Other Words for Prohibit

Prohibit Adjective Synonyms: bar, ban, forbid, disallow, interdict, outlaw,, debar, proscribe

Other Words for Prohibition

Prohibition Noun Synonyms: forbiddance, barring, bar, banning, ban, disallowance, disallowing, interdiction, interdicting, outlawing, outlawry,, debarment, debarring, proscription, proscribing

Other Words for Prohibitive

Prohibitive Verb Synonyms: discouraging, suppressive, repressive, restrictive, prohibitory, inhibitory, restraining

Other Words for Project

Project Adjective Synonyms: recommend, endorse, sponsor, support, espouse, commend, advocate, advance, champion, talk up, speak for, side with, present, call attention to
Project Noun Synonyms: proposal, plan, scheme, design, layout

Other Words for Projectile

Projectile Verb Synonyms: missile, shell, bullet, rocket

Other Words for Projection

Projection Noun Synonyms: proposal, outlining, mapping, mapping out, presenting, presentation
Projection Verb Synonyms: protrusion, protuberance, bulge, extension, overhang, ledge, flange, ridge, eminence, prominence, spur, crag, outcropping

Other Words for Proliferate

Proliferate Noun Synonyms: grow, increase, burgeon or bourgeon, multiply, mushroom, snowball, breed, reproduce

Other Words for Proliferation

Proliferation Noun Synonyms: growth, increase, burgeoning or bourgeoning, expansion, spread, escalation, build-up, rise

Other Words for Prolific

Prolific Verb Synonyms: fertile, fecund, productive, fruitful, abundant, copious, bountiful, bounteous, profuse, plentiful, plenteous, lush, rich, rife
Prolific Noun Synonyms: productive, creative, fertile

Other Words for Prolong

Prolong Adjective Synonyms: extend, lengthen, elongate, stretch (out), draw or drag out, drag (on), keep up, string out, protract

Other Words for Promenade

Promenade Noun Synonyms: walk, stroll, saunter, amble, ramble, parade, perambulate, take a walk or stroll
Promenade Adjective Synonyms: walk, parade, esplanade, boulevard
Promenade Verb Synonyms: walk, stroll, saunter, ramble, turn, constitutional, airing, turn

Other Words for Prominence

Prominence Noun Synonyms: protuberance, projection, protrusion, growth, excrescence, swelling, tumefaction, tumescence, extrusion, outshoot, outgrowth, spur, bulge
Prominence Verb Synonyms: celebrity, eminence, fame, distinction, notability, reputation, pre-eminence, standing, position, rank, prestige, renown, repute, importance, weight, influence, account, name, consequence

Other Words for Prominent

Prominent Adjective Synonyms: protuberant, protruding, protrusive, projecting, jutting (out), excrescent, bulging, raised, elevated
Prominent Noun Synonyms: conspicuous, obvious, evident, recognizable, pronounced, discernible, distinguishable, identifiable, noticeable, remarkable, noteworthy, eye-catching, striking, outstanding, chief, main, principal, significant, important, apparent, unmistakable

Other Words for Promiscuous

Promiscuous Adjective Synonyms: indiscriminate, undiscriminating, unselective, non-selective, non-discriminatory, unconscientious, heedless, haphazard, indifferent, uncaring, uncritical, unfussy, unfastidious, disregardful, neglectful, negligent, slipshod, slovenly, irresponsible, carel

Other Words for Promise

Promise Noun Synonyms: assure, give one's word (of honor), pledge, swear, vow, take an oath, undertake, engage, commit oneself, guarantee or guaranty, warrant, cross one's heart (and hope to die)
Promise Adjective Synonyms: assurance, (solemn) word (of honor), pledge, vow, oath, undertaking, engagement, bond, commitment, guaranty, guarantee, warranty, agreement, contract, covenant, compact

Other Words for Promising

Promising Verb Synonyms: hopeful, encouraging, favorable, auspicious, positive, rosy, optimistic, propitious, cheering, full of promise, reassuring, heartening

Other Words for Promote

Promote Adjective Synonyms: advance, move up, raise, upgrade, elevate, exalt, kick upstairs
Promote Verb Synonyms: help, further, encourage, assist, advance, support, forward, back, sanction, abet, aid, boost, foster, patronize, nurture, develop, inspirit, strengthen, stimulate, inspire

Other Words for Promotion

Promotion Noun Synonyms: furtherance, advancement, advance, encouragement, support, backing, sanction, sanctioning, abetting, aiding, helping, assisting, boosting, fostering, nurturing, cultivation, development, developing, improvement, improving, inspiration, inspiriting, streng

Other Words for Prompt

Prompt Verb Synonyms: reminder, cue, hint, stimulus
Prompt Adjective Synonyms: cue, remind, feed lines (to), help
Prompt Noun Synonyms: quick, ready, immediate, instantaneous, unhesitating, rapid, fast, swift, speedy, punctual, timely, on time, instant, summary, brisk, alacritous

Other Words for Promptly

Promptly Verb Synonyms: quickly, at once, straightaway or straight away, directly, right away, immediately, without delay or hesitation, unhesitatingly, swiftly, speedily, readily, instantly, instantaneously, punctually, expeditiously, with celerity, with alacrity

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