Other Words for Prohibit

Prohibit Adjective Synonyms: bar, ban, forbid, disallow, interdict, outlaw,, debar, proscribe

Other Words for Prohibition

Prohibition Noun Synonyms: forbiddance, barring, bar, banning, ban, disallowance, disallowing, interdiction, interdicting, outlawing, outlawry,, debarment, debarring, proscription, proscribing

Other Words for Prohibitive

Prohibitive Verb Synonyms: discouraging, suppressive, repressive, restrictive, prohibitory, inhibitory, restraining

Other Words for Project

Project Adjective Synonyms: recommend, endorse, sponsor, support, espouse, commend, advocate, advance, champion, talk up, speak for, side with, present, call attention to
Project Noun Synonyms: proposal, plan, scheme, design, layout

Other Words for Projectile

Projectile Verb Synonyms: missile, shell, bullet, rocket

Other Words for Projection

Projection Verb Synonyms: protrusion, protuberance, bulge, extension, overhang, ledge, flange, ridge, eminence, prominence, spur, crag, outcropping
Projection Noun Synonyms: proposal, outlining, mapping, mapping out, presenting, presentation

Other Words for Proliferate

Proliferate Noun Synonyms: grow, increase, burgeon or bourgeon, multiply, mushroom, snowball, breed, reproduce

Other Words for Proliferation

Proliferation Noun Synonyms: growth, increase, burgeoning or bourgeoning, expansion, spread, escalation, build-up, rise

Other Words for Prolific

Prolific Verb Synonyms: fertile, fecund, productive, fruitful, abundant, copious, bountiful, bounteous, profuse, plentiful, plenteous, lush, rich, rife
Prolific Noun Synonyms: productive, creative, fertile

Other Words for Prolong

Prolong Adjective Synonyms: extend, lengthen, elongate, stretch (out), draw or drag out, drag (on), keep up, string out, protract

Other Words for Promenade

Promenade Noun Synonyms: walk, stroll, saunter, amble, ramble, parade, perambulate, take a walk or stroll
Promenade Adjective Synonyms: walk, parade, esplanade, boulevard
Promenade Verb Synonyms: walk, stroll, saunter, ramble, turn, constitutional, airing, turn

Other Words for Prominence

Prominence Noun Synonyms: protuberance, projection, protrusion, growth, excrescence, swelling, tumefaction, tumescence, extrusion, outshoot, outgrowth, spur, bulge
Prominence Verb Synonyms: celebrity, eminence, fame, distinction, notability, reputation, pre-eminence, standing, position, rank, prestige, renown, repute, importance, weight, influence, account, name, consequence

Other Words for Prominent

Prominent Noun Synonyms: conspicuous, obvious, evident, recognizable, pronounced, discernible, distinguishable, identifiable, noticeable, remarkable, noteworthy, eye-catching, striking, outstanding, chief, main, principal, significant, important, apparent, unmistakable
Prominent Adjective Synonyms: protuberant, protruding, protrusive, projecting, jutting (out), excrescent, bulging, raised, elevated

Other Words for Promiscuous

Promiscuous Adjective Synonyms: indiscriminate, undiscriminating, unselective, non-selective, non-discriminatory, unconscientious, heedless, haphazard, indifferent, uncaring, uncritical, unfussy, unfastidious, disregardful, neglectful, negligent, slipshod, slovenly, irresponsible, carel

Other Words for Promise

Promise Adjective Synonyms: assurance, (solemn) word (of honor), pledge, vow, oath, undertaking, engagement, bond, commitment, guaranty, guarantee, warranty, agreement, contract, covenant, compact
Promise Noun Synonyms: assure, give one's word (of honor), pledge, swear, vow, take an oath, undertake, engage, commit oneself, guarantee or guaranty, warrant, cross one's heart (and hope to die)

Other Words for Promising

Promising Verb Synonyms: hopeful, encouraging, favorable, auspicious, positive, rosy, optimistic, propitious, cheering, full of promise, reassuring, heartening

Other Words for Promote

Promote Verb Synonyms: help, further, encourage, assist, advance, support, forward, back, sanction, abet, aid, boost, foster, patronize, nurture, develop, inspirit, strengthen, stimulate, inspire
Promote Adjective Synonyms: advance, move up, raise, upgrade, elevate, exalt, kick upstairs

Other Words for Promotion

Promotion Noun Synonyms: furtherance, advancement, advance, encouragement, support, backing, sanction, sanctioning, abetting, aiding, helping, assisting, boosting, fostering, nurturing, cultivation, development, developing, improvement, improving, inspiration, inspiriting, streng

Other Words for Prompt

Prompt Verb Synonyms: reminder, cue, hint, stimulus
Prompt Noun Synonyms: quick, ready, immediate, instantaneous, unhesitating, rapid, fast, swift, speedy, punctual, timely, on time, instant, summary, brisk, alacritous
Prompt Adjective Synonyms: cue, remind, feed lines (to), help

Other Words for Promptly

Promptly Verb Synonyms: quickly, at once, straightaway or straight away, directly, right away, immediately, without delay or hesitation, unhesitatingly, swiftly, speedily, readily, instantly, instantaneously, punctually, expeditiously, with celerity, with alacrity

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