Other Words for Precipice

Precipice Adjective Synonyms: cliff, escarpment, bluff, crag

Other Words for Precipitate

Precipitate Adjective Synonyms: accelerate, hasten, speed (up), advance, hurry, quicken, expedite, bring on or about, trigger, provoke, instigate, incite, facilitate, further, press, push forward
Precipitate Noun Synonyms: hurl, fling, cast, launch, project
Precipitate Verb Synonyms: headlong, violent, rapid, swift, quick, speedy, meteoric, fast

Other Words for Precipitation

Precipitation Adjective Synonyms: showers, drizzle, downpour, rain, rainfall, snow, snowfall, hail, sleet

Other Words for Precipitous

Precipitous Adjective Synonyms: abrupt, steep, perpendicular, sheer, bluff, acclivitous, declivitous

Other Words for Precise

Precise Noun Synonyms: correct, exact, definite, well-defined, explicit, word-for-word, verbatim, literal, letter-for-letter, literatim, faithful, specific, unambiguous, unequivocal, strict, authentic, perfect, true, veracious, truthful, unerring, error-free, accurate
Precise Adjective Synonyms: strict, meticulous, scrupulous, careful, conscientious, exact, unconditional, rigorous, rigid, puritanical, unbending, inflexible, unyielding, demanding, severe, prim, absolute

Other Words for Precisely

Precisely Adjective Synonyms: exactly, just, strictly, on the nail, smack, slap, on the nose, bang on, spot on

Other Words for Precision

Precision Adverb Synonyms: correctness, exactness, fidelity, faithfulness, exactitude, preciseness, accuracy, rigour, perfection, flawlessness, faultlessness, literalism, faithfulness, unerringness

Other Words for Preclude

Preclude Noun Synonyms: obviate, bar, prevent, stop, exclude, prohibit, shut out, forestall, rule out, debar, check, block, obstruct, avert, avoid, thwart, frustrate, impede, inhibit, hinder, interfere with

Other Words for Precocious

Precocious Noun Synonyms: advanced, mature, bright, gifted, intelligent, smart, quick

Other Words for Preconceived

Preconceived Verb Synonyms: beforehand, predisposed, prejudged, predetermined, prejudiced, biased, anticipatory

Other Words for Preconception

Preconception Adjective Synonyms: predisposition, prejudgement, predetermination, prejudice, bias, presumption, presupposition, assumption, id‚e fixe, prepossession, preconceived notion or idea

Other Words for Precondition

Precondition Adjective Synonyms: prerequisite, stipulation, condition, essential, must, sine qua non, imperative, requirement, proviso, provision, qualification, necessity

Other Words for Precursor

Precursor Noun Synonyms: harbinger, herald, vanguard

Other Words for Predatory

Predatory Noun Synonyms: predacious or predaceous, carnivorous, preying, raptorial

Other Words for Predecessor

Predecessor Adjective Synonyms: forerunner, predecessor, antecedent

Other Words for Predestination

Predestination Noun Synonyms: destiny, future, lot, fortune, kismet, karma, doom, fate, foreordainment, foreordination

Other Words for Predetermined

Predetermined Noun Synonyms: fixed, prearranged, pre-established, set (up), foregone, preplanned, pre-set

Other Words for Predicament

Predicament Adjective Synonyms: dilemma, quandary, difficulty, trial, situation, state, condition, imbroglio, emergency, crisis, impasse, pickle, jam, fix, pinch, scrape, spot, bind, corner, hole, mess, box

Other Words for Predict

Predict Adjective Synonyms: foretell, prophesy, forecast, foresee, augur, prognosticate, forewarn, presage, vaticinate, portend, foreshadow, foretoken, forebode, intimate, hint, suggest

Other Words for Predictable

Predictable Noun Synonyms: foreseeable, foreseen, probable, likely, liable, expected, anticipated, (reasonably) sure or certain, on the cards, in the cards

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