Other Words for Princely

Princely Adjective Synonyms: lavish, bountiful, generous, liberal, ample, substantial, huge, enormous
Princely Verb Synonyms: lavish, magnificent, splendid, luxurious, majestic, royal, regal, sumptuous, superb, ritzy, swank(y), posh, plush

Other Words for Principal

Principal Noun Synonyms: (working) capital, capital funds, resources, investment, backing, (cash) reserve(s), assets, money
Principal Adjective Synonyms: chief, primary, prime, paramount, main, first, foremost, ranking, pre-eminent, predominant, dominant, prevailing, leading, starring

Other Words for Principally

Principally Noun Synonyms: chiefly, mainly, first (and foremost), primarily, above all, in the main, mostly, for the most part, largely, predominantly, on the whole, at bottom, in essence, essentially, basically, fundamentally, especially, particularly

Other Words for Principle

Principle Noun Synonyms: truth, given, precept, tenet, fundamental, grounds, law, rule, dictum, canon, doctrine, teaching, dogma, proposition, (basic) assumption, postulate, axiom, maxim, truism, guide, standard, criterion, model

Other Words for Principled

Principled Noun Synonyms: moral, righteous, right-minded, virtuous, noble, high-minded, ethical, honourable, proper, correct, right, just, upright, honest, scrupulous

Other Words for Principles

Principles Adverb Synonyms: philosophy, code, attitude, (point of) view, viewpoint, sentiment, belief, credo, creed, idea, notion, ethic, sense of right and wrong

Other Words for Print

Print Adjective Synonyms: reproduction, copy, replica, facsimile, positive, photograph, etching, (steel or wood-)engraving, lithograph, woodcut, linocut, silk screen, rotogravure, Trade Mark Xerox, picture, illustration, photo, cut, pic
Print Noun Synonyms: impress, imprint, stamp, publish, issue, run off, put out, copy, (pull a) proof
Print Verb Synonyms: text, printed matter, type, writing, language, wording, (choice of) words, phrasing

Other Words for Prior

Prior Noun Synonyms: former, previous, earlier, one-time, ex, erstwhile, old, last, late, latest, quondam, whilom

Other Words for Prior To

Prior To Noun Synonyms: before, previous to, previously to, till, until, preceding

Other Words for Priority

Priority Adjective Synonyms: precedence, precedency, primacy, urgency, immediacy, predominance, pre-eminence, preference, rank, superiority, prerogative, right, seniority, importance, weight, immediacy

Other Words for Prison

Prison Adjective Synonyms: jail or also gaol, dungeon, oubliette, lock-up, penal institution, house of correction, correctional institution, reformatory, house of detention, confinement, detention, reform school, guardhouse, remand centre, detention

Other Words for Prisoner

Prisoner Noun Synonyms: convict, trusty, internee, detainee, jailbird or also gaolbird, lifer, con, (old) lag, ticket-of-leave man, two-time or three-time loser

Other Words for Prissy

Prissy Noun Synonyms: fussy, precious, over-nice, finicky or finical, strait-laced, school-marmish, prim (and proper), prudish, squeamish, fastidious, old-maidish

Other Words for Pristine

Pristine Adjective Synonyms: uncorrupted, pure, unsullied, undefiled, virginal, virgin, chaste, untouched, unspoiled, unpolluted, untarnished, spotless, immaculate, natural
Pristine Noun Synonyms: original, primal, basic, primeval or also primaeval, primitive, primordial, earliest, first, initial

Other Words for Privacy

Privacy Adjective Synonyms: seclusion, retirement, solitude, isolation, retreat, sequestration, reclusiveness, reclusion, solitariness, monasticism

Other Words for Private

Private Noun Synonyms: (top) secret, confidential, undisclosed, hidden, clandestine, concealed, covert, surreptitious, off the record, not for publication, unofficial, hush-hush
Private Adjective Synonyms: personal, individual, own, intimate, particular

Other Words for Privation

Privation Noun Synonyms: need, neediness, want, deprivation, hardship, indigence, necessity, poverty, penury, destitution, strait(s), pauperism, beggary, distress, misery

Other Words for Privilege

Privilege Noun Synonyms: benefit, advantage, right, prerogative, concession, allowance, indulgence, immunity, exemption, dispensation, freedom, liberty, franchise, permission, consent, leave, authorization, sanction, authority, license, carte blanche

Other Words for Privileged

Privileged Noun Synonyms: favoured, advantaged, indulged, entitled, elite, special, honoured
Privileged Adjective Synonyms: powerful, ruling, wealthy, rich

Other Words for Privy To

Privy To Adjective Synonyms: aware of, in on, on to or onto, sharing (in), cognizant of, apprised of, informed or advised about or of, informed on, knowledgeable about, in the know about, hip to, wise to, hep to

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