Other Words for Prescription

Prescription Verb Synonyms: remedy, medication, medicine, drug, preparation, medicament
Prescription Noun Synonyms: formula, recipe, instruction, direction

Other Words for Prescriptive

Prescriptive Noun Synonyms: dictatorial, constrictive, didactic, restrictive, dogmatic, authoritarian, overbearing, autocratic, imperious

Other Words for Presence

Presence Adjective Synonyms: attendance, company, companionship, society, association, existence, manifestation, manifestness, being
Presence Noun Synonyms: proximity, nearness, closeness, adjacency, vicinity, propinquity

Other Words for Presence Of Mind

Presence Of Mind Noun Synonyms: aplomb, sophistication, coolness, cool-headedness, composure, imperturbability, phlegm, sang-froid, self-possession, self-assurance, calm, equanimity, level-headedness, quick-wittedness, alertness, cool

Other Words for Present

Present Noun Synonyms: current, contemporary, present-day, existing, existent, up to date, now
Present Verb Synonyms: give (out), award, confer (on), bestow (on), turn or hand over, grant, provide, furnish, dispense, distribute, dole out, pass out, deal out, mete out

Other Words for Presentable

Presentable Verb Synonyms: fit, fitting, suitable, acceptable, satisfactory, adequate, passable, tolerable, admissible, all right, allowable, up to par or standard or the mark, good enough, up to scratch, OK, okay, up to snuff

Other Words for Presentation

Presentation Noun Synonyms: debut, launch, introduction, unveiling, disclosure
Presentation Adjective Synonyms: giving, bestowal, offering, proffering, presenting, award, awarding, conferral, conferring, delivery, donation

Other Words for Presently

Presently Noun Synonyms: soon, by and by, in a little while, shortly, after a short time, in due course, after a while or a time, before long, in a moment or a minute or a while, literary anon, in a jiffy, in two shakes (of a lamb's tail), now

Other Words for Preservation

Preservation Adverb Synonyms: keeping, retention, retaining, perpetuation, perpetuating, continuation, safe keeping, security, safeguarding, protection, protecting, conservation
Preservation Noun Synonyms: upkeep, maintenance, care, conservation

Other Words for Preserve

Preserve Noun Synonyms: keep safe, protect, guard, take care of, care for, safeguard, watch over, shield, shelter, defend, spare
Preserve Verb Synonyms: (game) reserve, reservation, sanctuary, park

Other Words for Preserves

Preserves Verb Synonyms: conserve(s), jam, jelly, confiture, marmalade

Other Words for Preside

Preside Noun Synonyms: supervise, run, oversee, direct, operate, lead, head (up), govern, rule, manage, handle, control, direct, chair, administer, administrate, regulate, officiate

Other Words for Press

Press Noun Synonyms: subject to or exert pressure or force, force, push, impel, thrust, bear (on), weigh on or upon, jam, cram, crush, pressure or also pressurize
Press Verb Synonyms: squeeze, compress, depress, push

Other Words for Pressing

Pressing Noun Synonyms: urgent, compelling, crucial, pivotal, burning, grave, serious, major, important, vital, high-priority, critical, portentous, momentous, profound, significant

Other Words for Pressure

Pressure Adjective Synonyms: compression, pressing, squeezing, compressing, tension, stress, crushing
Pressure Noun Synonyms: force, compression, weight, power, strength

Other Words for Prestige

Prestige Noun Synonyms: status, reputation, standing, rank, stature, importance, significance, eminence, esteem, pre-eminence, prominence, predominance, primacy, superiority, supremacy, ascendancy, distinction, renown, regard, fame, cachet, repute, celebrity, glamour, stardom

Other Words for Prestigious

Prestigious Verb Synonyms: important, significant, eminent, estimable, imposing, impressive, pre-eminent, prominent, distinguished, august, dignified, renowned, famous, famed, well-known, illustrious, acclaimed, respected, celebrated, noted, notable, noteworthy, outstanding

Other Words for Presumably

Presumably Noun Synonyms: probably, in all likelihood, (very or most) likely, in all probability, seemingly, doubtless(ly), indubitably, no doubt, undoubtedly, unquestionably, without a doubt, surely, certainly, on the face of it, all things considered, all things being equal

Other Words for Presume

Presume Adjective Synonyms: assume, take for granted, suppose, surmise, infer, suppose, presuppose, take it, gather, understand, think, believe, imagine, suspect, fancy, conjecture, postulate, posit, theorize, speculate, hypothesize, hypothecate, guess

Other Words for Presumption

Presumption Verb Synonyms: assumption, supposition, presupposition, preconception, premise or premiss, surmise, proposition, postulation, probability, likelihood, plausibility, feasibility
Presumption Adverb Synonyms: arrogance, pride, effrontery, audacity, boldness, brazenness, impudence, impertinence, insolence, temerity, overconfidence, presumptuousness, forwardness, immodesty, pushiness, cheek, cheekiness, nerve, gall, chutzpah, brass, brass neck
Presumption Noun Synonyms: assumption, stand, position, inference, feeling, deduction, conclusion, conviction, bias, guess, theory, hypothesis, conjecture, belief, thought, suspicion

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