Other Words for Previous

Previous Noun Synonyms: former, prior, past, earlier, one-time, foregoing, sometime, erstwhile, preceding, quondam, whilom
Previous Adjective Synonyms: premature, untimely, too soon or early

Other Words for Previously

Previously Adjective Synonyms: before, once, formerly, earlier, at one time, then, beforehand, heretofore, theretofore, hitherto, thitherto, in the past, in days gone by, in days of old, in days or time past, in the old days, some time ago, a while ago, once upon a time, yesterday

Other Words for Prey

Prey Adverb Synonyms: victim, target, objective, dupe, mark, fall guy, pushover, mug
Prey Adjective Synonyms: quarry, kill, game, objective, target

Other Words for Prey On

Prey On Noun Synonyms: live off, feed on or upon, eat, consume, devour, kill, destroy, stalk, pursue, hunt, seize

Other Words for Price

Price Verb Synonyms: sacrifice, toll, penalty, cost, consequence
Price Noun Synonyms: charge, cost, expense, expenditure, outlay, payment, amount, figure, fee, quotation, appraisal, value, valuation, evaluation, worth

Other Words for Priceless

Priceless Verb Synonyms: hilarious, riotous, (screamingly) funny, side-splitting, hysterical, droll, comical, amusing
Priceless Noun Synonyms: costly, dear, expensive, high-priced, valuable, invaluable, precious, inestimable, incalculable, irreplaceable, unique

Other Words for Pricey

Pricey Adjective Synonyms: pricy, expensive, dear, costly, exorbitant, outrageous, excessive, extortionate, steep, over the odds

Other Words for Prick

Prick Adjective Synonyms: puncture, pinhole, pinprick, hole, perforation
Prick Noun Synonyms: puncture, pierce, stab, jab, punch, perforate, riddle, lance

Other Words for Prickle

Prickle Verb Synonyms: spine, bristle, barb, thorn, bur, needle, tine, spike, spur, prong
Prickle Noun Synonyms: tingle, sting, itch, smart

Other Words for Prickly

Prickly Verb Synonyms: bristly, thorny, brambly, spiny, barbed, briery, spinous, spiky, setaceous, setose, acanthoid, aciculate, aculeate, muricate, spiculate
Prickly Adjective Synonyms: touchy, irritable, petulant, cantankerous, testy, waspish, bad-tempered, peevish, fractious, short-tempered, curmudgeonly, cranky

Other Words for Pride

Pride Noun Synonyms: boast, flower, best, prize, pride and joy, treasure, jewel, gem
Pride Adjective Synonyms: honor, proudness, self-esteem, self-respect, amour propre, dignity

Other Words for Pride Oneself On

Pride Oneself On Noun Synonyms: be proud of, take pride in, delight in, revel in, celebrate, glory in

Other Words for Priest

Priest Noun Synonyms: priestess, clergyman or clergywoman, ecclesiastic, cleric, churchman or churchwoman, reverend, vicar, divine, man or woman of the cloth, man or woman of God, curate, confessor, minister (of the Gospel), servant of God, father, mother, holy man or woman

Other Words for Priestly

Priestly Verb Synonyms: clerical, ecclesiastic, pastoral, hieratic, sacerdotal, ministerial, canonical, missionary

Other Words for Prig

Prig Noun Synonyms: (ultra-)conservative, prude, purist, pedant, school-ma'm, puritan, (Mrs) Grundy, Grundyite, Grundyist, precisionist, precisian, conformist, formalist, stuffed shirt, stick-in-the-mud, goody-goody

Other Words for Priggish

Priggish Adjective Synonyms: (ultra-)conservative, prim, demure, prudish, purist, puristic, pedantic, school-marmish, strait-laced, hidebound, stiff-necked, puritanical, conformist, (Mrs) Grundyish, punctilious, formal, formalistic, strict, severe, fastidious, fussy, particular

Other Words for Primarily

Primarily Noun Synonyms: principally, mainly,, especially, at bottom, particularly, first of all, pre-eminently, basically, essentially, fundamentally, on the whole, for the most part, mostly, predominantly or predominately, generally
Primarily Adjective Synonyms: initially, originally, from or at the start, first (and foremost, in the first instance, ab initio

Other Words for Primary

Primary Adverb Synonyms: first, prime, principal, chief, main, leading, pre-eminent, cardinal, fundamental, basic, essential, predominant, elementary, elemental, underlying
Primary Adjective Synonyms: firsthand, direct, immediate

Other Words for Primitive

Primitive Verb Synonyms: crude, rude, unrefined, raw, barbaric, uncultured, barbarian, coarse, rough, uncivilized, savage, uncultivated, unsophisticated, uncouth
Primitive Adjective Synonyms: simple, basic, simplistic, naive, childlike, unsophisticated, uncultivated, unrefined, unpolished, rough, untutored, untaught, untrained, unschooled, undeveloped
Primitive Noun Synonyms: first, original, aboriginal, earliest, primordial, primal, primeval or also primaeval, pristine, prehistoric, antediluvian, Noachian or Noachic, old, ancient

Other Words for Primp

Primp Adjective Synonyms: preen, prink, prettify, titivate or tittivate, plume, dress up, groom, doll up, get (all) dolled up, spruce up, put on one's best bib and tucker, tart up, get (all) tarted up, deck out, trick out or up, put on one's glad rags

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