words for Poverty

Poverty Verb Synonyms: want, penury, indigence, insolvency, destitution, pauperism, impecuniousness, neediness, beggary
Poverty Noun Synonyms: scarcity, scarceness, want, need, lack, meagreness, insufficiency, shortage, dearth, paucity, inadequacy

Other Words for Powder

Powder Noun Synonyms: dust, talc

Other Words for Power

Power Noun Synonyms: control, command, authority
Power Verb Synonyms: control, dominance, authority, mastery, rule, influence, sway, command, ascendancy, sovereignty, dominion, weight, clout, pull, drag

Other Words for Powerful

Powerful Noun Synonyms: potent, strong, mighty, vigorous, robust, energetic, sturdy, stalwart, tough, resilient, dynamic
Powerful Adjective Synonyms: strong, potent, intense, substantial, great, high

Other Words for Powerless

Powerless Adjective Synonyms: helpless, incapable, unable, unfit, incompetent, ineffectual, ineffective

Other Words for Powers

Powers Verb Synonyms: capacity, capability, ability, potential, faculty, competency or competence, faculty, potentiality, what it takes, the (right) stuff, the goods
Powers Noun Synonyms: activity, effectiveness, effect, ability, capacity, active ingredient(s)

Other Words for Powers That Be

Powers That Be Noun Synonyms: government, administration, authorities, incumbents

Other Words for Practicable

Practicable Adjective Synonyms: doable, feasible, workable, performable, achievable, attainable, accomplishable, possible, viable

Other Words for Practical

Practical Adjective Synonyms: pragmatic,eful,able or useable, functional, realistic, reasonable, sound, utilitarian, applicable, serviceable, empirical, efficient

Other Words for Practically

Practically Adjective Synonyms: almost, (very) nearly, wellnigh, virtually, in effect, just about, essentially, fundamentally, at bottom, basically, when all is said and done, at the end of the day, to all intents and purposes

Other Words for Practice

Practice Noun Synonyms: pursuit, exercise, work, profession, career, vocation, conduct, business, office
Practice Adverb Synonyms: custom, wont, habit, routine, convention, tradition, rule, procedure,age, mode, style, way, modus operandi, technique or technic, praxis, MO (= 'modus operandi')

Other Words for Practiced

Practiced Verb Synonyms: accomplished, proficient, expert, skilled, experienced, capable, adept, seasoned, able, qualified, gifted, talented, skilful, masterful, consummate, superb, superior, practiced

Other Words for Praise

Praise Adjective Synonyms: acclaim, approval, approbation, applause, plaudits, kudos, endorsement, acclamation, tribute, accolade, compliments, commendation, encomium, eulogy, panegyric, ovation
Praise Noun Synonyms: worship, revere, reverence, exalt, glorify, adore, pay homage to, venerate, give thanks to, hallow

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