Other Words for Paragon

Paragon Noun Synonyms: epitome, archetype, model, prototype, quintessence, pattern, standard, exemplar, ideal, beau id‚al, criterion

Other Words for Parallel

Parallel Adjective Synonyms: similar, corresponding, congruent, analogous, analogic(al), correspondent, like, matching, homologous, coordinate, equivalent, coequal, proportional, proportionate, pari passu, mutatis mutandis, in proportion, uniform, contemporary or cotemporary
Parallel Noun Synonyms: analogue, match, homologue, equivalent, complement, counterpart, equal, coequal

Other Words for Paralyze

Paralyze Verb Synonyms: deaden, numb, freeze, anaesthetize, benumb, render insensible
Paralyze Noun Synonyms: immobilize, inactivate, deactivate, transfix, halt, stop

Other Words for Paramount

Paramount Verb Synonyms: pre-eminent, chief, supreme, dominant, main, predominant, cardinal, first, prime, primary, principal, essential, vital, requisite, basic

Other Words for Paramour

Paramour Verb Synonyms: lover, love, inamorato or inamorata, amorist, mistress, gigolo, concubine, cicisbeo, kept woman, flame, sugar-daddy, POSSLQ (= 'Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters'), fancy man or woman

Other Words for Paraphernalia

Paraphernalia Adjective Synonyms: usually pl equipment, apparatus, accessories, outfit, appliances, utensils, gear, rig, material(s), mat‚riel, things, tackle, equipage, accoutrements, effects, chattels, possessions, belongings, appurtenances, trappings, property, baggage, impedimenta

Other Words for Paraphrase

Paraphrase Noun Synonyms: rephrasing, rephrase, rewording, restatement, rewriting, rewrite, rehash, rendition, rendering, version, paraphrasis

Other Words for Parasite

Parasite Noun Synonyms: leech, hanger-on, freeloader, sponger or sponge, bloodsucker, cadger, scrounger or scrounge, barnacle, jackal, hyena

Other Words for Parcel

Parcel Verb Synonyms: package, packet, carton, box, container, case
Parcel Noun Synonyms: portion, plot, plat, lot, piece, section, tract

Other Words for Parcel Out

Parcel Out Noun Synonyms: apportion, allot, deal (out), dole (out), mete (out), hand out, distribute, share (out), divide, divvy (up)

Other Words for Parch

Parch Noun Synonyms: dry (out or up), desiccate, dehydrate, exsiccate, scorch, sear, burn, bake, shrivel (up), wither

Other Words for Pardon

Pardon Verb Synonyms: forgiveness, forgiving, amnesty, remission, release, reprieval, absolution, indulgence, excuse, excusal, allowance, overlooking, condonation, exoneration, exculpation

Other Words for Pare

Pare Noun Synonyms: trim, peel, skin, shave (off), shuck, decorticate, excoriate

Other Words for Pare Down

Pare Down Verb Synonyms: reduce, diminish, decrease, cut (back or down), curtail, slash (back), lower, lessen

Other Words for Parent

Parent Verb Synonyms: father or mother, progenitor, progenitrix, procreator, begetter, materfamilias or paterfamilias, foster-parent, stepmother or stepfather, guardian, old lady or old man, facetiousmater or pater

Other Words for Parentage

Parentage Noun Synonyms: lineage, ancestry, line, family, extraction, descent, origin, pedigree, stock, birth, strain, bloodline, heritage, roots

Other Words for Parenting

Parenting Noun Synonyms: (of children) rearing, upbringing, raising, nurturing

Other Words for Parity

Parity Noun Synonyms: equality, equivalence, consistency, uniformity, par, likeness, similarity, analogy, congruity, similitude, conformity, congruence

Other Words for Park

Park Noun Synonyms: garden, green(s), common(s), preserve, reserve, greensward, parkland, woodland, estate, reservation

Other Words for Parlance

Parlance Noun Synonyms: way or manner of talking or speaking, fa‡on de parler, phrasing, phraseology, speech, wording, language, idiom, dialect, jargon, lingo

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