Other Words for Proponent

Proponent Adjective Synonyms: proposer, promoter, supporter, upholder, backer, subscriber, patron, espouser, adherent, enthusiast, champion, friend, partisan, defender, advocate, exponent, pleader, apologist, spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson

Other Words for Proportion

Proportion Noun Synonyms: portion, division, share, part, percentage, quota, allotment, ration, cut
Proportion Adjective Synonyms: ratio, (comparative) relation, relationship, comparison

Other Words for Proportional

Proportional Noun Synonyms: proportionate, proportioned, comparable, analogous, analogical, relative, related, correlated, balanced, symmetrical, corresponding, compatible, harmonious, consistent, commensurate, in accordance with

Other Words for Proportions

Proportions Noun Synonyms: size, magnitude, dimensions, measurements, extent, volume, capacity, mass, bulk, area, expanse, scope, range, degree

Other Words for Proposal

Proposal Verb Synonyms: plan, scheme, outline, draft, design, layout, programme, proposition, project
Proposal Noun Synonyms: offer, presentation, bid, tender, proposition, recommendation, suggestion, proffer

Other Words for Propose

Propose Adjective Synonyms: offer, tender, proffer, present, introduce, submit, advance, set forth, put forward, propound, bid, recommend, suggest, come up with, call attention to, broach, table
Propose Verb Synonyms: accost, solicit, make an indecent or sexual advance or proposal or overture, make a pass at
Propose Noun Synonyms: offer, mean, intend, plan, expect, aim

Other Words for Propound

Propound Verb Synonyms: put or set forth or forward, propose, offer, proffer, suggest, postulate

Other Words for Proprieties

Proprieties Noun Synonyms: the social graces, the amenities, the civilities, formality or the formalities, social convention or the social conventions, social procedure or codes, accepted practice, tradition, ceremony, ritual

Other Words for Proprietor

Proprietor Verb Synonyms: proprietress, owner, landowner, landlady, landlord, landholder, title-holder, deed-holder, property owner

Other Words for Propriety

Propriety Verb Synonyms: correctness, properness, conformity, suitableness, appropriateness, suitability, aptness, fitness, seemliness, decorum, advisability, wisdom
Propriety Noun Synonyms: protocol, good or proper form, punctilio, etiquette, politeness, courtesy, politesse, refinement, sedateness, dignity, modesty, decorum, decency, breeding, respectability, gentility, grace, mannerliness

Other Words for Propulsion

Propulsion Noun Synonyms: drive, impulse, impetus, thrust, power, driving or propelling or propulsive force, pressure, momentum, push

Other Words for Prosaic

Prosaic Noun Synonyms: dull, banal, overdone, tedious, clich├ęd, commonplace, stereotyped, pedestrian, flat, stereotypical, hackneyed, stock, routine, everyday, ordinary, common, workaday, mediocre, undistinguished, bland, characterless, homely, plain, trite, stale, threadbare

Other Words for Prose

Prose Noun Synonyms: (expository) writing, text, language

Other Words for Prosecute

Prosecute Adjective Synonyms: pursue, follow up or through, see or carry through, persist, go on with
Prosecute Noun Synonyms: arraign, indict, charge, put on or bring to trial, try, take to court, sue, bring suit or action against, accuse, put in the dock

Other Words for Prospect

Prospect Verb Synonyms: anticipation, contemplation, outlook, promise, plan, design, intention, expectancy, expectation, thought, likelihood
Prospect Noun Synonyms: view, scene, panorama, landscape, seascape, outlook, vista, sight, spectacle, perspective, aspect

Other Words for Prospect For

Prospect For Noun Synonyms: explore, search (for), look (for)

Other Words for Prospective

Prospective Noun Synonyms: anticipated, expected, awaited, looked-for, future, forthcoming, coming, approaching, imminent, nearing, pending, impending, destined, potential, incipient

Other Words for Prospects

Prospects Verb Synonyms: future, outlook, chance(s), hope(s), possibility or possibilities, likelihood, opportunity or opportunities

Other Words for Prospectus

Prospectus Noun Synonyms: announcement, plan, scheme, programme, outline, conspectus, description

Other Words for Prosper

Prosper Verb Synonyms: flourish, thrive, succeed, fare well, progress, get ahead, grow, develop, profit, gain, become wealthy, grow rich, make one's fortune, make good, make it, make one's pile

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