Other Words for Proud

Proud Noun Synonyms: conceited, boastful, self-satisfied, narcissistic, self-important, egotistical, vain, vainglorious, prideful, self-centred, complacent, snobbish, haughty, supercilious, smug, arrogant, cocky, cocksure, boastful, braggart, high and mighty, snooty
Proud Adjective Synonyms: lofty, dignified, lordly, noble, great, respected, honoured, honourable, important, glorious, august, illustrious, estimable, creditable, eminent, prominent, distinguished, reputable, worthy, notable, noted, noteworthy

Other Words for Proud Of

Proud Of Verb Synonyms: pleased (with), satisfied (with), contented (with), glad (about), happy (with or about), delighted (with or about), elated (with or about), honoured, gratified

Other Words for Prove

Prove Verb Synonyms: show, evince, demonstrate
Prove Adjective Synonyms: verify, authenticate, confirm, make good, corroborate, demonstrate, show, validate, establish, substantiate, certify, affirm, support, sustain, back (up), uphold

Other Words for Provender

Provender Verb Synonyms: provisions, food, supplies, victuals, rations, foodstuffs, groceries, eatables, edibles, comestibles, aliment, nourishment, sustenance, grub, eats

Other Words for Proverb

Proverb Verb Synonyms: saying, maxim, aphorism, saw, adage, apophthegm or apothegm, axiom, moral, moralism, homily, dictum, gnome, epigram, commonplace, platitude, truism, clich‚, bromide

Other Words for Proverbial

Proverbial Noun Synonyms: axiomatic, aphoristic, epigrammatic, apophthegmatic or apothegmatic, homiletic, moralistic, acknowledged, well-known, accepted, time-honoured, traditional

Other Words for Provide

Provide Adjective Synonyms: produce, yield, afford, lend, give, present, offer, accord
Provide Noun Synonyms: supply, furnish, equip, outfit, fix up (with) provision, contribute, accommodate, purvey, cater, stock (up), victual, provender

Other Words for Provide For

Provide For Verb Synonyms: look after, care for, support, take care of, take under one's wing, minister to, attend (to)

Other Words for Providence

Providence Verb Synonyms: foresight, forethought, preparation, anticipation, readiness, far-sightedness, caution, precaution, discretion, prudence, care, thrift, frugality, husbandry, thriftiness, conservation, economy

Other Words for Provident

Provident Noun Synonyms: frugal, economic(al), thrifty, prudent
Provident Verb Synonyms: cautious, wary, discreet, canny, prudent, careful, vigilant, prepared, far-sighted, thoughtful, wise, shrewd, sagacious, sage, judicious

Other Words for Providential

Providential Noun Synonyms: fortunate, lucky, blessed, felicitous, happy, opportune, timely

Other Words for Providing That

Providing That Adjective Synonyms: provided (that), on (the) condition (that), if (only), only if, as long as, in the event (that), with the proviso (that), in case, with the understanding (that)

Other Words for Province

Province Conjunction Synonyms: sphere or area (of responsibility), responsibility, bailiwick, concern, function, charge, business, field, thing, headache, worry
Province Adjective Synonyms: territory, state, zone, region, quarter, area, district, domain, dependency or also dependancy, division, section, district

Other Words for Provinces

Provinces Noun Synonyms: outlying districts, countryside, hinterland(s), exurbia, boondocks, boonies, hicksville

Other Words for Provincial

Provincial Noun Synonyms: local, regional

Other Words for Provincialism

Provincialism Adjective Synonyms: dialectalism, localism, regionalism, idiom, patois, dialect

Other Words for Provision

Provision Noun Synonyms: providing, supplying, furnishing, catering, victualling, provisioning, purveyance, purveying, furnishing, equipping, fitting out, outfitting, accoutrement, equipment

Other Words for Provisional

Provisional Noun Synonyms: temporary, interim, provisionary, transitional, stopgap, pro tem

Other Words for Provisions

Provisions Noun Synonyms: supplies, stores, stockpile, stock(s), quantity, food, foodstuffs, eatables, edibles, drinkables, potables, victuals, viands, comestibles, rations, groceries, provender, staples

Other Words for Provocation

Provocation Verb Synonyms: grounds, reason, cause, justification, instigation, initiation, incitement, stimulus, incentive, motivation, motive, inducement

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