Other Words for Premeditated

Premeditated Adverb Synonyms: planned, conscious, intentional, intended, wilful, deliberate, studied, purposive, contrived, preplanned, calculated, preconceived

Other Words for Premier

Premier Adjective Synonyms: first, prime, primary, chief, principal, head, main, foremost, top-ranking, highest-ranking, ranking, leading, top, pre-eminent
Premier Adverb Synonyms: prime minister, PM, head of state, chief executive, president, chancellor

Other Words for Premiere

Premiere Adjective Synonyms: open, debut
Premiere Noun Synonyms: premiere, first night, opening (night), debut

Other Words for Premise

Premise Adjective Synonyms: assume, propose, postulate, hypothesize, hypothecate, conjecture, posit, assert, suppose, presuppose, theorize, surmise, put or set forth, predicate, argue
Premise Verb Synonyms: premiss, assumption, proposition, postulate, hypothesis, conjecture, assertion, supposition, thesis, presupposition, proposal, theorem, surmise, basis, ground

Other Words for Premium

Premium Noun Synonyms: bonus, extra, dividend, prize, award, reward, perquisite
Premium Verb Synonyms: incentive, inducement, stimulus, incitement, lure, bait, spur, goad, reward, come-on, freebie

Other Words for Premonition

Premonition Noun Synonyms: intuition, foreboding, presentiment, forewarning, suspicion, feeling, hunch, funny feeling, sneaking suspicion

Other Words for Preoccupied

Preoccupied Noun Synonyms: engrossed, lost in thought, rapt, thoughtful, pensive, absorbed, cogitating, cogitative, meditating, musing, reflecting, reflective, contemplative, contemplating, pondering, brooding, ruminating, in a brown study

Other Words for Preparation

Preparation Adjective Synonyms: fitness, readiness, readying, preparing, training, education, teaching, instruction, instructing, tuition, briefing, grooming, gearing up, prep, prepping
Preparation Noun Synonyms: drawing up, draughting, planning, setting up, putting together, organizing, organization, composing, making

Other Words for Preparations

Preparations Adjective Synonyms: groundwork, spadework, provision(s), foundation, preparing, measures, proceedings

Other Words for Preparatory

Preparatory Noun Synonyms: preparative, preliminary, introductory, prefatory, opening

Other Words for Preparatory To

Preparatory To Adjective Synonyms: before, in preparation for, preceding

Other Words for Prepare

Prepare Verb Synonyms: train, educate, teach, (get or make) ready, groom, brief, develop
Prepare Adjective Synonyms: (get or make) ready, prime, arrange, (put in) order, organize, provide for, make provision(s) for, lay the groundwork (for), (make) fit, fit (out), equip, outfit, adapt

Other Words for Prepared

Prepared Verb Synonyms: ready, set, advance, prearranged, planned
Prepared Adjective Synonyms: willing, disposed, predisposed, able, inclined, of a mind, ready, (all) set

Other Words for Preparedness

Preparedness Adjective Synonyms: vigilance, alertness, readiness, fitness

Other Words for Preponderance

Preponderance Adjective Synonyms: majority, greater part, bulk, mass, lion's share
Preponderance Noun Synonyms: weight, influence, weightiness, superiority, supremacy, predominance, primacy, ascendancy, sway, strength, force, power, advantage, control, authority, hegemony, leadership, rule

Other Words for Prepossessing

Prepossessing Noun Synonyms: attractive, appealing, pleasing, favorable, engaging, charming, captivating, fascinating, winsome, winning, magnetic, alluring, bewitching, taking, fetching, inviting, good-looking, handsome, lovely, beautiful

Other Words for Preposterous

Preposterous Noun Synonyms: absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, risible, asinine, foolish, senseless, irrational, nonsensical, fatuous, fatuitous, mindless, insane, crazy, crack-brained, mad, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, incredible, unbelievable, outrageous, extravagant, extra

Other Words for Prerequisite

Prerequisite Adjective Synonyms: essential, necessary, requisite, imperative, indispensable, obligatory, required, called-for, demanded

Other Words for Prerogative

Prerogative Adjective Synonyms: privilege, right, liberty, power, due, advantage, license, franchise, claim, sanction, authority, authorization

Other Words for Prescribe

Prescribe Noun Synonyms: ordain, order, direct, dictate, demand, decree, require, enjoin, rule, set (down), stipulate, command, instruct, define, specify, impose, lay down, exact, constrain

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