Other Words for Premeditated

Premeditated Adverb Synonyms: planned, conscious, intentional, intended, wilful, deliberate, studied, purposive, contrived, preplanned, calculated, preconceived

Other Words for Premier

Premier Adverb Synonyms: prime minister, PM, head of state, chief executive, president, chancellor
Premier Adjective Synonyms: first, prime, primary, chief, principal, head, main, foremost, top-ranking, highest-ranking, ranking, leading, top, pre-eminent

Other Words for Premiere

Premiere Adjective Synonyms: open, debut
Premiere Noun Synonyms: premiere, first night, opening (night), debut

Other Words for Premise

Premise Adjective Synonyms: assume, propose, postulate, hypothesize, hypothecate, conjecture, posit, assert, suppose, presuppose, theorize, surmise, put or set forth, predicate, argue
Premise Verb Synonyms: premiss, assumption, proposition, postulate, hypothesis, conjecture, assertion, supposition, thesis, presupposition, proposal, theorem, surmise, basis, ground

Other Words for Premium

Premium Noun Synonyms: bonus, extra, dividend, prize, award, reward, perquisite
Premium Verb Synonyms: incentive, inducement, stimulus, incitement, lure, bait, spur, goad, reward, come-on, freebie

Other Words for Premonition

Premonition Noun Synonyms: intuition, foreboding, presentiment, forewarning, suspicion, feeling, hunch, funny feeling, sneaking suspicion

Other Words for Preoccupied

Preoccupied Noun Synonyms: engrossed, lost in thought, rapt, thoughtful, pensive, absorbed, cogitating, cogitative, meditating, musing, reflecting, reflective, contemplative, contemplating, pondering, brooding, ruminating, in a brown study

Other Words for Preparation

Preparation Adjective Synonyms: fitness, readiness, readying, preparing, training, education, teaching, instruction, instructing, tuition, briefing, grooming, gearing up, prep, prepping
Preparation Noun Synonyms: drawing up, draughting, planning, setting up, putting together, organizing, organization, composing, making

Other Words for Preparations

Preparations Adjective Synonyms: groundwork, spadework, provision(s), foundation, preparing, measures, proceedings

Other Words for Preparatory

Preparatory Noun Synonyms: preparative, preliminary, introductory, prefatory, opening

Other Words for Preparatory To

Preparatory To Adjective Synonyms: before, in preparation for, preceding

Other Words for Prepare

Prepare Adjective Synonyms: (get or make) ready, prime, arrange, (put in) order, organize, provide for, make provision(s) for, lay the groundwork (for), (make) fit, fit (out), equip, outfit, adapt
Prepare Verb Synonyms: train, educate, teach, (get or make) ready, groom, brief, develop

Other Words for Prepared

Prepared Verb Synonyms: ready, set, advance, prearranged, planned
Prepared Adjective Synonyms: willing, disposed, predisposed, able, inclined, of a mind, ready, (all) set

Other Words for Preparedness

Preparedness Adjective Synonyms: vigilance, alertness, readiness, fitness

Other Words for Preponderance

Preponderance Noun Synonyms: weight, influence, weightiness, superiority, supremacy, predominance, primacy, ascendancy, sway, strength, force, power, advantage, control, authority, hegemony, leadership, rule
Preponderance Adjective Synonyms: majority, greater part, bulk, mass, lion's share

Other Words for Prepossessing

Prepossessing Noun Synonyms: attractive, appealing, pleasing, favorable, engaging, charming, captivating, fascinating, winsome, winning, magnetic, alluring, bewitching, taking, fetching, inviting, good-looking, handsome, lovely, beautiful

Other Words for Preposterous

Preposterous Noun Synonyms: absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, risible, asinine, foolish, senseless, irrational, nonsensical, fatuous, fatuitous, mindless, insane, crazy, crack-brained, mad, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, incredible, unbelievable, outrageous, extravagant, extra

Other Words for Prerequisite

Prerequisite Adjective Synonyms: essential, necessary, requisite, imperative, indispensable, obligatory, required, called-for, demanded

Other Words for Prerogative

Prerogative Adjective Synonyms: privilege, right, liberty, power, due, advantage, license, franchise, claim, sanction, authority, authorization

Other Words for Prescribe

Prescribe Noun Synonyms: ordain, order, direct, dictate, demand, decree, require, enjoin, rule, set (down), stipulate, command, instruct, define, specify, impose, lay down, exact, constrain

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