Other Words for Prize

Prize Adjective Synonyms: reward, award, trophy, premium, honor, accolade, guerdon
Prize Noun Synonyms: winnings, jackpot, purse, receipts, gain, windfall, stakes, haul, take

Other Words for Probability

Probability Adjective Synonyms: likelihood, likeliness, odds, expectation, chance(s), (distinct) possibility, presumption

Other Words for Probable

Probable Verb Synonyms: (most) likely, apt, (quite) possible, presumed, plausible, undoubted, indubitable, apparent, unquestionable, evident, ostensible, odds-on, feasible, believable, credible

Other Words for Probably

Probably Noun Synonyms: (very) likely, in all likelihood, in all probability, undoubtedly, doubtlessly, indubitably, unquestionably, presumably, quite, all things considered, to all intents and purposes, possibly, perhaps, as likely as not, quite

Other Words for Probe

Probe Adverb Synonyms: poke, prod, explore, examine, plumb, dig
Probe Verb Synonyms: investigation, examination, exploration, scrutiny, search, study, inquiry or enquiry, inquest
Probe Adjective Synonyms: explore, examine, scrutinize, investigate, search (into), look into, go into, study, dig into, delve into, poke about or around, poke into

Other Words for Probity

Probity Verb Synonyms: integrity, uprightness, honesty, morality, rectitude, virtue, goodness, decency, righteousness, right-mindedness, sincerity, trustworthiness, honor, equity, justness, justice, fairness

Other Words for Problem

Problem Noun Synonyms: difficulty, trouble, question, dilemma, quandary, predicament, complication, hornet's nest, imbroglio, mess, muddle, stew, can of worms, fine kettle of fish, (pretty) pickle, facer

Other Words for Problematic

Problematic Noun Synonyms: problematical, difficult, uncertain, questionable, questioned, doubtful, doubted, debatable, disputable, disputed, unsettled, moot, undecided, controversial, tricky, touchy, sensitive, hairy, iffy

Other Words for Procedure

Procedure Adjective Synonyms: way, conduct, course, action, course of action, method, methodology, mode, form, system, approach, strategy, plan (of action), scheme, modus operandi, operation, policy, ways and means, routine, tradition, practice, custom, wont, standard operating proced

Other Words for Proceed From

Proceed From Noun Synonyms: result from, arise, come, stem from, spring from, develop, issue (from or forth), derive from, be derived, descend from, emerge, grow (from or out of), originate (in or from or with), begin

Other Words for Proceed With

Proceed With Adjective Synonyms: go or move (on or ahead or forward), advance, continue, progress, carry on, get or move along, get going or moving or under way, start, pass on, make progress or headway, push or press on or onward(s), forge ahead, resume, renew

Other Words for Proceeding

Proceeding Verb Synonyms: measure, act, (course of) action, move, step, undertaking, deed, procedure, process, operation, transaction, maneuver, feat, accomplishment

Other Words for Proceedings

Proceedings Noun Synonyms: transactions, report(s), minutes, record(s), annals, affairs, dealings, business, account(s), archives

Other Words for Proceeds

Proceeds Verb Synonyms: profit(s), gain, yield, income, receipts, return(s), gate, box office, take

Other Words for Process

Process Noun Synonyms: procedure, proceeding, operation, system, method, approach, technique, course of action

Other Words for Procession

Procession Verb Synonyms: parade, march, cavalcade, motorcade, cortege or cortÅ ge, column, line, file, train, march past

Other Words for Proclaim

Proclaim Noun Synonyms: announce, advertise, circulate, declare, broadcast, pronounce, make known, bruit (about), trumpet, publish, promulgate, herald, profess, protest, enunciate, articulate

Other Words for Proclamation

Proclamation Verb Synonyms: announcement, advertisement, declaration, publication, promulgation, statement, manifesto, pronunciamento, notification, notice

Other Words for Procrastinate

Procrastinate Noun Synonyms: temporize, act evasively, play for time, dally, delay, stall, postpone, defer, put off or aside, shelve, table

Other Words for Procure

Procure Verb Synonyms: obtain, acquire, get, come by, secure, get or lay one's hands on, get (a) hold of, gain, win, come into, pick up, find, appropriate, requisition, buy, purchase

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