Other Words for Prone

Prone Noun Synonyms: inclined, apt, likely, liable, disposed, predisposed, of a mind, subject, given, tending, leaning
Prone Verb Synonyms: face down or downwards or downward, prostrate, lying down, reclining, recumbent, horizontal, procumbent, technical decumbent, accumbent

Other Words for Pronounce

Pronounce Adjective Synonyms: declare, affirm, proclaim, announce, decree, judge, aver, state, asseverate, assert, say to be
Pronounce Adverb Synonyms: declare, utter, say, voice, express, articulate, enunciate, vocalize, put into words

Other Words for Pronounced

Pronounced Verb Synonyms: definite, clear, plain, well-defined, decided, conspicuous, noticeable, recognizable, identifiable, obvious, striking, prominent, notable, distinct, unmistakable or unmistakeable, marked, strong

Other Words for Pronouncement

Pronouncement Verb Synonyms: statement, assertion, observation, comment, opinion, announcement, proclamation, pronunciamento, manifesto, declaration, avowal, affirmation, asseveration, averment, promulgation
Pronouncement Adjective Synonyms: judgment, decree, edict, proclamation, dictum, command, ukase, (papal) bull, imperative, order, ordinance

Other Words for Pronunciation

Pronunciation Adjective Synonyms: enunciation, articulation, elocution, diction, speech, speech pattern, manner of speaking, delivery, accent, accentuation, intonation, inflection, modulation

Other Words for Proof

Proof Noun Synonyms: evidence, verification, corroboration, confirmation, validation, authentication, ratification, substantiation, documentation, document, facts, data, certification, testimony, ammunition

Other Words for Prop

Prop Adjective Synonyms: support, brace, truss, stay, buttress, mainstay, upright, vertical, shore
Prop Noun Synonyms: lean, stand, rest

Other Words for Prop Up

Prop Up Noun Synonyms: support, brace, hold (up), buttress, stay, bolster, uphold, bear, sustain, shore up, keep up

Other Words for Propaganda

Propaganda Verb Synonyms: agitprop, disinformation, Newspeak, rumors, lies

Other Words for Propagate

Propagate Noun Synonyms: breed, generate, reproduce, multiply, proliferate, deliver, bring forth, bear, procreate

Other Words for Propel

Propel Verb Synonyms: drive, impel, move, actuate, set in motion, get moving, move, push, thrust, force, send, launch, start

Other Words for Proper

Proper Adjective Synonyms: own, individual, separate, distinct, correct, specific, special, particular, respective, characteristic, distinctive, peculiar, singular, unique
Proper Verb Synonyms: right, appropriate, apropos, apt, suitable, fit, fitting, befitting, becoming, suited, apposite, de rigueur, comme il faut, adapted, meet

Other Words for Properly

Properly Adjective Synonyms: appropriately, fittingly, correctly, well, becomingly, suitably, politely, decently, decorously, nicely

Other Words for Property

Property Noun Synonyms: characteristic, attribute, quality, feature, trait, mark, hallmark, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, oddity, quirk, haecceity, quiddity
Property Adverb Synonyms: possessions, belongings, effects, gear, paraphernalia, chattels

Other Words for Prophecy

Prophecy Noun Synonyms: forecasting, foretelling, prediction, fortune-telling, divination, soothsaying, augury, prognostication, crystal-gazing, vaticination

Other Words for Prophesy

Prophesy Noun Synonyms: predict, foretell, forecast, forewarn, prognosticate, vaticinate

Other Words for Prophet

Prophet Noun Synonyms: prophetess, oracle, forecaster, seer, soothsayer, clairvoyant, prognosticator, fortune-teller, augur, diviner, witch, warlock, sibyl, haruspex, vaticinator, (of doom) Cassandra

Other Words for Prophetic

Prophetic Verb Synonyms: predictive, prognostic, divinatory, oracular, inspired, prescient, sibylline, fatidic, vatic

Other Words for Propitiatory

Propitiatory Verb Synonyms: conciliatory, pacifying, appeasing, expiatory, placative, propitiative, pacificatory, placatory
Propitiatory Noun Synonyms: deferential, ingratiating, obliging, obeisant, acquiescent, compliant, tractable

Other Words for Propitious

Propitious Adjective Synonyms: advantageous, timely, well-timed, opportune, lucky, fortunate, happy, providential, favorable, bright, encouraging, auspicious, promising, rosy

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