Other Words for Presumptive

Presumptive Noun Synonyms: likely, reasonable, plausible, tenable, believable, credible, conceivable, acceptable, justifiable, sensible, rational, sound

Other Words for Presumptuous

Presumptuous Adjective Synonyms: arrogant, proud, prideful, audacious, bold, brazen, saucy, impudent, impertinent, insolent, temerarious, brash, overconfident, overweening, forward, presuming, immodest, egotistical, pushy, cheeky, too big for one's boots, uppish

Other Words for Pretence

Pretence Noun Synonyms: excuse, pretext, pretension
Pretence Adjective Synonyms: show, display, pretension, ostentation, airs, front, facade, appearance, make-believe, fiction, hypocrisy, fakery, faking, feigning, humbuggery, humbug, deception, artifice, pretext, posturing, pretentiousness, pretending, camouflage, cover-up

Other Words for Pretend

Pretend Noun Synonyms: feign, profess, represent, allege, make believe, make out
Pretend Verb Synonyms: make believe, act or play, play-act, fake, feign, put on an act, dissemble, sham, sail under false colours

Other Words for Pretended

Pretended Verb Synonyms: so-called, alleged, asserted, reputed, professed, ostensible, purported, so-called, imaginary, make-believe, fictitious, fictional, sham, false, fake, feigned, bogus, counterfeit, spurious, phony, pseudo, pretend

Other Words for Pretender

Pretender Verb Synonyms: claimant, aspirant, candidate, suitor, rival, seeker

Other Words for Pretension

Pretension Noun Synonyms: pretext, pretence, pretentiousness, ostentation, pretending, affectation, hypocrisy

Other Words for Pretensions

Pretensions Adjective Synonyms: claim(s), pretence(s), aspiration(s), ambitiousness, ambition(s)

Other Words for Pretentious

Pretentious Noun Synonyms: ostentatious, showy, superficial, pompous, arrogant, bombastic, inflated, high-flown, exaggerated, vainglorious, fastuous, grandiose, grandiloquent, extravagant, magniloquent

Other Words for Pretext

Pretext Adjective Synonyms: pretence, excuse, camouflage, guise, disguise, cover, veil, cloak, color

Other Words for Pretty

Pretty Adjective Synonyms: rather, quite, fairly, moderately, reasonably, tolerably, somewhat, very, extremely, unbelievably, incredibly
Pretty Noun Synonyms: comely, attractive, good-looking, nice-looking, appealing, lovely, cute, mignon(ne), graceful, fair, bonny, fetching, charming, winsome, beautiful, pulchritudinous, easy on the eye(s)

Other Words for Prevail

Prevail Adverb Synonyms: predominate, be prevalent or widespread or current, preponderate, dominate, be the order of the day
Prevail Adjective Synonyms: hold sway, win (out), predominate, succeed, triumph, gain or achieve a victory, prove superior, gain mastery or control

Other Words for Prevail On

Prevail On Verb Synonyms: persuade, induce, influence, sway, dispose, incline, win over, bring round, convince

Other Words for Prevailing

Prevailing Verb Synonyms: dominant, predominant, prevalent, main, chief, principal, common(est),ual, customary, universal

Other Words for Prevalence

Prevalence Adjective Synonyms: prevalency, frequency, commonness, currency, universality, ubiquitousness, ubiquity, pervasiveness, omnipresence, extensiveness, predominance, practice, acceptance, popularity

Other Words for Prevalent

Prevalent Noun Synonyms: universal, catholic, common, frequent, prevailing, current, ubiquitous, pervasive, omnipresent, general,ual, customary, commonplace, extensive, widespread, established, ascendant, dominant, predominant, governing, ruling

Other Words for Prevent

Prevent Noun Synonyms: anticipate, preclude, obviate, forestall, avert, avoid, prohibit, ban, bar, forbid, interdict,, enjoin, proscribe, foil, frustrate, obstruct, debar, intercept, nip in the bud, abort, thwart, check, block, ward or fend or stave off, baffle, balk

Other Words for Prevention

Prevention Adjective Synonyms: preventing, anticipation, preclusion, obviation, forestalling, avoidance, avoiding, prohibition, prohibiting, ban, banning, bar, barring, forbiddance, forbidding, interdiction, interdicting,,ing, enjoining, injunction, proscription, proscribin

Other Words for Preventive

Preventive Adjective Synonyms: preventative, hindrance, curb, inhibition, impediment, block, barrier, obstacle, obstruction
Preventive Noun Synonyms: preventative, prophylactic, precautionary, anticipatory or anticipative, protective, counteractive
Preventive Verb Synonyms: preventative, preventing, hindering, impeding, restraining, hampering, inhibitive or inhibitory, inhibiting, restrictive

Other Words for Preview

Preview Noun Synonyms: advance showing, private showing, opening, vernissage

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