Other Words for Prediction

Prediction Verb Synonyms: forecast, prophecy, augury, prognosis, intimation, hint, suggestion

Other Words for Predominance

Predominance Adjective Synonyms: predominancy, superiority, influence, dominance, pre-eminence, preponderance, ascendancy, precedence, power, supremacy, hold, sway, hegemony, leadership, mastery, control, dominion, sovereignty, transcendence or transcendency, authority, the upper hand

Other Words for Predominant

Predominant Noun Synonyms: dominant, predominating, controlling, sovereign, ruling, pre-eminent, preponderant, ascendant, superior, supreme, leading, paramount, main, chief, transcendant, important, telling, influential, primary, prevailing, prevalent

Other Words for Predominate

Predominate Verb Synonyms: peerless, excellent, distinguished, eminent, inimitable, superb, unequalled, matchless, incomparable, outstanding, unique, unrivalled, unsurpassed, supreme, superior
Predominate Adjective Synonyms: peerlessness, magnificence, excellence, distinction, eminence, inimitability, superiority

Other Words for Predominate Over

Predominate Over Noun Synonyms: dominate, control, rule, reign, preponderate, outweigh, obtain, prevail, overshadow, get or have the upper hand, lord it over, hold sway, overrule

Other Words for Preen

Preen Adverb Synonyms: trim, clean, plume, groom
Preen Verb Synonyms: primp, dress up, titivate or tittivate, prettify, beautify, prink, spruce up, deck (out), doll up, tart up

Other Words for Preface

Preface Verb Synonyms: introduction, foreword, prologue, preamble, proem, prolegomenon, exordium

Other Words for Prefatory

Prefatory Noun Synonyms: opening, introductory, preliminary, preparatory

Other Words for Prefer

Prefer Adjective Synonyms: present, offer, propose, proffer, advance, submit, tender, put forward, file, lodge, enter
Prefer Verb Synonyms: favor, like better, fancy, lean or incline towards or on the side of, be inclined, be partial to, pick, select, opt for, choose, single out, take a fancy to, embrace, espouse, approve, esteem

Other Words for Preference

Preference Verb Synonyms: favourite, choice, selection, desire, option, pick

Other Words for Preferential

Preferential Noun Synonyms: advantageous, biased, prejudiced, favorable, privileged, partial, better, favoured, superior

Other Words for Pregnant

Pregnant Adjective Synonyms: charged, fraught, loaded, weighty, significant, meaningful, suggestive, eloquent, expressive, pointed
Pregnant Noun Synonyms: gravid, parturient, expectant, (heavy) with child, enceinte, expecting, in a family way, preggers, having a bun in the oven, in the (pudding) club, up the spout

Other Words for Prehistoric

Prehistoric Adjective Synonyms: primordial, primal, primeval, primitive, earliest, early, antediluvian, Noachian or Noachic, fossil, ancient

Other Words for Prejudice

Prejudice Noun Synonyms: bias, influence, warp, twist, distort, slant, color, jaundice, poison
Prejudice Adjective Synonyms: partiality, preconception, prejudgement, bias, leaning, warp, twist, preconceived notion, predisposition, predilection, jaundiced eye, jaundice

Other Words for Prejudiced

Prejudiced Verb Synonyms: bigoted, intolerant, narrow-minded, closed-minded, parochial, sexist, racist, chauvinistic
Prejudiced Noun Synonyms: unfair, one-sided, biased, jaundiced, opinionated, predisposed, partial, partisan, non-objective, unobjective

Other Words for Prejudicial

Prejudicial Adjective Synonyms: injurious, damaging, detrimental, harmful, unfavorable, inimical, deleterious, disadvantageous, counter-productive, pernicious

Other Words for Preliminary

Preliminary Adjective Synonyms: advance, prior, introductory, beginning, initial, opening, preparatory, prefatory, preceding, antecedent, forerunning, premonitory, technical prodromal or prodromic

Other Words for Prelims

Prelims Adjective Synonyms: introduction, preface, foreword, preamble, prologue, front matter, proem, exordium, prolegomenon, prodromus, prodrome

Other Words for Premature

Premature Noun Synonyms: immature, undeveloped, underdeveloped, unfledged, untimely, unready, early, unripe, green

Other Words for Prematurely

Prematurely Adjective Synonyms: untimely, too soon, too early

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