Other Words for Prosperity

Prosperity Adjective Synonyms: success, (good) fortune, wealth, riches, affluence, money, luxury, plenty, prosperousness, opulence, bounty, life of Riley

Other Words for Prosperous

Prosperous Noun Synonyms: rich, wealthy, moneyed or monied, affluent, well-to-do, well off, well-heeled, loaded, flush, in the money, rolling in it or wealth or money, in clover, on Easy Street, stinking rich
Prosperous Verb Synonyms: successful, thriving, flourishing, booming, prospering

Other Words for Prostitute

Prostitute Noun Synonyms: whore, call-girl, streetwalker, strumpet, trollop, harlot, lady of the night or also evening, fallen or loose woman, demi-mondaine, cocotte, fille de joie, painted woman, woman of ill repute, camp-follower, catamite, hetaera or hetaira
Prostitute Adjective Synonyms: degrade, demean, lower, cheapen, debase, profane, defile, desecrate, pervert, abuse, misuse, devalue, sell out

Other Words for Prostitution

Prostitution Noun Synonyms: degradation, debasement, profanation, defilement, desecration, misuse, abuse, devaluation, lowering, perversion, corruption
Prostitution Adjective Synonyms: whoredom, harlotry, the oldest profession, Mrs. Warren's profession, streetwalking, vice

Other Words for Prostrate

Prostrate Verb Synonyms: lie down, bow (down), bow and scrape, grovel, kneel, fall to or on one's knees, truckle, crawl, cringe, submit, abase oneself
Prostrate Noun Synonyms: overwhelm, overcome, overpower, crush, lay or bring low, paralyse, fell, bowl over, floor, bring down, humble, make helpless, ruin, exhaust, fatigue, weary, wear down or out, tire (out)

Other Words for Prostration

Prostration Noun Synonyms: weariness, exhaustion, weakness, debility, feebleness, enervation, lassitude, paralysis, collapse, breakdown
Prostration Adjective Synonyms: genuflection or also genuflexion, kowtowing, kneeling, bowing, bow, salaaming, salaam, submission

Other Words for Protagonist

Protagonist Noun Synonyms: hero, heroine, anti-hero, anti-heroine, principal, leading character, lead, leading role, title role

Other Words for Protean

Protean Noun Synonyms: variable, ever-changing, multiform, variable, mutable, changeable, labile, polymorphous or polymorphic, kaleidoscopic

Other Words for Protect

Protect Noun Synonyms: defend, guard, safeguard, keep safe, shield, cover, screen

Other Words for Protection

Protection Adjective Synonyms: defense, screen, shield, barrier, guard, safeguard, immunity, bulwark, buffer, shelter, refuge, haven, sanctuary, security, safe keeping, safety, preservation
Protection Verb Synonyms: extortion, blackmail, protection money

Other Words for Protective

Protective Verb Synonyms: defensive, jealous, vigilant, watchful, heedful, careful, possessive, preservative, shielding, sheltering, safeguarding

Other Words for Protector

Protector Noun Synonyms: protectress, defender, benefactor, benefactress, patron, patroness, guardian (angel), champion, knight in shining armor, paladin, bodyguard, minder

Other Words for Protege

Protege Noun Synonyms: protegee, ward, charge, dependant, discovery, student, pupil

Other Words for Protest

Protest Adjective Synonyms: objection, opposition, complaint, grumble, grievance, dissent, disapproval, protestation, exception, disagreement, demur or demurral, demurrer, disclaimer, denial, scruple, compunction, qualm, gripe, grouse, squawk, kick, beef, bitch
Protest Noun Synonyms: object, oppose, complain, grumble, dissent, disapprove, take exception, take issue with, disagree, demur, disclaim, deny, scruple, gripe, grouse, squawk, kick (against), kick, beef, bitch

Other Words for Protocol

Protocol Noun Synonyms: rule(s) or code(s) or standard(s) of behavior or conduct, convention(s), custom(s), diplomacy, formality, formalities, form, etiquette, politesse, manners, practice,age, authority

Other Words for Prototype

Prototype Verb Synonyms: model, archetype, first, original, pattern, exemplar, precedent, mould

Other Words for Protracted

Protracted Noun Synonyms: long, long-drawn-out, interminable, prolonged, over-long, never-ending, extended, stretched out, marathon, endless, everlasting, long-winded

Other Words for Protrude

Protrude Noun Synonyms: stick out, jut (out), project, extend, poke out, stand out, thrust out or forward, start, exsert, extrude, bulge, balloon, bag (out), belly (out), (of the eyes) pop, goggle, bug (out)

Other Words for Protrusion

Protrusion Noun Synonyms: projection, protuberance, prominence, swelling, excrescence, tumescence, bump, lump, knob, bulge, (condition of the eyes) exophthalmic goitre

Other Words for Protuberant

Protuberant Adjective Synonyms: protrusive, protruding, bulging, gibbous, jutting, bulbous, swelling, swollen, turgid, tumescent, distended, tumid, extrusive, excrescent, extruding, projecting, beetling, overhanging, prominent

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