Other Words for Praiseworthy

Praiseworthy Verb Synonyms: commendable, laudable, admirable, creditable, worthy, meritorious, deserving, exemplary

Other Words for Prance

Prance Verb Synonyms: caper, dance, gambol, skip, cavort, romp, leap, frisk, jump, spring, bound, Dressage curvet, capriole

Other Words for Prank

Prank Adjective Synonyms: trick, (practical) joke, frolic, escapade, antic, caper, stunt, lark, jest, jape, monkey tricks or monkeyshines, mischief

Other Words for Prattle

Prattle Verb Synonyms: prate, babble, blather or blether, blither, gibber, jabber, jibber-jabber, palaver, tattle, twaddle, gabble, chatter, patter, drivel, twitter, rattle on, go on (and on), maunder, natter, witter (on), gas, gab, spout, gush, run (on), run off
Prattle Noun Synonyms: prate, prating, babble, babbling, blather or blether, blathering or blethering, gibber, gibbering, jabber, jabbering, palaver, palavering, tattle, tattling, twaddle, chatter, chattering, gabble, gabbling, patter, drivel, twitter, twittering, rattling on,

Other Words for Pray

Pray Noun Synonyms: beseech, ask, call upon or on, entreat, implore, request, appeal to, plead (with), beg (for), importune, solicit, petition, supplicate, obsecrate

Other Words for Prayer

Prayer Verb Synonyms: petition, supplication, request, entreaty, plea, suit, appeal, obsecration

Other Words for Pre-Eminently

Pre-Eminently Verb Synonyms: primarily, principally, by far, far and away, manifestly, eminently, notably, conspicuously, prominently, signally, uniquely, extraordinarily, supremely, superbly, matchlessly, incomparably, outstandingly

Other Words for Pre-Empt

Pre-Empt Verb Synonyms: appropriate,urp, arrogate, take over, assume, take possession of, seize, acquire, take, possess, expropriate

Other Words for Preach

Preach Noun Synonyms: deliver a sermon, evangelize, spread the Word or the Gospel, catechize

Other Words for Preacher

Preacher Verb Synonyms: minister, evangelist, clergyman, clergywoman, cleric, ecclesiastic, reverend, divine, tub-thumper

Other Words for Preamble

Preamble Verb Synonyms: introduction, foreword, prologue, preface, proem, prolegomenon, exordium

Other Words for Precarious

Precarious Noun Synonyms: uncertain, unreliable, unsure, risky, hazardous, unpredictable, insecure, unstable, unsteady, unsettled, shaky, doubtful, dubious, questionable, tricky, delicate, ticklish, sensitive, slippery, touch-and-go, (hanging) in the balance, hanging by a thread

Other Words for Precaution

Precaution Adjective Synonyms: foresight, prudence, providence, forethought, caution, cautiousness, circumspection, care, attention, watchfulness, vigilance, alertness, wariness, chariness, apprehension, far-sightedness, anticipation
Precaution Noun Synonyms: provision, preventive measure, safety measure, safeguard, insurance, protection, cover, escape

Other Words for Precede

Precede Noun Synonyms: come or go or proceed before or first, go ahead or in advance (of), lead (the way), pave the way (for), herald,her in, introduce, antecede, foreshadow, antedate, predate

Other Words for Precedence

Precedence Noun Synonyms: precedency, priority, pre-eminence, superiority, supremacy, preference, privilege, prerogative, importance, rank, position, primacy

Other Words for Precedent

Precedent Verb Synonyms: prototype, model, example, exemplar, pattern, paradigm, yardstick, criterion, standard, lead

Other Words for Preceding

Preceding Noun Synonyms: foregoing, former, previous, above, prior, earlier, above-mentioned, aforementioned, above-stated, above-named

Other Words for Precept

Precept Adjective Synonyms: maxim, proverb, axiom, motto, slogan, saying, byword, aphorism, apophthegm or apothegm
Precept Noun Synonyms: rule, guide, principle, unwritten law, canon, guideline, dictate, code, injunction, law, commandment, instruction, injunction, directive, prescription, mandate, charge, statute, regulation, edict, ukase, decree, order, fiat, ordinance

Other Words for Precincts

Precincts Noun Synonyms: area, territory, region, province, environs, purlieus, borders, bounds, confines

Other Words for Precious

Precious Noun Synonyms: dear, dearest, costly, expensive, high-priced, valuable, invaluable, prized, priceless, irreplaceable, pricey
Precious Adjective Synonyms: precise, exquisite, overrefined, chichi, over-nice, studied, artificial, effete, affected, overdone, pretentious, euphuistic, alembicated, twee, cutesy

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